NEW – PocketWizard Hotshoe Cord HSFM3

PocketWizard have release their first hotshoe cord, with the new HSFM3 hotshoe cord to 3.5mm mono miniphone plug.

The new hotshoe cord provides a way to connect speedlites without a PC sync port, to manual radio triggers like the PocketWizard Plus X and Plus III, which do not have a hotshoe built in.

PocketWizard HSFM3C

The HSFM3 hotshoe cord features a solid and simple design, with locking pin hole on top, and locking ring with plastic foot underneath. The most secure way to mount them though will undoubtedly be via the 1/4″ 20 threaded mounting hole underneath.

The cord is 3′ (91cm) long, and has a standard 3.5mm mono miniphone right angle plug.

PocketWizard HSFM3C


Many speedlites, even like the popular Canon 430EX II and Nikon SB-700, still do not have a basic PC sync port built in. So the flash foot is the only way to connect them to a radio trigger. Some people even prefer using a hotshoe even when there is a sync port available, as the traditional PC sync port sockets can be pretty unreliable sometimes.

PocketWizard HSFM3C


The new hotshoe cord is part of a revamp of the many existing Pocketwizard cords, and they have tried to provide a simplified description and compatibility chart of the many cords here.

As mentioned the PocketWizard manual radio triggers do not currently provide any built in hotshoes. Its was surprising the recent entry level $99 Plus X trigger still did not offer a basic built in hotshoe.

PocketWizard Plus X

Rival US based radio trigger manufacturer Radiopopper have recently capitalized on this lack of hotshoe, with the release of the $69 Radiopopper Nano with hotshoe built in to the receiver. This probably goes some way to explaining why the PocketWizard have released some form of hotshoe solution now. But the combined cord and Plus X receiver is then nearly double the price of the new Nano receiver.

Nevertheless a good solid hotshoe cord with well designed hotshoe, plugs, and cord strain relief etc, will be very welcome to many PocketWizard owners, and other radio trigger owners as well.


Price and Availability

The PocketWizard HSFM3 hotshoe cord is available now from around $36 – AmazonB&H PhotoAdorama

The PocketWizard Plus X are available for $99 – AmazonB&H Photo –  Adorama is also a good source for mono miniphone splitters, and alternative hotshoe cords.


  1. Marcel 7 years ago

    Nice, but I had that cord already from LumoPro:

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Thanks Marcel,

      I wasn’t aware of that one. I can’t quite tell for sure, but it doesn’t appear to have the locking pin hole though? Thanks.

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