PHOTTIX – ODIN II – TTL Flash Trigger Announced !



If the Indra500 TTL portable studio light wasn’t enticing enough, Phottix have really sealed the deal announcing the great new Odin II TTL transmitter and receivers, for Canon, Nikon, and Sony.

The Phottix Odin have set the standard for reliability and hassle free simplicity in off camera TTL triggering, now the Odin II will bring a fast simple user interface, including 5 groups all easily accessible on the LCD display at once.

An all important AF assist light is now included in the Odin II transmitter, and even modelling light power control for the new Indra500 TTL strobe.


Phottix ODIN II


Phottix Press Release –

COLOGNE, GERMANY: Building on the industry-changing Phottix Odin TTL Flash Trigger, Phottix announces the Phottix Odin II TTL Flash Trigger during 2014 Photokina. The Odin II adds new cutting-edge functionality and features to Phottix’s flagship flash trigger.


  • 5 groups A, B, C, D, E
  • 2.4 GHz frequency, Range 100m
  • 32 channels with Digital ID
  • Group buttons and control dial for fast power changes
  • TTL Power Control +/- 3EV
  • Manual Power Control 1/1 to 1/256
  • Flash Zoom control
  • High Speed Sync – up to 1/8000s
  • Second Curtain Sync
  • AF Assist Beam
  • Compatible with Indra500 TTL, Mitros+, Odin, Strato II, Atlas II
  • Modeling Light Control (Indra500 only)


The Odin II UI and control system has been overhauled making it faster and easier to use. It features 5 groups with individual buttons and a control dial for quickly adjusting flash power levels. An AF Assist light has been added to the Odin II TCU for improved focusing when used in low light environments.


Phottix ODIN II


With 32 channels and a new Digital ID function, the Odin II offers photographers a way to personalized their Odins and prevent triggering from other nearby triggers. By entering a 4 digit ID number, a photographer’s Odin II receivers will only trigger by transmitters using the same ID number.

The same features that made the original Phottix Odin an award-winning product are found in the new Odin II. TTL and Manual power control, flash zoom control, LCD display for visual feedback, high speed sync, and second curtain sync.


Phottix ODIN II


The Phottix Odin II is fully compatible with the Phottix ecosystem of flash triggers – the original Odin, Strato II and Atlas II. The Odin II will also control and trigger the Indra500 TTL Studio Light and Mitros+ TTL Transceiver Flash.

Designed with input from photographers around the world, the Phottix Odin II features a USB port for firmware upgrades. The Odin II for Canon, Nikon and Sony are expected to be available during Q1 of 2015.


Price and Availability


The Odin II for Canon, Nikon and Sony are expected to be available during Q1 of 2015.

Pricing is not available yet.

Phottix – Website

  1. Alexander Loff 7 years ago

    I like the new design of Odin II.
    Perhaps only I would like to larger characters on the display.

    Everything else is quite like it.
    And shifted forward shoe is very good solution for soft boxes as Apollo. Flash head can be rotated 180 degrees.

    Most likely, the price will be not a little 🙂

  2. Todd 7 years ago

    Way to go Phottix!! Hope this is an improvement on the Odin version I. I was just about to order a second backup Odin unit and now I’m delaying until this is released. The Odin version I is at about 200 US greenbacks. I hope this version II comes in at the same mark.

    I really like the vibrant “green” selection dial on this computer render, hope they stick with it….:-)

  3. Luca 7 years ago

    A lot of stuff on the fire by Phottix! 🙂

  4. Amir 7 years ago

    They have addressed one of thetwo issues I had with the original Odin which was lack of a quick way to access individual group settings. The other shortcoming which is still present is lack of a TTL pass-through.

  5. Andrew 7 years ago

    Is the Odin ii backward compatible with the Odin 1?

    • schabu 7 years ago

      yes, it will be. I like in Phottix this feature – backward compatibility.

  6. Saul G 7 years ago

    Looking forward to this!

  7. Dutchie 7 years ago

    Will it also be compatible with the Canon 600 EX RT like the YongNuo YN-E3-RT??

    • schabu 7 years ago

      it would be nice but i think not – this would be to big feature not to mention it on press release. compatibility should be that same like in Odin I.

  8. Stas Medvedev 7 years ago

    PocketWizard’s triggers in the stone age..

