PIXEL TD-386 – Lithium-ion Power Pack Announced




Pixel HK have announced the sleek new pocket sized Lithium-ion powered TD-386 external flash power pack, with compatible cords available for Canon, Nikon, and Sony speedlites.

The TD-386 may be compact in size, though the 7.4V 5200mAh packs still provide up to an impressive 1000 full power pops, and 1.5 second recycle time with full size speedlites.




Combined with Pixels recently announced X900 Speedlites, the TD-386 can even power the X900 completely without any batteries needed inside the flash.


The TD-386 are Pixel’s first Lithium-ion powered battery pack, though Pixel are definitely not new to external high voltage battery packs.

With the 8 x AA powered Pixel TD-381 being one of the most successful third party AA packs available for over half a decade now.

So its no surprise Pixel would want to offer something special with the TD-386, and that comes in the form of an ultra compact unit, wrapped in a sleek anodized aluminium case.




To put that compact size into perspective, you only have to look at a rough comparison with Godox’s popular PB820s Lithium-ion packs –

(Weight is also just 310 grams vs 502 grams).



The TD-386’s minimalist design offers a single flash power port, charging port, LED battery level indicators, and an ON/OFF switch.




The TD-386 provide interchangeable flash power cords, currently available for Canon, Nikon, and Sony speedlites.

(So unlike the previous Pixel AA packs you don’t need a different pack for each flash model).

And Pixel have importantly managed to include a screw lock design, avoiding the common problem of cords being accidentally pulled out of the pack.




As well as the high voltage 330V output, used to directly recharge a flashes capacitor, the TD-386 also provide a 5.5V 0.8A power source, used to power the interface of flashes like Pixel’s X900.

(And therefore larger bare bulb flash units which commonly require the 5.5V output to power their interface may (theoretically) work with the TD-386 as well).


With a supplied USB socket adapter, the TD-386 also provide a 5V 1A output, which can then be used to recharge your iPhone and iPad etc.




Making the TD-386 also a compact travel power supply for these devices.










The Pixel TD-386 power packs are available now from approx $89 –

Amazon, UKEbay

Pixel HK – Website


  1. Peter A 1 year ago

    Finally! An HV pack that’s small & light enough to not be a hassle to work with and carry all day! About time! 🙂

  2. pwp 1 year ago

    The Pixel looks like a cool little battery. It’s probably pocket sized. But I have always valued the belt clip on Quantum Turbo batteries and most recently a pair of Propac PB 960’s which continue to astound me with it’s deep capacity and useful twin outlets.

  3. Adam Palmer 1 year ago

    I like packs that fit in my pocket. I haven’t been using my pb 960 with my shoe mount flashes because the bulk of it bugs me. I sometimes will use an 8 battery pack but it is a hassle to load and unload all the time. Can’t wait until this ships.

  4. Vince 1 year ago

    Thank you for your follow up re: compatible cord for Pixel X800N Standard flash

  5. Vince 1 year ago

    The new Pixel TD-386-Lithium-ion power pack looks perfect so I’m going to wait
    until it becomes available.

  6. Bruce 1 year ago

    Any indication as to when Pixel might be releasing this product?

  7. Vince 12 months ago

    Can you please inform me of when the Pixel TD-386 Lithium-ion power pack will be available to purchase
    in Canada.

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