Rikon Dazzne Flash Light – First Chinese Flash with Built In Radio Triggers?

Its not often we spot a new camera accessory with such an appealing design, let alone a third party Chinese one. But the Dazzne “Flash Light” from Chinese photo accessory company Rikon certainly looks the part. And its not just a pretty face, taking a closer look, someone who actually understands what photographers need has made a very conscious effort to improve the functionality over the big name brand versions.

Rikon Dazzne Flash Light

Looking at the Rikon below, side by side with the current flasgship Canon 600EX-RT on the left, and Nikon SB-910 on the right, its easy to see the Rikon design has a taken a little inspiration from both.

The first thing you likely notice is the size of the LCD screen, I’m not even sure if I have scaled the Rikon’s size up correctly to match the others, but that would only mean the screen would get even larger.

The Canon and Nikon now use a dot matrix LCD display, which doesn’t quite have the sharp clarity of the traditional LCD screens, but means they have infinite control of what can be displayed.


Canon / Rikon / Nikon

Likely of more significance is the extra thumb-wheel size compared to the others. I can’t speak so much for for Nikon, but its always been frustrating how fiddly the Canon flash interface is. And that’s considerably more important now that its used as as serious radio master unit. With the Rikon they have clearly made a conscious effort to try and improve on that.


Is there actually more to the Rikon Flash Light though? – notice the Rikon also has a similar LED as the Canon “LINK” indicator.


Canon Rikon LINK


Is this just emulating a similar design, or could there actually be a radio receiver, or even transmitter and receiver, built into the Rikon, similar to the Canon 600EX-RT !?

From the listed features bellow, No.2 – ” Support Multi Flash, the First from China to support Multi-mode Manual Flash”

There are already a number of Chinese flashes that support stroboscopic Multi Mode, that’s not even vaguely new, so surely this has to be something new.

And No. 12 – “Support Dazzne Wireless Flash System” – which at this point is only the KODY TTL trigger previewed HERE.

UPDATE – Rikon have now confirmed the Dazzne “Flash Light”  is designed with the intentions of supporting build in radio triggers, but the flash is only in concept stages, so its yet to be determined whether this will be possible in practice. Optic wireless  master and slave function will be a definite inclusion. As will compatibility with the Kody TTL triggers/receivers.


Stated features –

  1. Large Size LCD Display for easy viewing and setting flash functions.
  2. Support Multi Flash, the First from China to support Multi-mode Manual Flash.
  3. Electrical Zoom Function, through the operation of zoom and adjust the button on the flash, let the head of the lamp cover the focal length movements between 24 ~ 105mm.
  4. Voice Prompts, Turn on Voice Prompts function and different voice to point out different work status of flash, allowing you to concentrate on shooting.
  5. Equipped with an external power outlet to meet your higher demand for the power return.
  6. With standard PC Sync Port, using a PC Sync Cord to let the Flashgun flash synchronously.
  7. Speedy Power Return System, you can also use an external charging box to once again, accelerate the recycling time.
  8. Power Saving Mode, under the Power Saving Mode, the Flash will be dormant and automatic shutdown quickly; will not sleep in Non-saving Mode, the Flash will idle longer time before automatic shutdown.
  9. Can automatically save your current operating settings, convenient for you to use next time.
  10. Improved Panel Button design, sensitive operation, better hand-feel.
  11. Metal texture for Hot Shoe Interface.
  12. Support Dazzne Wireless Flash System
  13. Support TTL High Speed Sync Flash
  14. Flash Index 58%


Likely Translation –

  1. Large Size LCD Display for easy viewing and setting flash functions. [ yes it is BIG! ]
  2. Support Multi Flash, the First from China to support Multi-mode Manual Flash. [ UPDATE – yes this is built in radio triggers if possible ]
  3. Power Flash Head Zoom Function,  24 ~ 105mm.
  4. Voice Prompts [ no voice, just sound prompts, which is still very handy ]
  5. External High Voltage Battery Port (Canon or Nikon type port?)
  6. Standard traditional PC Sync Port
  7. Speedy Power Return System [ see point 5 ]
  8. Power Saving Modes, can be turned on and off.
  9. Can automatically save your current operating settings, convenient for you to use next time.
  10. Improved Panel Button design, sensitive operation, better hand-feel. [ yes BIG wheel! ]
  11. Metal Flash Foot.
  12. Support Dazzne Wireless Flash System [ Kody TTL ]
  13. Support TTL High Speed Sync Flash
  14. Guide No. 58 at iso 100, 105mm zoom.


Rikon Dazzne KODY TTL


At this point the only physical evidence of the Rikon Flash Light is just that 3D rendered image, and posters of the same image on the wall of the Rikon stand, at the Photokina expo in Germany in September. But if you look closely at the images seen here there is actually a flash unit in the front display case. Was this actually the Dazzne Flash Light already displayed?

Rikon Stand

Rikon Stand Flash


So it will be very interesting to see what the Dazzne Flash Light, and Kody TTL actually have to offer. The Kody should not be far away now, so maybe the flash is not either. EDIT – Kody is now available, the Flash Light is only in concept stages.


Built in radio or not, this just highlights the need to consider carefully which brand you’re buying into now, mixing third party gear is already the source of most issues, but these brands are also likely to become more proprietary systems as they grow.

Currently YongNuo is the inexpensive HSS flash option with the YongNuo YN-568EX (aprox $170 -$200),

And the Phottix Mitros (aprox $300-$350), coming soon, is likely the higher quality option (for flash and triggers). The Mitros definitely has a USB port for firmware updates which make it a better long term investment. There is no mention of USB port on the Rikon, and YongNuo doesn’t support them at all at this stage.



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  1. the flasher 7 years ago

    With all the latest releases my money is on Yongnuo coming out with the perfect flash….. something like the new Godox Witstro flash but with TTL control and built in 2.4ghz RX and compatible with its 622c TX with HSS and external power input…..ahhh I can dream….

  2. JS 7 years ago

    when this are going to be available on U.S.A.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi There,

      This flash is still in development, its not available anywhere as yet. It should be available through the year at some point, so hopefully we will get more updates as this is getting closer.

  3. Ian 6 years ago

    will they fit sony camers

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Ian,

      They are still in development, but there is a good chance there will be a Sony version, as the company that makes these already have Sony TTL triggers. Thanks.

  4. robert 6 years ago

    im glad there are more and more 3rd party companies making products that compete with Nikon and Canon. I think paying $550 for a flash is crazy. when I bought my flashes back then the SB28 were around $280. what the hell did they put it to warrant a 100%+ increase in price. also with lenses. such price jumps that make you say WTF?!

    yes theres more tech inside but thats with all tech. but its like smartphones. this years new phone gets sold for the same the previous model got sold when it was introduced.

    grips flashes, tns of accessories, and even lenses that seem to have upped the quality like the 18-35 f1.8 from sigma.

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