POCKETWIZARD – Plus IV Transceivers Announced

PocketWizard Plus IV


PocketWizard have announce the Plus IV transceiver, a new low profile version of the current Plus III, now providing an integrated hotshoe for direct speedlight mounting.

The Plus IV Transceivers contain all the features of the Plus III, and will be sold alongside the Plus III rather than replacing them, so customers can choose their preferred option, or mix and match as needed.

When used as receiver units the Plus IV provide simple direct mounting for most speedlights. Where the previous Plus units always required an extra hotshoe cord (or sync cord if the flash contained a sync port).


PocketWizard Plus IV


When used as a transmitter, the hotshoe on top of the Plus IV Transceiver will allow full TTL communication to be conveyed through from the camera to a TTL speedlight mounted on top.

This works with most Canon, Nikon, and Panasonic cameras and flashes. And although testing is not complete at the time of writing this, PocketWizard are optimistic this will work with some Fuji, and Olympus gear as well.

So in practice an on-camera flash can be used with full TTL, while off-camera flashes set to manual power levels are also fired reliably via radio.

PocketWizard Plus IV Transceivers do NOT transmit TTL signals to slave flashes though, they are manual triggers only.

PocketWizard Plus IV


Like the Plus III, the new Plus IV provide Quad Zone Triggering, which allows 4 groups of slave flash units to be quickly switched on and off directly from the transmitter on the camera.

Simply pressing the group button, A, B, C , or D, quickly turns that group on or off.

The interface and backlit LCD screen are also now facing the operator, which should provide easier access than the Plus III units which have the interface located on the side of the transceiver.


PocketWizard Plus IV




  • TTL Pass Through Hotshoe – For Canon, Nikon, Panasonic (& Likely Fuji & Olympus)
  • Hotshoe for Direct Speedlight Mounting On Receivers
  • 32 Channels
  • Quad Zones A, B, C, D (On Channels 17 – 32)
  • Tx and Rx Only Modes (& Auto Sensing Tx-Rx Mode)
  • LR (Long Range Mode) – Doubles The Range But Halves The Sync Speed
  • RP (Repeater Mode) – Passes On The Signal From One Unit To The Next Increasing Range
  • HSR (High Speed Receive Mode) – Triggering Flashes Or Cameras Up To 14.5fps
  • Shutter Release Function
  • Backlit LCD Display Interface
  • Soft Touch Keypad Buttons
  • Two Stage Shutter Release Button
  • USB Port For Firmware Updates
  • Metal Foot
  • Powered by Standard AA Batteries



The Plus IV’s integrated hotshoe uses multiple contacts to allow TTL communication to be conveyed through while using multiple camera brands.

For receiver use the standard ISO compatible hot shoe can accommodate most speedlights for simple manual triggering, including newer Sony models.

PocketWizard Plus IV


Ports and switches are all located on the one side for easy access. The Sync / Shutter port again uses the reliable 3.5mm miniphone socket.


PocketWizard Plus IV


As with all PocketWizard radio triggers, the Plus IV Transceivers are compatible with all other current PocketWizard radio triggers and PocketWizard enabled devices.

PocketWizard radio transceivers are integrated into selected Profoto, Dynalite, Norman and Photogenic flash systems and Sekonic light meters




The PocketWizard Plus IV Transceivers are expected to be available in January 2016.

Pricing is expected to match the Plus III Transceivers (which are currently $149 each).


PocketWizard – Website

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