    • Ranalli 7 years ago

      I hope they saved all that money they made…they’re going to need it. The only thing even remotely competitive they have come out with to try and go against all these other brands was the Plus X and they were seriously just vastly overpriced versions of the manual triggers that everyone else had already.

      I know it’s tough to go up against cheap Chinese knockoffs and labor but I feel if they weren’t price gouging to begin with they would have held their position in the market better.

      $100 for ONE transceiver that simply sends a very simple radio signal(non-TTL) is insane.

  9. Karl Wendlinger 7 years ago


    will this also work combining two of the INDRA 500 TTL with 2 WITSTRO 360?

    Which receiver set-up would make sense? I guess i can fire the WITSTROs with this new ODIN II while using the godox receivers on the 360s, but i cannot edit the power output on the ODIN II for the 360s, right? So i would still need a seperate GODOX unit to admin the power output of the 360s?

    Or are there ODIN receivers which i could directly use on the 360s for being able to admin also the power output from one ODIN II unit on my camera?

    That would be great:

    One ODIN II + 2 INDRA 500 TTL + 2 WITSTRO 360 operated by 4 ODIN receievers. Could this work?

    Thanx a lot for your help!

    Kind regards.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Karl,

      Only the Godox triggers (FT-16 at this point) will be able to control the power levels of the Witstro. So you are basically going to need an FT-16 transmitter in your pocket etc for Witstro power level control.

      For triggering the Witstro you could either use Phottix receivers on each Witstro, or place an FT-16 transmitter on one Phottix receiver, and have that fire the Godox FTR-16 receivers already attached to each Witstro (for the remote power control).

      In either case you don’t need to use Odin receivers for this if you don’t want to, as you can use Strato II or Atlas II receivers instead (Strato II are only $50).

      So its not perfect that you will need the second remote, but they do still work pretty well together. The HSS should work ok with both as well, though I would imagine the Witstro are more limited in the number of shots etc compared to the Indra.

      • Karl Wendlinger 7 years ago

        Thank you very much for your detailed response!

      • rob 6 years ago

        I am looking for a way to fire my Godox ad360s and ar400 in HSS with my Sony A7. Should these triggers work?

  10. John Wong 7 years ago

    The 3rd and 4th that an Odin receiver?

    • Billy 7 years ago

      I don’t think so!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi John,

      That’s an Odin II receiver shown in the last couple of images.

      • mark 7 years ago

        So Elvis, is the first item actually a new TCU?

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 7 years ago

          Hi Mark,

          That’s certainly a digital rendering from Phottix of what the new Odin II TCU will be like.

          It looks pretty well resolved in the image, so I would imagine that will be very close to what it will actually be like.

  11. Andrew 7 years ago

    I just hope Phottix don’t get carried away with more new products than they can handle , particularly with their dodgy Customer Support Ticket System ( to date at least)

    They also still need to fix a number of serious and not so serious issues in the Mitros+ which revolve around how the built in Odin TX/RX’s function.( Canon and Nikon ) In short they don’t operate as anywhere near as accurately or reliably as the External Odin TCU and Receivers do.

    In a word the External Odins are SENSATIONAL !.. and I am sure the Version ii will be the same ……………………. BUT FIX THE MITROS+!

    I will be very annoyed and p***ed off if we get a MITROS+ MkII without the existing Mitros+ issues being addressed through firmware……

    • mark 7 years ago

      Totally agree with Andew, they badly badly need to give attention to their flagship flash guns. The radio system is awesome, nervier fail but recycle times and inconstant TTL exposures are all over the place. At $400 a piece we are not getting the level of performance that you should be getting for $400. I feel like I’m getting $49 worth of performance.

      • keano 6 years ago

        Is the TTL on the Indra better? I believe so?

  12. Andrew 7 years ago

    Another question…..will the new Version be able to trigger an off camera flash/es in stroboscopic mode via Radio TTL?

    The only way that can be done presently is via optical wireless with two suitable enabled flash units, but it always struck me as odd that the Odins did not have that capability. Surely anything that can be done optically or IR could/should be possible via 2.4ghz?

  13. Peter 7 years ago

    Tempting product and I was inclined to wait for their launch in the spring.But really I needed extra Odins before then plus who knows what the price might be and what updates might be required as new users discover any issues. So I bought an extra Odin transmitter and 3 receivers pre-owned on Ebay at a good price. Now have 2 transmitters and 5 receivers.

