PocketWizard Plus III – Now Available

PocketWizard Plus III

The new PocketWizard Plus III are about to hit the shelves, with an elegant new body, extended range, more features, and a lower price tag.

They now have a more compact design with smaller integrated antenna, a great looking back lit LCD panel and new buttons.


  • 32 Channels (up from 4)
  • Quad Zones A, B, C, D (or 4 groups as most call them) on channels 17 – 32
  • Tx and Rx Only modes (as well as the original auto sensing Tx-Rx mode)
  • LR (Long Range Mode) – doubles the range but halves the sync speed
  • RP (Repeater Mode) – passes on the signal from one unit to the next increasing range
  • HSR (High Speed Receive Mode) – triggering flashes or cameras up to 14.5fps (up from 12fps)
  • Two Stage Shutter release button – for half and full shutter press
  • USB port for firmware updates


The new screen and buttons may suggest extra functions like TTL, or remote manual power setting may be possible, but that is not the case. The Plus III are still completely manual triggers, and that has been their strong point for a long time.

As much as it would be nice to see features like remote manual power control or even a hotshoe included, we wouldn’t want anything to compromise the Plus III as a simple solid manual trigger either. As David Hobby points out the omission of a hotshoe was likely due to previous issues with the Canon flashes, and a hotshoe would also change the orientation of the antenna likely reducing range as well.

I think a significant part of the Plus III release is actually the price reduction. Or more the combination of price reduction and added features and appeal of the Plus III, which will result in a drop in price of the current Plus II units on the second hand market.

If the Plus II do settle around $80 second hand as some people have speculated, that provides a considerably more affordable entry into the premier system, or an inexpensive receiver option for all those extra cheap speedlights we collect these days that are only used occasionally. So in some ways there is a second new product available out of the Plus III release, the cheaper entry level Plus II.




The Plus III are now available for $149 –

Amazon  B&H Photo  Adorama


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  1. Zimmie 8 years ago

    Nothing against David Hobby, but he’s no RF engineer. The PocketWizard Plus III uses a helical antenna with very tight coil spacing. That makes them pretty position-insensitive, especially in environments with RF-reflective surfaces like walls, girders or a concrete slab foundation beneath you. It’s about as close to a real omnidirectional antenna as you can get. Far closer than an ordinary dipole, which is what most people mean when they say “omnidirectional”. The only way to get a more omnidirectional antenna actually involves mixing multiple antennas like two dipoles in different orientations.

    RF interference from Canon’s high-frequency inverter could certainly cause problems, but the antenna orientation is not a reason not to have a hotshoe.

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