PHOTTIX MULTI BOOM 28″ – Now Available – Bigger & Better!

Following on from the success of the popular Multi Boom 16″, Phottix have released the new Multi Boom 28″, providing more functionality, while also mounting larger softboxes, more flashes, and with a more balanced position over the light stand.

The original Multi Boom 16″ released earlier this year provided a fast, simple, and solid solution for tilting the very popular umbrella style softboxes, as well as mounting on or two flashes neatly in the center of the softbox or in regular umbrellas. I helped design the 16″ and 28″ Multi Boom’s with Phottix, and you can see more detail on the 16″ version as well here.

The image below shows a Multi Boom 16″ on the left, and a pre-production Multi Boom 28″ on the right. The production version also comes with a quad flash base instead of the dual base shown.

Phottix Multi Boom 18"

I was going to say I don’t actually have the final version of the Mutli Boom 28″ myself yet, but its literally just come in the door a few hours ago. And once again I’m absolutely thrilled with the way its turned out. Its very well machined and functions beautifully. And it comes with a good solid canvas pouch, and all nicely packaged.

I have had pre-production versions of the Multi Boom 28″ for quite some time now, and I really love them. They just live on my light stands, because they are like a lightweight grip arm for speedlites and small flashes, allowing the flash to be easily maneuvered into any position.

So although the new Multi Boom 28″ will now mount 4 flashes, and up to 50″ umbrella softboxes as shown bellow, that is really only part of their usefulness. Most of the time I personally only use one or 2 flashes mounted, either with the new single mount (now included with the 28″), or the dual base from the 16″ Multi boom (16″ and 28″ components are interchangeable). The new quad base allows up to 4 flashes though which can be really handy, particularly in larger softboxes like the 50″ –


Phottix Multi Boom


Improved Balance on the Lightstand

One of the big improvements with Multi Boom 28″ is the new clamping block, which locates between the Multi Boom column and the umbrella swivel. This allows the column to be raised up and down, as well as tilted and swiveled easily.

The clamp block also offsets the base of the column, allowing the complete bracket to be more balanced over the stand when its tilted. With 2 flashes mounted its close to the balance point in this position shown below with a nice tilt on the softbox already.

Phottix Multi Boom 18"


Adjustable Height – Larger Softboxes –

The height of the column can now be adjusted through the clamping block. So if using regular umbrellas the flash can be lowered right down to the original height of the umbrella swivel if needed.

The column can also be mounted with the hand grip above the clamping block allowing for larger softboxes up to 50″. Softboxes up to around the size of the 43″ Apollo Orb can be mounted with the hand grip below the clamping block.

Phottix Multi Boom 18"


Left – 28″ softbox mounted, Right – 50″ softbox mounted –

 Phottix Multi Boom 18"


Tilt and Swivel –

As well as full tilt motion through the umbrella swivel, the new clamping block also allows the column to be easily swiveled a full 360 degrees now as well (shown using the Multi Boom 16″ dual flash base).

Phottix Multi Boom 18"


Single Mount –

The Multi Boom 28″ also included a great new single mount, allowing a single flash to be mounted right on center with the umbrella shaft. This makes it a very handy lightweight grip arm ideal of small flash use. Also ideal for for hand holding a single flash, as its more balanced with the flash mounted central to the column now.

Phottix Multi Boom 18"


Compact Bracket –

Another great feature of the Multi Boom 28″ is that the clamp block itself has an umbrella mount built in, and can be used as a compact bracket without the large column.

Using the dual base from the 16″ Multi Boom provides an even more compact dual flash option.

Phottix Multi Boom 18"

Grip Arm –

The Multi Boom 28″ column can also be reversed to mount a regular umbrella swivel, or other flash mounts, to the stud on the end.

