PHOTTIX PADAT 300cm Stackable Reverse Light Stands – Released

Photox Padat 3m Light Stand


Phottix have released the Padat Compact 300cm Light Stands, which are actually flat stackable reverse style stands.

At 3 meters high (9.8 Feet), and weighting 2.1kg, these are not your average light duty reverse nano stands, a bit more of a general purpose, air cushioned, alloy light stand with stated 5kg load capacity.

Though with the added advantage of a very flat, compact, and fast clip together design, making for easy transport and storage while taking up minimal space.



There are other stackable light stands available, though the Phottix Padat Compact are the first reverse style stands we are aware of to include a stackable clip together design.

Other than compact size, one of the main advantages of the reverse design being the ability to lay the legs out flat on a level floor when desired.

This provides a wide 1200mm diameter footprint, and also allows the legs to fit under furniture etc, and be weighted down easily.

Unfortunately the Padat Compact do miss out on a leveling leg feature though, which is otherwise helpful when using on uneven terrain.


Photox Padat 300cm Light Stand


A simple lever style system quickly clips the Padat Compact stands together, and releases just as quickly when needed.


Photox Padat 300cm Light Stand



Photox Padat 3m Light Stand




 Maximum Height:  3000mm
 Collapsed Length:  870mm
 Collapsed Dimension:  870x80x70mm
 Tube Diameters:  29.5, 26, 22.5, 19mm
 Footprint Diameters:  1200mm
 Thread:  1/4″ Thread
 Stand Weight:  2100g
 Supports:  5 kg







The Phottix Padat 300cm Compact Light Stands are available now from the Phottix Store for $72 each.

And sets of multiple stands will also eventually be made available.


Phottix – Website


  1. David 11 months ago

    I love the part of the video where they upload something that weights 5kg and how it won’t sway under the weight.

    Ah yeah, they DIDN’T show that. Would wait for reviews until even considering buying this. I’ve a 2 m standard tripod and that had difficulty holding godox ad600 and 22″ beauty dish!

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 11 months ago

      Hi David,

      I didn’t mean to give the impression these will be anything heavy duty, its just that many people would normally associate reverse stands with the lightweight Nano style stands which are mainly good for speedlightes.

      I would think these would hold an AD600 with extension head no problems though, just depending on modifiers and height used etc.

      • David 11 months ago

        Hi FH, not attacking you at all, don’t worry.

        I have tried to use my ad600 and 22″ beauty dish at a height, but the poles do sway and feel like they will break at the joints. I have a standard 2m tripod, nothing heavy. Obviously a C stand would be ideal, but I don’t drive and use public transport to get to locations, so dragging something heavy along wouldn’t be possible.

        I would hope this would bridge the gap. Not too heavy and still be strong to support a good weight at a decent height without breaking under pressure.


        • John Wilson 11 months ago

          What stand are you using?

        • Author
          FLASH HAVOC 11 months ago

          No worries, did you mean using an extension head with the AD600 though?

          Its tough otherwise because the AD600 is a heavy flash. There are plenty of stands which will hold them no problems without breaking the stand, the issue is stopping the stand from toppling over, especially if its already flexing and swaying under the load.

          With lightweight stands either someone needs to be supporting the stand, or go with the extension head.

  2. Jiri 11 months ago

    You mention “leveling leg feature” – could you please suggest some light stands with this exact feature for location lighting?

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 11 months ago

      Hi Jiri,

      If you’re after a reverse stand with leveling leg, I think Phottix, Nissin, and Manfrotto all make Nano stands with a leveling leg, but those are all really light duty mainly for speedlites etc.

      If you want larger aluminium or steel stands, the options are mainly Avenger, Matthews, Manfrotto, and Kupo. With Kupo being the more cost effective option if that’s a consideration. Otherwise these are all stands built to last.

      The Kupo 13′ Baby stand is aluminium and appears to have a decent 44″ (112cm) footprint. You can get aluminium Avenger stands from $150, though the footprint isn’t quite as wide until you get into larger higher priced versions.

      I have been trying to get Flashpoint to make a location stand with 3 telescopic legs, so they can have a really wide footprint when needed, and are fully adjustable for uneven terrain. Savage actually make a stand with telescopic legs already in their Multiflex Light Stands, but they are likely overkill for what most people need, and the legs also look a bit flimsy.

  3. Indy 11 months ago

    Cute design. The max height is nice but possibly a little frail for a heavy monolight around 5lbs.
    What is the problem for me is the collapsed length of 35 inches as opposed the Manfrotto nano at 29.5 inches

  4. David 11 months ago

    FH, the only problem with the extension head is the power loss 🙁

  5. Peter Ringenberg 11 months ago

    Is there a US distributor for these yet? Shipping costs from Germany make the price a little bit prohibitive. Or, paying nearly the same amount of shipping as for the stands them selves just doesn’t seem quite right…

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