RADIOPOPPER – Sekonic Light Meter Module – Now Avaialble

US based radio trigger manufacturer Radiopopper have released a radio module compatible with a number of popular Sekonic light meters.

This new module allows Radiopopper receivers to be fired directly via Sekonic light meters, allowing for very fast and easy meter readings.


Radiopopper Sekonic Module


The Radiopopper module simply inserts into the battery compartment in compatible Sekonic meters, and will trigger any of Radiopoppers 16 channels.

Channel selection is then easily made through the Sekonic meters menu system.


Radiopopper Sekonic Module


The new RadioPopper Sekonic Module is compatible with Sekonic L-358, L-758D, L-758DR, L-758Cine, and C-500R light meters.

And the module will trigger the basic manual Radiopopper Nano and remote manual JrX receivers.

Radiopopper Nano RX

Radiopopper PX – UPDATE – Less than a week after release Radiopopper have removed any reference to compatibility with PX receivers. The Radioppoper Sekonic module was originally stated as compatible with PX receivers when used for Canon (no mention of Nikon), but now only JRX and Nano receivers are stated as compatible.

So there may still be some possible limited use with PX units used for Canon, though its not clear exactly what that would be. And Radiopopper obviously feel this is too limited to be considered compatible.


Radiopopper PX


Another interesting point here is that the Radiopopper module does not appear to be a collaboration with Sekonic.

While PocketWizard have partnered with Sekonic for a number of years, and the recent L-478DR touch screen meters have the PocketWizard transmitter built in (not only firing the flashes, but offering remote control functions).

So the latest L-478D and L-478DR meters do not allow for separate radio modules, effectively blocking out third party modules like Radiopopper have now produced. Nevertheless the professional standard L-758 meters are still current and very popular.

Could we possibly see other trigger manufactures follow suit and produce Sekonic compatible modules as well now? A few clever people have even made a DIY YongNuo version in the past.


Radiopopper are also offering a “REFIT” mail in rebate of up to $20 on each Radiopopper Nano unit purchased, after purchasing a Radiopopper Sekonic module.


Radiopopper Nano


Price and Avialaiblity


The Radiopopper Sekonic module is now available for $69.95 –

Amazon, UK, Adorama, B&H PhotoRadiopopper.

Radiopopper Nano – Amazon, UKB&H PhotoAdorama


Radiopopper – Website.

  1. Brian Hursey 7 years ago

    Very cool they were able to do this. It would be cool if some how the module technology could be opened up so other manufactures could also create modules.

  2. dan s 6 years ago

    If I understand it correctly, the Sekonic Light Meter Module just fires the flashes and will not activate the shutter release. If I put a yongnuo rf-603ii in the hot shoe of a Radiopopper Nano, could I fire my youngnuo 560-III’s, with a Sekonic Light Meter & radio popper module? I asked a similar question earlier about the pocketwizard module and PlusX, but it didn’t have the hot shoe.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Dan,

      Yes that should work. As mentioned in the post though, you are more limited to the light meter choice with Radiopopper.

      You should be able to use a YN560-TX instead of the RF-603 II as well, as that would allow you to turn YN-560 III groups on and off to meter them separately. Actually the new RF-605 will allow you to do that as well.

  3. Santosh Kumar T K 6 years ago

    Hi FlashHavoc,

    This may be not the most appropriate place to ask this but I had no other option.

    What are the best budget alternatives to Sekonic light meters for flash/strobe photography? I would really appreciate any pointers in this direction.

    Thank you!

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