Phottix Multi Boom 16″ – Back in Stock at Adorama

The Phottix Multi Boom 16″ are finally back in stock at Adorama. They were in stock for all of 2 days last time, so if you’re after a Multi Boom from Adorama with free local shipping, the time to get em is while they’re there!

Phottix Multi-Boom


Its not often you get to say a piece of gear is “exactly” what you wanted, but I was lucky enough to design the Multi Boom with Phottix, and having made flash brackets for quite a few years now, I knew exactly what I wanted.

The Multi Boom provides easy tilt motion for fast pop up Apollo style umbrellas softboxes, while mounting one or two speedlights aligned nicely in the center of the softbox for even coverage.

But the important things were not just the ease of use, but also the ease of set up, and not having anything that’s going to separate from the bracket and get lost. The Multi Boom folds flat quickly for transport, and just as quickly swivels into position ready to mount and use.

Phottix Multi-Boom

Taking that a step further the Multi Boom even acts as a base stand, allowing the flashes to be placed on a flat surface like a table or floor. Its even a great hand held light.

Phottix Multi-Boom

The Apollo style umbrella softboxes give just about the nicest soft light you’re going to get out of a speedlight. See Zack Arias blog for lots of great work with the Apollos. Also see full details on the Phottix Multi Boom here.


The standard Multi Boom 16″ is ideal with a 28″ Westcott Apollo softbox which is one of the most popular options.

The Multi Boom 16″ will cover softboxes up to approximately 36″, though if you want to use the also very popular 43″ Apollo Orb a small extension will do the trick.

Phottix Multi Boom

So what exactly do I need for a complete off camera light set up ? –

43" Apollo Orb

28″ Apollo Softbox –

43″ Apollo Orb Octobox


Then all that is needed is one or two flash units, and possibly some wireless radio triggers. Working inside, the inbuilt master or commander in your camera will generally allow full control of the flash wirelessly in manual or TTL.

For Canon Phottix have the Mitros speedlite for $299 which is a full power, and full featured, quality option that will stand up to professional use as well as the rest of the kit.

For Nikon the best Quality option is the original Nikon SB-700 $327 or Nikon SB-910 $547.

For Sony the best option is the original Sony HVL-F43M and Sony HVL-F60M


The Phottix Odin Radio triggers are also a solid reliable option for firing the flash with full control in manual and TTL outside and at grater distances and where line of sight to the flash is not possible. Odin for Canon $329 , Odin for Nikon $329, and Odin for Sony $329. Strato II $99 are a good simple manual radio trigger option.

For Canon there is also the excellent  Canon 600EX-RT speedlite $549  and ST-E3 transmitter $295.


Also see the full details on the Phottix Multi Boom here.

  1. Isaac 8 years ago

    I was lucky enough to pick up one of these when it was first released via the Phottix store and it has changed the way I see those umbrella softboxes.

    I prefer the Apollo style softboxes due to their quick setup time, compact breakdown (it’s an umbrella, that’s pretty much as simple as anything can be), and the ability to grid them for that extra control (grids being an option that Softlighter type light mods tend to not have).

    But until I got this boom (which I would class as a “game-changing” piece of gear) I found limited uses for them, because of the inability to tilt downwards.

    Basically, this multi-boom has allowed me to build the perfect umbrella softbox setup (when paired with a remote-adjustable trigger and flash system), and those extra touches such as the attention to centering the flash in the canopy, the counter-weight grip handle, the compact one-piece breakdown, etc, all point to a really great product, designed for photographers, by photographers.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 8 years ago

      Hi Isaac,

      Thank you very much for that. Its really great to hear the Multi Boom is genuinely making a difference for people. I really appreciate the feedback.

      Beautiful work you’re doing too – Thanks again.

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