PHOTTIX RAJA – Quick Folding Softboxes Announced



Phottix have announced the new Raja series of quick folding softboxes, built on a speedring combined with umbrella like framework, and including a push button locking mechanism for fast and easy set up and take down.

The Raja softbox series currently comprises, 65cm and 105cm regular depth octoboxes (though using 16 ribs), and 60cm and 80cm deep octas (again with 16 ribs).

As well as one 60cm x 60cm rectangular softbox.




The 60cm and 80cm Raja deep octoboxes are said to produce a more directional light with greater contrast than traditional softboxes, and with more even illumination.




The light can then be tuned further to your needs by adding and removing one or both included diffuser panels, or fabric grid.




A 60cm x 90cm rectangular softbox will also be available in the Raja line up.




The Raja softboxes are supplied with a Bowen’s S-type speedring insert.

Though inserts for Elinchrom, Profoto, and Balcar / Paul C Buff, are also available separately.




The Raja’s umbrella framework (with steel ribs) provides very fast and easy set up and take down.




With a large push button locking mechanism being easy on your fingers.




A protective fabric carry bag is also included with the Raja softboxes.




The Phottix Raja Quick Folding Softboxes availability has not yet been stated.

Though initial pricing on Amazon indicates from $72 for the 60cm x 90cm rectangular softbox, to $116 for the largest 105cm octobox.


Phottix – Website


  1. Ricardo 2 years ago

    I think the video needs to be re-mastered. No voice.

    Promising. I’m partial to Profoto softboxes but as with other softboxes, can be a hassle to setup and who hasn’t bent a rod yet? The advantage these have is their efficient and compact breakdown.

    Gotta give these Phottix units a try.

    • John Wilson 2 years ago

      The music is the oddest rendition of Pop Goes the Weasel I have ever heard.

      • David 2 years ago

        I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed this. Thought I was in the midst of a very bad and cheesy dream. This video is an embarrassment to phottix. Honestly, if you produce this quality of video, how good can your softbox be?

  2. Ken 2 years ago

    With so many deep para boxes out there, I personally think this one is a bad design. It can’t be mounted the indirectly which is one of the features of deep parabolix boxes.

    • DJ 2 years ago

      Like you said there are so many options , this doesn’t make it a bad design. Its another option, a very affordable option at that. Dont knock it until you’ve shot it. I cant wait to try these out. They’re just sold out everywhere.

  3. Smudgestick 2 years ago

    My 105 has arrived. The mechanism is strong – the first time I could have hurt the palm of my dominant hand on the (rounded) spike. Seems very well made and offers very even illumination. The Bowens S insert fits all my lights (not all earlier Phottix inserts did). Downward angulation is somewhat limited by the shape, so factor in requiring at least some sort of Mini Boom if you will require more than 30 degrees of depression. My inner diffusion layer borders on being a few mm too small – not sure yet whether or not I’ll need to DIY a solution requiring 16 white elastic bands – I like a challenge! Beautiful light and good flexibility in output/use.

    • Logan Egbert 2 years ago

      Does it look like there are screws to remove the Bowens mount insert and put another insert in, like say a profoto mount insert?

      • Smudgestick 2 years ago

        Hi, Yes the inserts can be swapped – but note that the flange diameter is 144mm not the more common 152 mm.

  4. Cameron Akin 2 years ago

    I would really love to buy a set of these! Any idea if or when or where they might sell?


    • Smudgestick 2 years ago

      Hi, My 105 was from Phottixstore. They may be struggling to meet demand – so keep checking. Trying the ‘Contact Us’ mechanism might help – though I’ve not found their communications to be their strongest suit.

  5. Jamesy 2 years ago

    Any thoughts on these vs the Godox P90L? I know this is a more rapid setup but how about built and light quality?

  6. Jamesy 2 years ago

    Any idea if these will be available through B+H or Amazon anytime soon?

  7. Dalbir Virdee 2 years ago

    Really interested in the deep parabolic softbox! Would love to test the quality of light and see how light weight they are.

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