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Relatively young German studio light manufacturer Priolite are once again leading the way by introducing 2.4GHz wireless High Shutter Speed capability for Pentax DSLR and Medium format cameras.

HSS enabled Pentax cameras now being compatible with Priolite’s 2.4GHz wireless HotSync MBX 500 and MBX 1000 Lithium-ion battery powered all in one portable studio lights. As well as the M-Pack 1000Ws pack and head system.

Pentax compatibility also now brings wireless High Shutter Speed technology to medium format cameras, with the Pentax 645Z providing shutter speeds up to 1/4000th with the Priolite HotSync system.




Priolite the company was formed in 2009 by former Hensel director Joachim Renschke.

And Priolite were one of the first manufacturers to provide all in one (completely cordless) Bowens mount portable studio light with removable Lithium-ion battery, and 2.4GHz radio transceiver built inside.

(The design also clearly inspiring the now increasingly popular Chinese Jinbei HD 600 / Rovelights etc).



In 2014 Priolite stepped up again providing HotSync enabled version of the lights in the MBX 500MBX 1000, and M-Pack 1000.

(Being powerful 500Ws and 1000Ws units respectively as the names indicate).

With a HotSync remote transmitter unit now dedicated for Canon or Nikon DSLR systems.

The HotSync mode on the flashes providing a long flash duration of around 1/200th (t0.5), being long enough to act as a constant light source while the cameras shutter is open. And therefore generally making it possible to shoot at any shutter speed up to the cameras maximum.




And with the latest release Priolite have now added a Pentax version of the RC/HS HotSync remote control, compatible with Pentax DSLR and Medium format cameras (enabled with HSS capability).

The Priolite HotSync remote provides remote manual power control in 1/10th stops, as well as remotely controlling nearly all functions of the Priolite lights.

Features include 4 groups (teams) of lights, with each team allowing up to 9 lights to be adjusted individually within the team.

There is also fast individual or global power adjustment (allowing all lights to be quickly adjusted up or down while retaining the same ratio).

Remote modeling light power control is provided. And working range is stated as up to a very respectable 300 meters.



High Shutter Speeds allows the speed and freedom of working without dark ND filters on the camera lens when trying to achieve wide apertures and narrow depth of field (bokeh) for nice portraits etc in bright ambient light.

Higher shutter speeds can also help to freeze movement when shooting in bright ambient light though, which is something ND filters and low shutters speeds can not help with.


Priolite Pentax HSS


Commercial Photographer Alex Munoz talks about the Priolite HotSync and Pentax 645Z medium format system –




The Priolite system does not currently provide any automatic TTL metering like the Profoto B1 or Phottix Indra etc provide, only HotSync capability.

Though providing the pre-sync signal required for HSS requires decoding much of the same TTL signals from the camera. And this is a significant development for any major lighting manufacture to move beyond dedicated compatibility with Canon, Nikon or Sony (who generally hold the majority of camera sales).

So this development may also be the first ray of hope of lighting manufactures expanding into other systems (like Fuji, Olympus/Panasonic etc) for radio based wireless HSS and TTL eventually as well.




In the USA the Priolite for Pentax are available now, please see – for more details.

US General Pricing –

HotSync Starter Kit – Special Introductory Offer – $1970.00
RC-HS/P for Pentax Cameras, – $273.00
US MBX 500 Hot Sync – $1,971.00
US MBX 1000 Hot Sync – $2,286.00
US M-Pack 1000 Hot Sync – $2,286.00


Priolite – Pentax HSS

Priolite – USA Website

Priloite – Europe Website




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