PHOTTIX – SCOTT KELBY MITROS+ ODIN Portable Lighting KIT – Great Deal!

Scott Kelby and Phottix have put together a great portable lighting kit, a Mitros+ Odin combination, plus compact light stand and number of accessories for just $499.

This is great portable lighting kit with the excellent Odin and Mitros+ TTL and HSS radio system built in, all for the price of just a Canon or Nikon flash alone.

And if you were in the market for an Mitros+ / Odin combination already, you wan’t to be aware of this kit, because at $499 its $50 cheaper than the regular Mitros+ / Odin kit to start with. And then you get a stand number of good accessories as a bonus.

I got caught out with this myself, ordering the Mitros+ and the stand last week. A bonus Odin TCU thrown in sure would have been handy!


Phottix Scott Kelby Mitros+ Odin Kit


I have the accessories included (except for the bag and small softbox) and its all pretty decent gear, and an ideal lightweight and super compact portable lighting set.

I’m not sure who this Scott Kelby dood is [joking] but if he can throw all this in for less dollars, I’m starting to like him. If he could save $$ on a Multi Boom or HS Speed Mount II and softbox kit I’d like him even more [not joking].

In all seriousness though, this is great step forward. Just 6 months ago a regular Mitros flash and Odin TX / RX set would set you back $650 alone. Add the stand and accessories and it would be close to $800. The Mitros+ with Odin receiver built in are even more convenient now, and all for $499.

If you’re a Nikon owner interested in a solid TTL flash system, please see Dave Cheung’s Mitros+ Review as well –


Phottix Mitros+ Nikon Flash Review by Dave Cheung


Price and Availability –


The Phottix Scott Kelby Mitros+ Odin Portable Lighting Kit are available now for $499 –

Canon – B&H Photo, Adorama, Amazon, UK.

Nikon – B&H Photo, Adorama, Amazon, UK.


  1. Ahmed Agbabiaka 7 years ago

    This is an amazing price. If Phottix had some TTL/HSS receivers for off camera flash, i would go all in Phottix. In my opinion, that is the only thing missing from the Phottix line.

    So now i wait for the holy grail of TTL/HSS/Trigger Flash with compatible off camera TTL/HSS receivers.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Ahmed,

      You have me a little confused there, as Phottix have the Odin receivers which provide TTL and HSS.

      Phottix are currently the only company with a TTL radio flash which have the separate TTL receivers available.

      • ryan 7 years ago

        I have the Mitros+ for Nicolas and I do not have HSS on my controller or flash stamped on both in white letters as the down button. It states it on the box though.

        My hardware is 1.0.

        On the Odin controller I have the focus illumination button and the one pictured here is HSS button. I am confused as I bought this kit from an extremely reputable dealer and will probably take it back.

        Did I happen to get ripped off from Phottix buying the Kelby kit for the cheaper price?

  2. Ahmed 7 years ago

    You are correct. I forgot the Odin comes with a receiver with a shoe. Every time I see the Odin I only see the transmitter.

    Can you purchase the receivers separately?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Ahmed,

      Yes you can purchase Odin receivers separately, and the transmitter now separately as well.

  3. klaus lamers 7 years ago

    can this trigger my canon flash 580

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Klaus,

      Yes the Mitros+ or Odin transmitter will trigger the Canon 580EX and 580EX II, provided you attach an Odin receiver to the foot of the Canon flash. That provides full TTL, remote manual and HSS etc with the Canon EX flashes.

      Otherwise you can even use an inexpensive Strato II receiver if you just want to trigger the Canon flash with no remote control.

      That’s the great thing about the Odin / Mitros+ system, you can include your existing Canon EX flashes. Or even fire manual studio lights. Thanks.

  4. Sufjan 6 years ago

    Hello, Can i buy this kit for the sony A99 and what is the Price for shipping to Denmark?

    Maybe you have some dealers in Europe?

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