PIXEL SONNON DL-913 – Hybrid LED with KING PRO Receiver

Pixel HK have released a larger version of their Sonnon LED light panels, and this time with a flash mode, and a King Pro compatible receiver built in!

The Sonnon DL-913 is a 308 LED panel, 1600LM, and power of 16.8 watts maximum, and 25 watts maximum in flash mode. With a stated CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 85%+.

Pixel Sonnon DL-913


The DL-913 is a continuous light for video and photography, but also features a flash mode which boosts the light output from 16.8 to 25 watts, which I would expect would equate to around 2/3rds of a stop of extra light.

The Manfrotto Maxima Hybrid LED lights in comparison boost the output 4 times (or 2 stops) in flash mode, but then they have a lower continuous light output to start with.

The DL-913 has a regular 3.5mm sync socket to trigger the flash mode, but also a 2.4GHz Pixel King Pro compatible receiver built in. So no external receiver or sync cord is needed if you already use the King Pro triggers.

Though I don’t expect there would be any remote power control of the DL-913 with the King Pro transmitter, just a simple fire signal. There is no mention of Canon or Nikon compatible versions either, so I would expect both Canon and Nikon King Pro transmitters should be able to fire the DL-913’s flash mode.


Pixel Sonnon DL-913


The Pixel Sonnon series LED panels also feature a 2.4GHz radio transceiver system used to group them together, so that power levels of a whole group of panels can be changed from just the one unit (with 28 increments of fine adjustment on the power dial).

The is mainly designed so that a number of panels can be joined together into a larger light source. You only have to adjust the power level of one panel then, instead of individually adjusting all the panels in the group. And there are 3 separate groups available.

Although this is generally designed for the panels to be stacked right next to each other, the 2.4GHz radio is actually capable of 100 Meter + range. There is no separate remote transmitter unit available, though you can use one light close by to adjust the others remotely.


Pixel Sonnon DL-913


Power options include 8 AA batteries, or the more likely option of 2 standard 7.2 volt Sony NP-F570 etc Lithium-Ion video batteries.

And there is also a 9V-14V DC socket for mains power. Though the power supply cord/adapter would be optional.


Pixel Sonnon DL-913


Unlike the previous smaller Sonnor LED panels, the new DL-913 now has barn doors available. Though theses may be an optional extra.


Pixel Sonnon DL-913


A neutral diffuser panel, and tungsten color correction panel are included.


Pixel Sonnon DL-913


Specs –

Pixel Sonnon DL-913


The DL-913 is looking like a very interesting light, particularity for those that use the Pixel King Pro already.

I have a coupe of the smaller 108 LED Sonnon DL-912 and often use them as small modelling lights. They’re fairly bright, and the DL-913 should be around 3 times as bright, and then with another boost again in flash mode. That should make them quite usable as combined flash and video lights.

And at around just $85 each you can afford to stack a few together for a larger light source and more light output.


Price and Availability –


The Pixel Sonnon DL-913 are available from around $80.

Eachsot have them listed here with -6% discount.

Ebay and AmazonUK.


Pixel – Website

  1. Jacques 5 years ago

    Size & weight? Not listed on Pixel site.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Yes there’s no size and weight specs provided unfortunately.

      Extrapolating from my DL-912, the DL-913 would have to be very close to 6″ x 8″ (150mm x 200mm).

      [ EDIT – size is 230mm x 155mm x 40mm, and weight is 615grams. ]

      • the Flasher 5 years ago

        “Extrapolating from my DL-912, the DL-913 would have to be very close to 6″ x 8″ (150cm x 200cm).”

        one too many zeros, i think! or is it 6ft x 8ft? 🙂

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 5 years ago

          Oops, thanks for that, 150mm x 200mm 🙂

        • Eric 5 years ago

          the size is 23*15.5*4 cm ,I just got it from a China ebay store. Only $89

          • Author
            Flash Havoc 5 years ago

            Ok great thanks Eric!

    • Eric 5 years ago

      the size is 23*15.5*4 cm ,net weight is 0.615KG,I just got it from a China ebay store. Only $89,here is the link: Ebay Link

  2. the Flasher 5 years ago

    this is an interesting product, I have some yongnuo 300 led video lights but this product with radio power control and groups looks like it is a better product.

    I’ll be browsing ebay looking for a good deal…

  3. Meddin Studios 5 years ago

    Cool option for guys that jump between video and photo. Also great for venues that don’t want flash but need some really simple fill lighting just to bump exposure. $75 is a steal. Wish Godox would make cheap receivers that allow basic triggering from their CL-Tx so these could augment Cheetahs.

    How big are they if used on camera? I’m thinking of getting one as a model/focus light that is timed with the flashes. Could be interesting.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      There is no size spec provided, but they would have to be pretty close to 6″ x 8″, going by the DL-912 I have here.

      Probably around the largest you would generally use on camera I would think.

      That’s an interesting thought about the CL-TX. You can always use Cells II at the moment for separate receiver units. Its pity Godox don’t have some smaller receiver units available at this stage though.

      • Eric 5 years ago

        the size is 23*15.5*4 cm ,I just got it from a China ebay store.

  4. Eric 5 years ago

    I bought it from here,only $89.but with out light barrier and batteries and power adapter.
    it can be controlled by King Pro and other flash trigger,but can not use King Pro to adjust the brightness, you can use one light to control other`s lights brightness.
    $89 for this light,it is very cheap.
    Ebay Link

  5. Luke 5 years ago

    I recently purchased this video light for product and portrait photography but I’m finding it to be far too bright. It’s possible that I have a defective unit, but I was hoping someone else on here might also own one of these.

    The user’s manual claims that the power dial has 30 stages of brightness, but mine only seems to have the top eight stages. It’s either incredibly bright or insanely bright. 🙁

    Has anybody else had this problem?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Luke,

      I haven’t had a chance to experiment with them a lot yet, but I do recall having a similar issue. I think I just ran the dial back and forward a number of times until the power level did start going right down.

      I was playing with all the other functions, but I think it was just working the dial that made is adjust lower eventually. They are strange dials though. Hopefully yours will come good as well. Thanks.

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