PHOTTIX – Varos H-Mount – & Xmas Discounts



Phottix have released the Varos H-Mount Plat and Strap, a CNC machined alloy horizontal mounting plate with elastic strap for speedlites.

The H-Mount allows the flash head to be mounted closer to the center of an umbrella for more even coverage, and also removes any stress or tension from the flash foot.

Which is also particularly helpful if hotshoe mounted radio triggers are attached to the flash foot as well.


Phottix Varos H Mount


With the flash attached by elastic, should the unfortunate happen and a light stand fall over, its also likely the flash and shoe mount radio triggers may stand a better chance of escaping without major damage.


Phottix Varos H Mount



The Varos H-Mount can be mounted to any umbrella swivel like the Varos II BG shown above, which accept a standard 5/8″ stud (stud is included with the H-Mount Plate).

And the H-Mount Plates also have standard 1/4″ 20 threaded mounting holes in the base.



Phottix Varos H Mount


The Varos H-Mount Plates also come included with the Phottix HS Speed Mount II Bowens type accessory mounting brackets. Though the 5/8″ stud is not included with the HS Speed Mount II bracket.

I would also personally recommend using a small piece of anti-slip placemat or tablecloth rubber between the flash and he mount like this, to hold the flash in place very securely.




Phottix have also released an interesting hinged style Hot Shoe Gel Set for speedlites.

The Phottix Hot Shoe Gel Sets comes with 30 special effects colored gels. And you could likely slide your own color correction gels sheets in as needed as well.


Phottix Gel Set


What make the Hot Shoe Gel Sets interesting though is the hinged design, allowing them to double as an adjustable bounce card (or even barndoor / flag).

A silver / black card is also included, though again you could easily add your own regular white bounce card as needed.


Phottix Gel Set



Phottix also have a new 85cm silver version of the popular Luna beauty dish, and a range of new VLED video LED light panels.




Phottix also have 10% OFF all products in the new PHOTTIX ONLINE STORE until the 31st of December 2014.

Just us the code XMAS2014 at checkout


Phottix Varos H-Mount are $22 before discount.

Phottix Hot Shoe Gel Set are $21 before discount.



  1. ron 4 years ago

    they are charging $17 shipping on their site!

  2. Craig 4 years ago

    Sweet! I had previously asked them if they would sell just that part from the HS Speed Mount II, but they wanted $30 for it (shipped). I hope Amazon or BH carries it soon because $30 seems too much but $22 sounds more reasonable to me.

  3. hussey 4 years ago

    Ouch, the shipping charges are too much for me! $43 on my potential order of 3 items.

  4. Donald 4 years ago

    How is this mount any better than the Godox S mount? I see no advantage of this mount at all. It’s inferior in every way.

    • David Beecher 4 years ago

      The H Mount is designed for use with an umbrella or an umbrella box style diffuser.
      With the flash closer to the axis of the umbrella/box shaft, the flash beam hits the center of the umbrella/box providing an even reflection of light.

      The Godox S mount is designed for Bowens type modifiers. While it has an umbrella shaft hole, it’s several inches off the axis of the umbrella/box shaft.

      One advantage the H Mount has is it’s more compact than the Godox S mount.

      Glad to see this in production, been using a DIY version for about 8 months with pleasing results.

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