PIXEL – X800N – for Nikon Coming – Reviewers Wanted

Pixel X800N


Pixel HK are soon to release their first ITTL Nikon DSLR compatible speedlite in the X800N Standard.

And they are now looking for professional photographers to test and review the new flash.


If you are interested in this, please send the below details to support@pixelhk.com


1. What model of camera do you use? (Nikon only)
2. Which flash models do you already own?
3. Do you have your own webpage or blog to share the product news?
4. Where are you from?
5. What languages you can write?
6. Have you ever posted any product reviews before? Please provide the link for reference.
7. Personal information (including name/age/email address etc.)
8. We require you to write a report after using our new product.
9. Your Facebook /Youtube/ Twitter /Instagram / 500px / Flickr account

E-mail Subject: Pixel X800N beta tester request

Quota: 20 units.


Please Note – The X800N speedlite for Nikon will eventually be available in 2 versions, the X800N Standard, and X800N Pro which will include built in 2.4GHz radio transceivers compatible with the existing King Pro TTL triggers for Nikon.

The test review units on offer here first are the X800N Standard (without built in radio transceiver).


Pixel – Website.



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  1. nick lamendola 5 years ago

    I have a YN568EXII Nikon version flash and recently ran into an issue with using it remotely on a flash bracket. I have a Nikon cable where it won’t work at all, and a Vivitar cable where it sometimes work. It stopped working in the middle of a shoot, I mounted the flash on the camera and it all worked OK. Afterwards I did a software reset on the flash and it started working again w/ the Vivitar cable. It never works at all with the Nikon SC-17 cable. By never works, I mean it will trigger the flash, but the TTL functionality does not work (flash power does not change when I change aperture), and the A -assist LED does not turn on.

    I’m not happy with the explanation I’m getting from Yongnou, they say the AF-assist will only work with flash mounted on the camera. This makes no sense to me, how does the flash know it mounted on a camera or to a remote TTL cable? This smacks of a inherent design flaw. I’m think it might have something to do with the length of the cable. I only need a very short cable for my flash bracket, but they all are much longer.

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