POCKETWIZARD MultiMAX II – Transceiver Released

PocketWizard MultiMAX II


PocketWizard have reintroduced their MultiMAX advanced radio transceivers, in the form the new MultiMAX II, now offering more features, a new look, and a lower price tag.

The original MultiMAX were particularly popular with sports photographers, requiring solid range and reliability for remote camera and flash triggering at various sporting events and crowded venues.

The MultiMAX for example are one of the few flash triggers available capable of firing a number of remote cameras in sync with the same set of strobes.

PocketWizard MultiMAX II


And MutliMAX II functions have been extended further to include Remote Manual Power Control for ControlTL capable lights, in 3 zones.

As well as increased intervalometer capability for time lapse photography, and SpeedCycler function increased to allow sequential firing of up to 16 cameras or strobes.


PocketWizard MultiMAX II


Please see the PocketWizard website, and video below for more details on the many advanced functions available with the new MultiMAX II.






The PocketWizard MultiMAX II transceivers are available now for $229 each –

Adorama, Amazon, UK, B&H PhotoEbay


PocketWizard – Website


  1. Paul H. 2 years ago

    Too little, too late. The market for these products has drastically shrunk in the past five years and, while they’ll occupy a niche for awhile longer, PW has not adapted.

    • Motti 2 years ago

      Agree. And for $229??? Seriously?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 2 years ago

      I’m not really aware of any other options that fill this niche for serious sports photographers etc who want to set up remote cameras and flashes at sporting venues etc.

      When people ask how they can sync remote cameras with the same set of strobes, second hand MultiMAX was the only main option I was aware of that are capable of doing that by providing adjustment for the various shutter lag.

      It appears spending money on new hardware was not particularly viable though.

  2. mmmfotografie 2 years ago

    Also you can use it in challenging situations with many other photographers.


  3. Tim 2 years ago

    Cactus V6 and V6II also support triggering of multiple cameras and flashes in sync. I didn’t hear anything in the video that the Cactus triggers cannot do. They may even have a feature (sports shutter) that the PWs don’t have. Group cycling is limited to four groups, though.

    • Tim 2 years ago

      Correction: The Cactus triggers do not support an intervalometer. So they don’t cover all of the PW’s functionality. But sports shooters shouldn’t miss that.

  4. Allen R 6 months ago

    Will the MultiMax ii work with a Canon 1Dx ii?

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