PHOTTIX – Spartan Beauty Dish Released



Phottix have released the new Spartan collapsible beauty dish and octobox combination, available in 50cm (20″) and 70cm (28″) versions.

The Spartan feature a soft white lining, removable internal reflector disk, and include 2 fabric diffuser panels and egg crate grid.

Although collapsible, the Spartan require assembly like a traditional octobox, and are compatible with Photox’s range of speed rings available for most popular modifier mounts, including Bowen’s, Elinchrom, Balcar, and Profoto etc.

(Note – Speed rings are sold separately).



The Spartan include inner and outer fabric diffuser panels, so the internal reflector disk can be removed and replaced by diffuser panels to create a traditional octobox.

An egg crate grid is also supplied to narrow the light pattern and help control spill when needed.







As well as mounting directly to studio lights, the Spartan Beauty Dishes can also be mounted with speedlites using the new Phottix Cerberus speedlight mount, with Bowen’s or Elinchrom modifier mount attached.

The Cerberus feature a spring loaded clamp which quickly and easily clamps the flash head in place.




Phottix also have their own Varos Pro BG umbrellas swivel to mount the Cerberus bracket to a light stand.

And with the Bowen’s or Elinchrom mount removed, the Cerberus bracket can also be used directly with pop up softboxes like the Phottix Transfolder.






The Phottix Spartan 50cm and 70cm Beauty Dishes are available now from the Phottix Store from $120, and are on there way to dealers –


Spartan Beauty Dish – Adorama, B&H Photo, Amazon, UK

Phottix Speed Rings – Adorama, B&H Photo, Amazon, UK


Cerberus Flash Mount – Adorama, B&H Photo, Amazon, UK

Varos Pro BG Swivel – Adorama, B&H Photo, Amazon, UK



Phottix – Website




  1. Ken tam 5 years ago

    8 poles … a bit old fashion

    • JL Williams 5 years ago

      Old-fashioned maybe, but probably necessary since they want to be compatible with their existing mount rings. Inserting 24 poles into a speeding wouldn’t be too speedy…

  2. nolan henley 5 years ago

    may not fit everyones needs, but if it is not really expensive this could be a good answer to not having grids available with the luna series of octas and beauty dishes. Do like!

  3. D 5 years ago

    Not even collapsable as advertised… cannot be quickly setup like the SMDV softboxes

  4. mmmfotografie 5 years ago

    I could admire almost nude girls in the NSFW video of this soft box but the information is a bit spartan by not showing a collapsed box.

  5. Motti Bembaron 5 years ago

    The Cerberus Flash Mount system is nowhere to be seen, probably got sued by Godox on the patent.

    I have three Godox mounts and although the one from Phottix has a nicer way to mount the flash, it was probably three times the price. I paid $22.00 CDN each (or $17.50 USD)

  6. Ben 5 years ago

    I am very interested in this modifier but none of the sellers in the links seem to carry it anymore (if they ever did) and B&H says they aren’t getting it back in stock. What gives?

    Still available for sale on the Phottix website, but the speed ring they show in the video has two holes for screwing in the rods for the reflector dish. The same part on their website and others does not show these holes anywhere so I’m concerned it will not work for this box.


  7. Kristoffer 4 years ago

    Does anyone know where I can find the Phottix Spartan 70cm in EU?
    Shipping + Customs + Taxes from the US will make it too expensive to get to Denmark 🙁

    • conor 4 years ago

      Wexphoto in uk

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