Phottix Multi Boom 18"


This may be used to achieve a little more tilt angle on a beauty dish as show above, or to boom further over the stand with some counterbalance weight added –

Phottix Multi Boom 18"


The Multi Boom 28″ column can also mount into a regular grip head as well if desired –

Phottix Multi Boom 18"


The Phottix Varos BD swivel is ideal to use with the new Multi Boom 28″, as the teeth in the swivel really help to lock it into place easily. And the Varos BG is available as an option with the Multi Boom 28″.

Phottix Varos BG Swivel


So that’s an overview of the new Multi Boom 28″. Its really a versatile bracket and a joy to use. Mounting larger softboxes and more flashes is really only part of the advantages and functions of the new bracket.

I will update this with more images and details of the final bracket.

Phottix Multi Boom 18"


Price and Availability –

The Phottix Multi Boom 28″ are now available from $109.95 –

AdoramaPhottix Store.

The Phottix Multi Boom 16″ are also available from $69.95 –



Review by
Review by Brian Hursey Photography


  1. Peter A 7 years ago

    I’ve been looking at different boom arms recently, and many are nicely made. Haven’t seen anything as flexible for umbrella/softbox placement and one/multi flashes. Even has the grip for the occasional hand holding (did one once under a gazebo in the pouring rain!). Looks like one of the pieces you buy and use forever, so it’s worth the little bit of expense. 🙂

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Peter,

      Thanks for that. That’s a good point, like the Multi Boom 16″, the new 28″ is made to last!

      Except for one plastic thumbscrew head, the whole bracket is all custom machined from strong alloy, and steel for the thumbscrews so the threads will last. This is a bracket you only have to by once.

  2. BenFenech 7 years ago

    I have the 16″ multi-boom and I think it’s great, it really solved the main limitation of umbrella softboxes.

    I was getting really excited about this new 28″ and the extended feature set, but I think the pricing is optimistic. First of all you need to add postage (to UK it’s $27.50), and due to the added forces from the longer arm a Vario 2 BG is a necessity not an optional. And a counterbalance. So you’re looking at $180-200 for what is essentially a versatile boom arm and quad flash bracket.

    Don’t take me wrong, Phottix products are beautifully made. And it’s great that they are bringing to the market innovative products through collaboration with real photographers. But I think this product is too expensive for what it offers.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Ben,

      Don’t worry, I totally understand where you’re coming from.

      It was actually really quite a struggle to get the Multi Boom 16″ down to $69.99, and I was actually aiming for $59.99, to keep it accessible to as many people as possible. But I really don’t think it was worth compromising anything on the current 16″ bracket just to reduce the price by a few dollars.

      So the reality is any addition to the bracket was always going to raise costs. And I wanted to try and make sure you could really get maximum value and use out of the bracket then. How many modifiers for example actually end up sitting in the cupboard 95% of time? At least this is one bracket you can use all the time, whether you’re using an umbrella softbox often or not. And its light enough to carry even when you’re travelling light. Heavy grip heads and arm, or full size boom are not so easy to carry around all the time. The umbrella swivel is also useful by itself.

      Regarding the extra forces, this is also why I though it was important to do this properly, by offsetting the column base over the stand. The 28″ Multi Boom is actually more balanced when tilted over the stand than the shorter 16′ bracket. So there is less force on the swivel. But sure if you load it up with 4 flashes and boom it over its a lot of weight off balance, and you really need some counterbalance weight for that.

      A lot of the time you can use this tilted with 1 or 2 flashes, where its quite balanced without much in the way of counterbalance. So it really can be a fairly light portable solution a lot of the time. For a counterbalance I have a new/clean sandbag case just filled with gear in it like spare batteries etc, so I’m not carrying any extra weight around. The Witstro/Cheetah Light just uses its own battery pack as counterbalance anyway.

      I wish the 28″ could be a little more economical, but I can’t change the costs involved unfortunately. At least the 16″ is quite accessible, and that’s why we tried to keep it simple. The Multi Boom 16″ still a great option as well. Thanks.

