PHOTTIX ODIN II – TTL Transmitter for PENTAX Announced

Phottix ODIN II Pentax


Phottix have announced the Odin II TTL and HSS enabled transmitter for Pentax camera systems.

The Odin II for Pentax being a direct collaboration with the engineers from Pentax and Ricoh Imaging in Japan.

The Odin II for Pentax will be compatible with the Phottix Indra500 TTL strobes (after a firmware update) and adds to Indra’s existing Canon, Nikon, and Sony compatible TTL radio slave modes.


Phottix ODIN II Pentax


The Phottix Odin II features 5 groups with individual group buttons, and a control dial for quickly adjusting ­flash power levels.

An AF Assist light improves focusing when used in low light environments.

Providing 32 channels, and a new Digital ID function which prevents misfires from other nearby triggers.


Phottix ODIN II Pentax


Phottix ODIN II Pentax




The Phottix Odin II transmitter for Pentax cameras will be shipping to stores in March 2018, and the Odin II are generally priced from $136.



Phottix – Website


  1. Mark Kitaoka 2 years ago

    Wonderful that ‘someone’ is developing HSS flash for Pentax. For those who have invested in Priolite I’m sure several will switch to Phottix. I sure hope and keep my fingers crossed that Godox will develop a trigger for Pentax. I can use HSS with my 645Z using other triggers, but it would be nice to have a native transmitter that will allow HSS.

  2. Andrzej 1 year ago

    I gdzie te wyzwalacze? W sklepach nie ma!

    Translation EDIT (by FH) – And where are these triggers? There are no shops in the stores!

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