    Since the Odins are not transceivers I was always nervous about only having 1 x transmitter.

    Looking at the new spec., 5 groups would be useful but in practice the existing Odin 3 groups is usable for me. If I need multiple variants of output there are not many situations where all 5 would need to be controllable from the camera e.g. background fill lights could be set to full manual on the flashguns and set at a constant 1/32nd, whilst groups A B & C could be varied with TTL from the camera.

    Again, the new versions focus assist light is handy but on the rare occasions I need to use that I can mount my old Canon ST-E2 unit or an actual flashgun onto an Odin receiver and still have it all nice and compact using a flash bracket from Cowboy Studios:

    Not as elegant as the new Odin transmitter but still very usable.

    I do like the new way of navigating the Odin transmitters. The existing 1.5 units can be a little fiddly to make very quick changes in high pressure conditions.

    The new Odin receivers look significantly larger. Not keen on that. Plus I don’t have a need for their LCD display – physical switches are fine.

    Of course it would have been nice if the Mitros+ guns could have stepped in and taken over a lot of these functions. I bought two of them but they proved to be unreliable – not in their wireless capability but in functioning as actual flashguns. Overheating protection too aggressive on one and exposure inconsistency on the other. Got a refund on them and back using older Canon guns again.

    Top marks to Phottix for innovation functionality and build quality though. I so wanted these Mitros+ guns to work but it wasn’t to be for me.


  14. Vince 7 years ago

    Do you think they will be compatible now with Yongnuo flashes?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Vince,

      Going by the current situation that is pretty unlikely. YongNuo flashes don’t generally play nicely with Phottix or many of the other TTL triggers.

      The YongNuo flashes and triggers used to be 2 different departments (I don’t know if that is still the case now that the flashes will have transceivers built in), but the triggers tend to follow the Canon / Nikon protocol very closely, and so are quite universal.

      Where as the flashes were not so refined, and basically got the job done however they could. And therefore do not play so well with other third party TTL gear (which may have their own slight variations from the original protocols as well).

  15. Tim 6 years ago

    Is there a release date for the Odin 2 as I’m in the market for this system finally, especially with the mitros+ for Sony

  16. Susan 6 years ago

    I emailed Phottix to ask about availability, and they responded that Phottix Odin II will be released sometime in Q2.

  17. Andrew 6 years ago

    Any news about a specific date when these will be available in Europe? I have been holding out to buy a set of Indra 500s with this unit. If they take much longer I’ll have to go with another system.

  18. Harold 6 years ago

    is this compatible with Yongnou 600Ex RT? ty

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Harold,

      The Odin II doesn’t actually exist yet so I couldn’t say for sure. Unless if you mean directly compatible with the RT radio receiver inside the YN600EX-RT, then the answer is no for that.

      I haven’t tested the YN600EX-RT used on the current Odin receivers. I can do that if that is more along the lines of what you were after.

  19. Stefan 6 years ago

    How are you Odin users dealing with the lack of TTL passthru? I’d really like a way around this and am yet to figure it out.

    I’d love to be able to have the option to have a TTL flash on camera as fill and still be triggering my Odin recievers and controlling the power settings of those flashes.

    Any advise on a way to do this?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Stefan,

      The whole point of the Mitros+ flash is to avoid the TTL pass through hotshoe. The Odin transmitter is built directly into the flash, so there is no need to be stacking a flash on top of a transmitter, which often becomes unreliable anyway.

      I think the Mitros+ interface is faster and generally better than the current Odin as well. People have mixes views on the current flash itself. For those that shoot fast at high power levels, the Mitros can’t keep that up as long as the Canon and Nikon flashes due to overheating. Other people don’t see any issue with their style of shooting though.

  20. Stefan 6 years ago

    Thanks for your response Flash Havoc. I was hoping to avoid the Mitros+ unit as it doesn’t seem to be getting good reviews but that does seem like the only option unless I drop the whole phottix system.


    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Stefan,

      Yes I often get mixed feedback, some people love them and others don’t like them much at all. And as mentioned I think that’s mainly determined by how you like to use them. Some people are shooting at high iso most of the time, and using very low power on the flash, so they never have an issue.

      They are nicely made flashes though otherwise, the build quality is certainly a step above most other third party options. And the radio system is excellent.

