Phottix Mitros TTL Flash for Canon – Now Available from Phottix Store

The fully featured TTL and HSS enabled Phottix Mitros flash unit for Canon is now available online from the Phottix Online Store.

Be sure to check your local retailer first though as you may actually save a few dollars there. The Mitros is listed at $349 plus a small shipping fee from the Phottix Online Store, where Adorama have them listed for $299 with free local shipping. And there are a number of Amazon Fulfilled sellers at $299 as well.


The Phottix Mitros is currently one of the best options if you’re looking for a top end flash, but without the Canon price tag, and with higher build quality and reliability than the YongNuo options.

The Mitros has a USB port for firmware updates, and Phottix really know their stuff when it comes to the Canon TTL protocols, having already developed one of the most simple and reliable TTL radio trigger systems in the Phottix Odin.

Phottix Mitros


Apart from built in radio, the Mitros does everything the top of the line Canon and Nikon flashes offer, with a similar 58m guide number at 105mm zoom.

High Speed Sync, Built-in IR triggering with Master and Slave modes, USB port for firmware updates, and a port for external battery packs.

Another very welcome feature is the much better 3.5mm miniphone Sync port, instead of the old unreliable PC sync port still seen in most other flash units.

  • E-TTL, M, Multi (Stroboscopic) modes
  • Auto/Manual Flash Head Zoom with 180 degree rotation and 97 degree tilt
  • High Speed Sync and Rear Curtain Sync
  • Flash Exposure Compensation: Manual, Bracketed
  • Fast Flash Mode: with 0.1-2.5 sec. recharge times
  • USB port for upgrades
  • 3.5mm Sync port
  • Canon-compatible IR Wireless Triggering with Master and Slave mode
  • Optical Slave Sync Mode
  • 4 AA batteries
  • Port for external battery pack
  • Compatible with Phottix Odin TTL Flash Triggers


The Mitros is really quite a nice flash unit, the pictures often don’t do it full justice. You can see the nice dot matrix display better in the video here (jumps straight to 5 minutes in)-


Also in this unboxing video from Michael Zelbel from Good Light Magazine, note the very nice case, included flash diffuser cap, very solid base stand, and USB flash drive instruction manual.


As mentioned the Mitros has to be one of the best current alternatives to the original Canon flash particularly for on camera use. But its also a great option off camera use, possibly teamed up with the Odin TTL radio based flash triggers. Though you can also use the Canon optic wireless system built in.

The new Phottix Multi Boom and and Easy up Softboxes are fantastic, fast, compact and lightweight lighting solution providing beautiful soft light from one or two speedlights mounted inside.

The Multi Boom also provides full tilt motion of the softbox and easy access to the swivel handle outside the softbox.

Phottix Multi-Boom


So if you’re shopping at Adorama, you can pick up an excellent quality set of a Phottix Mitros, a Multi Boom, and a 28″ Westcott Apollo softbox, all for around the price of just the one Canon speedlight alone.

Adorama stock the excellent Odin TTL triggers as well.



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