POCKETWIZARD – FLEX TT5 For Panasonic – Announced

PocketWizard TT5 Panasonic


PocketWizard have announced a new version of their Flex TT5 Control TL radio triggers for Panasonic Cameras.

Previously available for Canon and Nikon, the Flex TT5 for Panasonic now providing off camera remote power control, TTL, and HSS to 1/8000th, via radio, with Panasonic cameras and Lumix speedlights.

A the time of release support is only for the one Panasonic GH4 camera model, though PocketWizard intend to expand the range of compatible cameras later through user enabled firmware updates.


PocketWizard TT5 Panasonic


Again initially only the Panasonic Lumix DMW-FL360L, and DMW-FL580L, flash units are supported for full TTL compatibility.




Though the Flex TT5 for Panasonic will also communicate with various PocketWizard enabled studio flash units from Profoto, Dynalite, Norman, Photogenic, and Paul C Buff.

And PocketWizard’s HyperSync feature will also be possible with various studio lights, allowing higher camera shutter speeds where suitable.



For event photographers the Flex TT5 also allow a TTL enabled flash can also be mounted on camera, while remote flashes are controlled off camera.


PocketWizard TT5 Panasonic



The PocketWizard Flex TT5 for Panasonic are available for pre-order now from $186 each.

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PocketWizard – Website


  1. andy 2 years ago

    I’m pleased to see Pocket wizard aren’t giving up on the Flex system.

  2. Miles Matsumoto 2 years ago

    Good to hear that someone is doing something for MFT. I recently picked up a GX-85 and was hoping for an option to control the power levels of off camera speedlites (nikon, godox). This will be a great option if it works for non-GH4s. Even though I own them I don’t love the Flex system, tho- connection dropping and clunky group controller. I’d like to hear folks experience with it.

  3. Ricardo 2 years ago

    It’s great to have flash systems being made for 4/3 cameras but I just one thing to say about this one: damn that big!

    No way I would plop that enormous transceiver on my camera. At $186, I consider it a big pricey too.

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