      Hopefully a mark II Mitros+ would be next, and it should be a killer system then.

      • keano 6 years ago

        Do you think it is a case of the Mitros+ working better with Canon then nikon users. Regarding those who have negative feedback?

  21. Ricardo Souza 6 years ago

    I’m a Sony guy and the actual Odin needs an adapter. I’m waiting (since sep/2014) for the version II. They are better and don’t need adapter (original is very expensive).

    Just Q2 ? 🙁

  22. Jon Mold 6 years ago

    Any update on release date for the Phottix mk ii unit?

    I’m about to buy Odin mk i for my Elinchrom Quadra to get HSS. I use Phottix Stratto ii for my speedlights too so this is the prefect trigger for me. But with the mk ii comign out imminently i’m holding off.

    Any idea when it’s officially coming out in the UK?


  23. Peter A 6 years ago

    Anyone know if the Odin II will roll out first to the US or world wide? We’re half way thru Q2…

    • TamporA 6 years ago

      Answer: Thank you for contacting us. We will have the Odin II release for Canon and Nikon in summer. So far no plans to make one for Sony. The Odin original is compatible with Sony MI shoe via the adapter: Thank you.

      Please feel free to contact us in case you still have any question on this issue.
      Best regards,
      Phottix Support

  24. Steve 6 years ago

    Hi all
    does the Mitros+ work with Strato II Multi receivers?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Steve,

      Yes the Mitros+ can fire the Strato II receivers while the flash is set to Odin master mode.

      The receivers as still only manual though. The only remote control is that groups can be turned on and off from the Mitros+ master interface.

  25. Serghei 6 years ago

    Any updates on this unit?
    Its looks really attractive.

  26. Sal 6 years ago

    They announced this way back in Sept of last year.
    It is now June.
    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  27. Steve 6 years ago

    I was all set to get the Odin but this delay is a worry. I may instead look at the YN system instead.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Steve,

      The Odin are a great system. Phottix often take longer than expected to release new gear. If you’re not in a huge hurry though the Odin are worth waiting for.

  28. Darryl 6 years ago

    I hope they address the TTL inaccuracy. I can be fine sometimes but horrendous others. I own 3 Mitros+ and a Odin-tx and they all have TTL inaccuracy issues.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Darryl,

      The Mitros+ and the now the Indra still have their quirks and discrepancies to the Canon system (and Nikon system), though the Odin themselves used with a genuine Canon flash have always been very good from what I have seen and heard from others.

      So I don’t think its the Odin that needs the refinement really, its more the flash units from what I can see. So hopefully Phottix will keep refining their firmware.

  29. Peter A 6 years ago

    As of June 5th, — sometime this summer — …

    Phottix USA Hi Damian. I appreciate your enthusiasm about the Odin II. It is expected to be released sometime this summer. Please be patient as all good things take time smile emoticon

  30. HonzaP 6 years ago

    Still waiting:-/ I would love to have set of these… Any updates?

  31. JP 6 years ago

    Will this going to be compatible with sony MI hotshoe?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi JP,

      Actually I’m not sure if the Sony version Odin II have actually been announced as yet.

      Though once they are I think you can be pretty sure they will have the MI shoe. I think it would be extremely unlikely Phottix would produce a new trigger with just the old shoe/foot at this stage.

  32. maxim 6 years ago

    Hello all
    1.Does anyone knows if it has ODS feature like in Odin?
    2.Does anyone have test results for working in ODS with shutter speeds like 1/2000 sec. and faster ?

  33. Mika 6 years ago

    I contacted Phottix asking if there will be Odin II for Sony Multi Interface Shoe coming.

    This is how Phottix answered me: “We do not plan to make the Odin with Sony MI hot shoe. The Odin for Sony is compatible with the MI hot shoe with a hot shoe adapter.”

    I’m not happy with this answer… :\

  34. Peter A 6 years ago

    Anyone know how close an Odin transmitter can be to a receiver? Can I have the Odin on a camera on a bracket and have the receiver a few inches away on the flash. This would make it real easy to use the same camera quickly both on or off the bracket. TIA. 🙂

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Peter,

      Yes they work close together. We were mounting like that at the start when there was no other option for a flash on-camera with the Odins.

      I can’t remember what the major issue was though I do remember it wasn’t particularly convenient to use them like that though. Likely with the Odin II’s better interface and built in AF assist light that would probably be a big improvement to start with.

