New PROFOTO – RFI Speedlight Speedring for Dual Flash

Profoto have announced a new Dual Flash version of their 100502 RFI Speedlight Speedring, for mounting speedlights to regular softboxes.

The new speedring bracket is designed for mounting Profoto RFI softoboxes, though they should also be compatible with most regular profession grade softboxes which use fairly standard rods.

PROFOTO RFI Speedlight Speedring

The brackets new rear upright and crossbar allows for the mounting of 2 flash units laying horizontally. With adjustment for flash height, and depth into the speedring.

A couple of extra clamping coldshoes also allow for the mounting of radio triggers (Profoto Air triggers shown).

PROFOTO RFI Speedlight Speedring

And single flash mounting is also still possible –

PROFOTO RFI Speedlight Speedring

The new RFI looks to be a very impressive bracket now, though its probably no surprise that I would like it.

The integrated swivel looks like a very good design which would clamp a lot of weight easily. And the rotating speedring allows easy rotation of the softbox from portrait to landscape. Softbox rod holes are even color coded for easy assembly of different shape softboxes, from octa to strip boxes.



Reflectors –

Profoto have also expanded into more light modifiers, releasing a range of 10 new pop open reflectors with nice big handle grips (5 medium, and 5 large).

 Profoto Reflectors


Price and Availability –

The 100520 RFI Speedlight Speedring retails around $175 –

Amazon,  B&H Photo,  Adorama


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  1. Dave 5 years ago

    Is there way of attaching my 100x100cm rotalux softbox to your RFI Speedlight Speedring for Dual Flash
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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