  3. Isaac 7 years ago

    This is great! I’ll definitely be getting one soon. Any idea when Adorama will be carrying these?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Isaac,

      Thanks for that. There’s no listing showing on Adorama yet, it may take a little while for these to reach distributors and then retailers. I’ll put a post up once they are available at Adorama though. Thanks again.

  4. Ken 7 years ago

    Damn. Just got a few of the boom arms and really wanted something bigger. Using it with their larger easy open softboxes, and it ends up extending right to the varos connector (light stand to boom arm). Which means when you loosen it, the only spot you can grab is the very bottom of the boom arm.

    I’d also like the top end to be free for a spigot or screw hole at least, with the umbrella hole screw coming in sideways maybe. Not as pretty but it opens up the entire top area.

    Everything is very well made, exceeded my expectations.

  5. Jesús Padilla Neri 7 years ago

    EXCELLENT NEWS!!!!!!!!!—Can´t wait to have it!!!! love my multi boom 16!….use them in all my weddings, this one is even better!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Betuwe 7 years ago


    Imagine i buy the larger boom (28″), someone said that requieres a ‘Vario 2 BG’. What does it do and when is it required/recommended?

    And does the 28″boom fit a regular light stand?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Betuwe,

      The Varos BG II is just an umbrella swivel.

      You need an umbrella which accepts a standard 5/8″ stud in the top, to attach the 16″ and 28″ Multi Booms to a light stand.

      For the 28″ you really need a decent metal swivel though, like the Varos BG or the common Manfrotto 026 Lite Tite.

      I actually prefer the Manfrotto 026 with the 16″ Multi Boom, as they tilts more smoothly. The Phottix varos BG has teeth in the swivel hinge, so it locks in play easier, ans will support the weight of the larger 28″ Boom better.

      You can use the swivels then without the Multi Boom brackets as well to mount your flash and / or umbrellas. Thanks.

  7. Karin Nelson 6 years ago

    Alright, I hope there will be an option to pick and choose. I like the 16″, but I want the single flash mount option from the 28″. I like the 28″, but I want the smaller, dual base of the 16″. Here’s to hoping these parts will be available separately for purchase.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Karin,

      If you can drop Phottix a message and let them know, as the more people that request this the more likely they will be to offer these separately.

      I use one of each to do what you are suggesting, but it would certainly be nice to have a dual or single base for both at the same time etc. Thanks.

      • Karin Nelson 6 years ago

        I did. They replied with a resounding “No.” Which is too bad, really.

  8. Brad 5 years ago


    I just got one of these in the mail, and used it with an Apollo softbox, and the Phottix Varios BG II — and I couldn’t get the BG to hold the Multi-Boom firmly in place….the boom arm would twist in the umbrella swivel. The swivel wouldn’t tighten enough to hold the arm tightly in place. Any suggestions?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Brad,

      I’m not quite sure how that is happening, are you mounting the Multi Boom in the swivel vial the short clamping block like this?

      The end of the Multi Boom column, and the short clamping block column, should both have a small flat section machined on the section where the go into the swivel. If you tighten the swivels thumbscrew onto that flat section then is shouldn’t be possible for the Multi Boom to rotate in the swivel.

      I’m not sure if you’re also saying the swivel will not lock into place at the set angle? If so they shouldn’t be a problem either as the swivel should have teeth in the hinged section which lock it into certain positions.

      Hopefully the issue is just that you didn’t have the flat section of the Multi-boom column aligned with the swivels thumbscrew.

      • Brad 5 years ago

        Yes, that’s how I’m mounting it, with the thumbscrew against the flat section. Part of the clamping block stud just strips away so it’s no longer completely flat, which lets it twist…

        I’ve ordered just a standard grip head, which I hope will work.

        I also have the 16in Multi Boom, and the Varos works just fine with it.

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 5 years ago

          Thanks Brad,

          I’m not quite sure what your set up is there that is causing it to want to twist so much. Though if the flat is not enough to hold it, the solution would be to drill a small indent with a drill slightly larger than 1/4″ (and just a few millimeters deep) where the thumbscrew is is contacting the Multi Boom shaft. It certainly wouldn’t be possible to twist then.

