PHOTTIX – TRITON II – Manual Flash Triggers Announced



Phottix have announced new budget friendly 2.4GHz Triton II manual flash triggers.

The universal single firing pin triggers will be compatible with most cameras, and fire most hotshoe flashes, or studio lights attached via sync cord.

The Triton II do not provide any remote power control, though 4 flash groups can be turned on and off remotely from the transmitter.

Range is stated as a respectable 150 meters.

The Triton II are also compatible with Phottix Strato II on channels 1 – 4. And therefore compatible with all the Phottix flashes providing Strato II radio receiver mode built inside, like the Indra500 / 360 and Mitros+.

Also compatible with the Sekonic L-478DR-PX light meter for Phottix, and coming meters like the L-858D.





• LCD Display on Transmitter and Receiver
• 16 Channels (Strato II compatibility on channels 1-4)
• 4 Groups, A-D
• Digital ID Codes (0000 – 9999)
• 150m Range
• 3.5mm cable and adapter included for use with studio lights


The Triton II provide 16 channels. The first four channels compatible with the Phottix Strato II Receivers, and can be used to trigger Phottix products such as the Mitros+ and Indra series of studio lights with built-in Strato II receivers.

The Digital ID function provides secure triggering. No one else can trigger your flashes unless using your four-digit Digital ID code.



Frequency: 2.4GHz
Range: Approx. 150M
Groups: 4 Groups – A, B, C, D
Channels: 16 Channels
Max Sync Speed: 1/250 sec*
Output: Hot shoe, 3.5mm
Power: 2 x AA Batteries





The Phottix Tritron II are expected to be available from November 2016, with a suggested retail price of $99 for a transmitter and receiver set.


Phottix – Website


  1. PeterA 3 years ago

    Why no mention of the Odin? Odin is Stratos II compatible. Will it trigger the Triton II? 🙂

    • SmudgeStick 3 years ago

      Hopefully we can assume that for the channels Odin TCUs cover, a Triton Rx will respond. And like a Strato II Rx it will respect an early ‘HS’ trigger instruction too.

  2. PeterA 3 years ago

    Hopefully, Odin & Odin II will work with the Triton II. My fear that the channel protocols for channels 1-4 have changed using the Digital ID Codes. It’s possible that they are the reason the Odin i & Odin II are not compatible on channels 5-16. I fear they have now messed up compatibility on 1-4 for this unit.

    Looks like we’ll need a complex compatibility “chart”, with colors and arrows, for Phottix triggers/flashes like we now need for the old/new Godox triggers.

  3. Joe Peschi 3 years ago

    The buttons look quite cheap…like the ones on my air conditioner remote from the 90’s. Why would someone get these over the Yongnuo’s?

  4. Mark 3 years ago

    What is wrong with the Strato II?

    • SmudgeStick 3 years ago

      Nothing wrong with Strato IIs – I like mine. Strato IIs are brand specific, only four channels & lack the ID feature. The ID feature is one area that Phottix have been weak on. Build quality, range & reliability is likely to be excellent. It would be nice to know the latency of this system.

  5. Smudgestick 2 years ago

    @23-02-2017 are these now to be known as Ares II? – looks like it.

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