PHOTTIX ODIN for NIKON – Adds Over Drive Sync & Light Meter Use

The Phottix Odin TTL radio triggers for Nikon have received a major firmware update, adding the great Over Drive Sync timing feature, and added compatibility with light meter use when using remote manual power setting.

Firmware update v1.06 firmware also corrects a few minor issues like the flash not firing because of sleep mode when shooting long exposures .

As far as I understand the ODS feature was reportedly already hiding in the last Nikon Odin firmware, but with v1.06 its now an official addition.

Phottix Odin ODS

Quote – Phottix Journal

After a long wait, the v1.06 firmware for the Phottix Odin TTL Flash Trigger for Nikon is now available for download. What does v1.06 do?

1. Improves issue of flash not firing because of sleep mode when shooting long exposures.

2. Improves possible misfire issues occurring after a flash has been fired at a high power level.

3. Test Button and Light Meters: Pressing the Test button on the transmitter will cause the flashes in A, B and C groups to fire simultaneously. Group(s) turned off will not fire.

When the flashes in A, B and C groups are set to Manual (M) mode, pressing the Test button on the transmitter will cause the flashes (which are powered on and on the same channel as the transmitter) to fire an initial low-power pre-flash. The flashes will fire simultaneously at their set manual power levels 2.5s later. This feature allows for light meters to be used correctly.

4. Added function: Taking photos when the transmitter is displaying the version information will cause the transmitter to exit the version display screen and back to standard screen.

What is ods?

Phottix Odin ODS

ods is Overdrive Sync, a new beta function in the latest firmware. This function allows triggering delay times to be set on an Odin TCU. This can allow an increase in sync speed over standard X-Sync when using studio lights. Don’t get too excited – a number of variables come in to play: Your camera, the studio light, the power level and flash duration of the studio light can all effect the ods function. What works with one brand and model and studio light may not work with another.

A new menu has been added to the Odin – this will allow a triggering delay (in milliseconds) to be set. This takes experimentation to find the “sweet spot” in your set-up.

Note: This is a beta function. As there are many variable in how ODS functions experimentation is required by the user to find the “sweet spot” delay time for the camera and studio light being used. Technical support for ODS is not available, but feedback on the function so it can be further refined is appreciated.

For more information see the change log included in the firmware archive.


Please also see my detailed graphic explanation of ODS here.

Phottix Odin ODS

v1.06 Firmware Downloads

Over Drive Sync Explaind
Phottix Odin Full Review

  1. Eugene Bogorad 7 years ago

    What I’d love to have (and what YN has already done!) is to be able to use ODIN with non-Nikon bodies in manual mode. But no, they do some minor fixes and not this.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Eugene,

      I’m not sure if its possible with the Odin because they operate with the flash set to TTL even in remote manual, so they generally need to send the TTL pre-flash information before each shot. The Nikon version YN-622N work the same way.

      I don’t know, maybe it is possible to make the Odin receiver retain the previous shots information, but its not quite as straight forward as the Canon system that changes the power level directly on the flash and it stays there until a signal is given to change it again.

      Either way I don’t think its something you could expect they would be able to do that quickly.

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