          The grip head option should hold it in place no problems though.

  9. Brad 5 years ago

    I’ve been using it with a 47″ umbrella style octabox, and an ad360.

    I was thinking about drilling something to hold it. I’ll probably try that.


  10. Ryan Rafferty 5 years ago

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for the great review mate, it has really opened my eyes to these devices. I’d no idea what i was ordering until I read this, and I wish I’d waited as I’m now having to send a load of stuff back. Please can you help me with one question? You seem to have a swivel head/bracket connecting the light stand and the multi boom- it tilts back with a decent size arm. This is good because it counterbalances the weight of the flashes and kit. What exactly is the name and make of this bracket?

    Thanks very much!


  11. Molly Gaylord 5 years ago

    Hi, the 28″ inch boom looks like a great solution but I have a couple of questions.
    1. Is there room on the bracket to use Pocketwizard Flex 5’s with my Nikon flashes?
    2. On the photos of the boom on your website I can see the flash bracket with the flashes attached near the top of the boom and also see the stem of the umbrella Softbox coming through the boom but I don’t see how the umbrella stem is held in position on the boom? Thank you!

  12. Philip Walenga 4 years ago

    I want to use 60 inch umbrella. Will this work with this device – will it center the speedlites?

    I have spent a lot of time trying to find the best solution and this seems like it.

    Thanks, Phil Walenga

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Phil,

      Yes it will center a pair of speedlites in the umbrella. Actually if its for 2 speedlites the 16″ MultiBoom would be fine as well.

  13. Waqas 4 years ago

    I have a phottix 120 / 47 inch umbrella softbox that i am using with speedlight. I am suffering from the same problem of unable to tilt and this boom seems to be a good solutions.
    I need a suggestions from experts.
    I am moving to Godox AD 360 or Flash Point or Cheetah whatever (too many rebranding of same light) to have more powerful output than speedlite.
    A lot of photographers are using softboxes where the flash attaches from the back like i.e. Glow Para Pop.
    However i have an umbrella style softbox where the light reflects back from inside.

    Should i spend money and move to a softbox like Glow Para Pop with back attachment of light , or should i spend money and get this 28 inch boom arm to continue with the umbrella softbox.

    Which light is better … Umbrella style softbox with reflective light , or shoot through kind of Soft boxes.

    I am tight on budget, so need a solution that lasts for many years to come with good portability and comfort for off camera flash portrait shoots.

    Thank You

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Waqas,

      The Glow ParaPop or SMDV Speedbox are very efficient with bare bulb flashes like the AD360. And that’s compared to many regular softboxes, umbrella softboxes using the flash pointed backward will generally need at least 2 flashes to start reaching the output of one flash in a regular softbox.

      The ParaPop/Speedbox are also very fast to pop open and closed etc. If you go with a Bowen’s mount an S-type bracket makes mounting very easy.

  14. Yann 4 years ago


    Is the single mount also available for the multi boom 16”, does it fit ? Is it possible to buy the single mount alone ?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Yann,

      The single mount and all components will fit the 16″ Multi Boom as well, though no the parts are not available separately unfortunately.

      It was a pity Phottix are not really set up to sell individual accessories like that, otherwise the bracket could have expanded into a great modular system for numerous different uses.

  15. Daniel Korzeniewski 3 years ago

    Would you be able to mount a single Godox AD200 into this rig? or are there any similar solutions to mount the AD200 into an umbrella softbox and be able to tilt?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Hi Daniel,

      Yes you can mount a single AD200 with the Multi Boom. The 28″ with large base plate is probably overkill though for just one strobe.

      For one strobe you could just use a short length of 5/8″ (or 16mm) aluminum rod, between 2 regular umbrella swivels like the Manfrotto 026. (Or use the swivel that comes with the A200 for the top swivel).

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