PIXELSTICK – LED Light Painting Evolved

If you haven’t seen the Pixelstick LED light painting wand on Kickstarter yet, this thing is simply incredible. And there’s just a few days left to grab one at a reduced price, and before they will be available in any retail launch.



LED light painting is nothing new, and as impressive as the effects can be, with limited variation possible its likely to become a bit cliched over time (if it hasn’t already).

Bitbanger Labs from New York USA have taken the concept to a completely new level though. The Pixelstick can be simply programmed to paint any image you can get onto your computer screen and (through the simple software provided) into the Pixelstick. So the results are infinitely variable, and literally only limited by your imagination!


Photographers are always looking for ways to create a unique effect nobody else has (yet). But with a bit of thought and creativity with what you programmed into the Pixelstick, it would be possible to create images and effects that no one else has. I don’t think Bitbanger Labs have even shown the tip of the iceberg as to what could be possible with the Pixelstick.

While the Kickstart campaign is still running you can pick up a complete Pixelstick kit for $300.

Pixelstick Kit


Otherwise if you would like to start experimenting with some light wand painting very cheaply, you can simply gaffa tape some inexpensive LED torches to a stick, or even glow sticks are really inexpensive (though disposable after one night/use). 12v car cold cathode tubes are another popular option for making a DIY light wand.

Just set the camera to a long shutter exposure and start experimenting. Its easy to add flash in as well, just pop off a flash using the test fire button to light the subject, any time the while shutter is open or the subject is ready.


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