Phottix Strato TTL Trigger To Ship This Month

The Phottix Strato TTL trigger, first announced at Photokina last year, will start shipping this month.

Phottix Strato TTL are a simple, single group TTL trigger. They allow fast FEC adjustment from the transmitter’s built on LCD interface, HSS to 1/8000th, and Second Curtain Sync.

Strato TTL

The Strato TTL feature high build quality, and a low profile on the camera. A USB socket for firmware updates, Rx sync port for manual flash or studio lights, and a shutter release function.

Phottix Strato TTL


No TTL groups, ratios, or manual power setting are supported.

Compatibility is with the Phottix Strato II, Strato, and Atlas II manual triggers, but not the higher end Odin TTL triggers.

The coming Mitros + flagship flash unit with built in radio, will only simply be triggered via the Strato TTL transmitter. No remote control or TTL is available there.


Price and Availability –

Price is yet to be announced, but you can expect considerably less than the bigger brother Odin TTL triggers.

The Canon version Strato TTL will be available mid October in the Phottix store and various retailers.

Nikon and Sony versions will eventually follow.


  1. Silver 7 years ago

    It only compatible with 1Dx? What about 7D or 5D or any other camera or models?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Silver,

      I’m not quite sure what you’re referring to there. The Strato TTL are compatible with all ETTL II Canon DSLR’s as far as I know.

      There is mention of an “optimization mode” for 1Dx Cameras. That is because the 1Dx requires different software to other Canon cameras. But that does not exclude other cameras from being compatible. Thanks.

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