Pixel King PRO and King X – ETTL & HSS Triggers Released

Pixel HK have released specifications and images of their new 3rd generation ETTL and HSS enabled King PRO transceiver and King X receiver, now boasting an impressive 300 meter range!


Final images of the new interface reveal a back-lit dot matrix LCD display, which may not be quite as pretty as the previous regular LCD graphic indicated, though the dot matrix allows the possibility to make infinite changes to the display. This may become very handy down the track considering the King PRO have a USB port for firmware updates, and possible function changes and upgrades.

As previously indicated there are 3 groups which can now be adjusted very quickly directly on the transmitter interface, instead of digging through the camera flash control menus like the current Kings (for Canon). And most importantly any group can be set to ETTL or Manual, and they can be mixed together at the same time.


Pixel King Pro

The new King PRO transmitter unit is actually a transceiver, meaning it can operate as both a transmitter and receiver, though it looks as though the King PRO will be made available once again as a conventional transmitter and receiver set.

The new receiver is named the King X, and Pixel have confirmed that it will have the same function as the current King receivers, only the range will be reduced to some degree (down from the huge 300m quoted for the Pro and X combination). As discussed recently Pixel’s intention has been to have the current King receivers be directly compatible with the new Pro X transmitter, and Pixel have confirmed this is something they are actually still currently working hard to accomplish.

Pixel King Pro

Without the added interface the Pro X receiver is a slightly thinner and lower profile unit than the PRO transmitter. Another update over the current King is the new individual group selection buttons, which are a much better concept than the current “scrolling through group combinations” method. Its nice to see Pixel have listened regarding the dislike of scrolling groups and channels etc.

Although not mentioned in the specs, the Pass through hotshoe on top of King Pro transmitter is now enabled, which is another big advantage over the current Canon Kings. This allows a full ETTL flash to be used in ETTL (or manual) on camera, while other slave flashes are also controlled off camera.


It may not be all good news with the new King PRO though. Pixel still insist on retaining the outdated PC sync port (when just about every other radio trigger has moved on to more reliable mini phone ports), and also the small locking rings remain. So attaching and removing the transmitter is likely not going to be any more enjoyable than it currently is.

Pixel King Pro

That’s all fairly minor though, compared to what appears to be the complete omission of any focus assist light on the transmitter unit at all this time. Instead of refining the current focus assist light, Pixel appear to have abandoned it altogether. Which really is a shame, as for some people the AF light is a necessity. You can pretty much blame Canon for setting the example there, dropping the AF assist light from the ST-E2 to the current ST-E3 controller.


Apart from the added range, the specs remain similar to those previously see. Though power is stated as continuous work time now, which may indicate battery life has been improved. As that is another thing that has been an issue with the current Kings.

Model King Pro – King X
Wireless System Digital FSK 2.4GHz
Range Up to 300m
Channels 15 fixed channels and 1 auto channel
Receiver Output TTL hot shoe, cable sync port
Power Transmitter: 2 AA batteries (100 hrs) (continuous work)
Receiver: 2 AA batteries (120 hrs) (continuous work)
Flash Mode E-TTL, TTL, M (for Canon)
i-TTL, TTL, M, Multi flash (for Nikon)
Mixed Mode Support Mixed Mode (Such as, TTL in Group A, Manual in Group B)
EV Support different EV addition/subtraction of each TTL group setting
Ratios Supports output light ratios
Sync Mode 1st curtain, 2nd curtain, High Speed Sync, Red-eye reduction
Group Control 3 groups (7 different combinations)
Function Supports flash zooming, focal length, Iso, shutter speed, FV lock and FP
Sync Speed 1/8000 second
Compatible Flash Flashgun, Studio light and outdoor light
Firmware Support Upgrade the device by downloading new firmware online


There’s no question the King PRO are a major upgrade from the current Kings. The inbuilt user interface should be one of the fastest, while simplifying operation considerably, and bringing the Kings closer in line with the current alternatives. It should be interesting to see how the new King Pro now operates. Provided all goes well the King Pro and King X should be available within the next month. Pricing is not yet available.

The main currently available alternatives are the Phottix OdinPocketWizard AC3 with TT1/5, and the Canon ST-e3 & 600EX-RT flash. Though the inexpensive YongNuo YN-622C without an inbuilt interface are also very popular.

Pixel Website

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  1. Brian Hursey 6 years ago

    Wow those look impressive.

  2. Dedi 6 years ago

    I want this so badly. But Nikon. I’m sure it will take a long time. Maybe I have to go with the yn622n and su800.

  3. plevyadophy 6 years ago



    Having the AF Assist Lamp is/would have been THE biggest selling point and reason to buy this kit over the original Canon.

    It’s just plain daft to my mind not to have an AF Assist (and I scratch my head continuously when I look at Canon’s new(ish) ST-E3 and wonder who the fool was who thought it a grand idea not to have an AF Assist Lamp).

    So these Pixels have no major attraction over sticking with the safe option of buying the Canon kit (other than the facts of course, that the Pixel will be cheaper and will work with one’s existing flashguns)

  4. Craig 6 years ago

    RE pc sync vs mini phone port.

    I lost a reciever last week on a beach because I grabbed the stand and made a dash to a better vantage point. As I was going the movement popped the mini phone lead out. Receivers are often just dangling from the top of the stand and a mini phone is vulnerable to dropping out.

    Ok, it’s a bit more fiddly to get on buy in reality it rarely comes off its speedlight. At least pc sync isn’t going anywhere as easily so maybe this is where they’re coming from?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Craig,

      Yeah the problem though is the PC sync connection has always been a problematic and unreliable connection. That’s not to say everyone has problems all of the time, but overall its the cause of a lot of problems. The screwlock version helps as that is one of the contacts, but even then overall its just no where near as reliable as a simple miniphone plug. And that helps with sync cords too. I know some people do prefer the the PC sync, but I’d say they’re well outnumbers now. Thanks.

  5. Scott B. 6 years ago

    I have the original Pixel King set up. 1 Trans. and 2 recvrs.. I also like the fact that they have the AF assist light on the Transmitter. Why in hell would Pixel not put an AF assist light on the new King models !?! And another thing…. why 2 different names ? Why is the Trans. called Pixel King Pro and the Receivers called Pixel King X ??

    • plevyadophy 6 years ago

      @ Scott B,

      Do you find the AF assist light of your original Pixel King to be effective; I mean (1) is the AF light beam spread good to cover more than just the centre AF sensor, (2) does the AF light’s beam always line up nicely with your cam’s AF sensor, and (3) what of AF light’s beam distance?

      Thanks in advance.


  6. plevyadophy 6 years ago

    @ Scott B,

    Do you find the AF assist light of your original Pixel King to be effective; I mean is the AF light beam spread good to cover more than just the centre AF sensor, does the AF light’s beam always line up nicely with your cam’s AF sensor, and what of AF light’s beam distance?

    Thanks in advance.


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