  35. Peter A 6 years ago

    Thanks so much! Good to know the distance isn’t an issue. I expect the sheer size of the units could be the major issue. Especially on a flip bracket. I’ve modified it before, I can do it again, if need be. Or rig a TTL cord to quickly switch over. We’ll see what needs to be done when it is finally released. Thanks again! 🙂

  36. mark 6 years ago

    Have the new TCUs ever started shipping? Anyone know?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Mark,

      No they aren’t shipping yet. Beta testing is still ongoing at the moment.

  37. Ahmed 6 years ago

    wow. a whole year after announcement and nothing. not even an update. i was expecting the odin II, maybe some updates to the mitros+ and a new receiver. crickets. i was die hard phottix but i think its time to move on. the yongnuo RT system is looking quite nice.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Ahmed,

      They are still in beta testing at the moment. Phottix posted an update on their blog here. There is really not much to say there so I couldn’t see much point putting a post up on that.

      I’d say they likely have some issues to resolve still. Which is a little surprising as I would have thought they would have been 90% of the same function as the original. Though adding more TTL groups could possibly be one catch I can think of, depending on how the original units operate with that.

      I’d like to say I hope Phottix are holding out to get them as spot on as the originals. Though with the Mitros+ and Indra lights to co-ordinate with now as well, its just not as straight forward anymore.

  38. Reto 6 years ago

    annoying long waiting time and not very professional.
    could it be, that they intend to include some kind of skyport/elinchrom-compatability already..after recent news of collaboration?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Reto,

      I doubt that is the reason they have taken up to this point. Though its very possible since they have not been released yet Phottix and Elinchrom etc would be considering all the options now.

      I really don’t know how they are going to go about the collaboration, though there is legacy gear to deal with somehow.

      If they were considering making major changes to the Odin II at all, then naturally they would have to be considering any additional delays carefully at this late stage as well. Phottix may have no intention of changing the Odin side of thing at all though as well.

  39. Niels Gram 6 years ago

    It’s very odd indeed that they take so long. It shouldn’t be that hard for a good engineering team to get radio flash triggers done. It’s not like a radio flash trigger is a terribly complex product…
    It’s now been several months since I gave up waiting and went for the YNE3-RT. But I already owned two Canon 600EX-RT and getting rid of two receivers has been nice.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Niels if TTL flash triggers where not very complex they would be popping up all over the place for Sony, Fuji, Pentax etc etc.

      Phottix are only a small team, though just about all the companies engineers have struggled with the TTL systems at one time or another. And its a constant ongoing challenge to keep up with the camera manufacturers constantly changing new models.

  40. Tommy 5 years ago

    Pocket-wizard announced today their new Plus IV Transceiver! Phottix really need to hurry up with the Odin II. If not i will buy the new Pocket-wizard instead 😀

  41. Niels Gram 5 years ago

    Soon 16 month since the announcement and still no Odin II. Amazing 🙁

  42. Darryl 5 years ago

    It appears they are having issues with its development.

  43. Niels Gram 5 years ago

    Maybe the engineering team has left the company… It is highly unlikely that it would require this much time to finish a version 2 of a relatively simple product like the Odin trigger…

  44. Niels Gram 5 years ago

    Maybe the huge delay has do to with the Elinchrome alliance… either that Phottix want to add Skyport compatibility to the Odin II (and that they have to wait a bit before launch to let Elinchrome sell a lot of their Laso based Skyport transmitters first) or that Phottix has decided to consolidate the trigger hardware platform to be Laso based. That would probably cut production cost in the long run. Just crazy thinking 😉

  45. Niels Gram 5 years ago

    An other – and maybe more likely – explanation could be that Phottix developlement has been tied up in Laso development – both of the Phottix Laso it self and for the new Elinchrome Skyport transmitter. Elinchrome has probably payed good $$$ up front for the special version of the Laso.

  46. Todd 5 years ago

    Finally. I’m seeing the “beta” testers starting to post some pictures of the new Odin II over on Instagram. These are working units, most likely first production runs to a sub set of testers. Looks good, but not the hi-vis green selection dial like shown on the CAD mock-ups… Oh, well. Hope this Gen II gets listed for sale soon….cmon Phottix!

  47. Vally 5 years ago

    Now available !:)

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