ROBOSHOOT – TTL Triggers for Fuji X Announced



Serene Automation, a small US based company, have developed the RoboSHOOT series TTL radio triggers for Fuji X series cameras.

And they are now taking pre-orders for the first small production run scheduled for October, with expected delivery around December 2015.

At this stage RoboSHOOT may be the first and only TTL radio triggers available for Fuji X series mirrorless cameras.



The 2.56 GHz RoboSHOOT TTL triggers not only provide off camera TTL with dedicated Fuji flash units, Nikon I-TTL flash units like th SB-910 etc are also supported with TTL via the higher model RoboSHOOT triggers.

And other third party flashes are expected to be added in the future.




  • Off-camera radio based triggers with Full TTL on all shoes
  • TTL Support for Nikon, Fujifilm, and third party Speedlights
  • TTL Pass Through Hotshoe on the Transmitter
  • Flash Exposure Lock
  • Instant Flash Enable/Disable
  • Fully Automatic and Manual control of Flash Power
  • Fully Automatic and Manual control of Flash Zoom
  • Four Flash Groups
  • Four Profiles
  • Profile Selection and Bracketing
  • Remote Shutter Release
  • Intervalometer
  • Timer
  • High Speed Capture
  • External Sensor based triggering
  • Supports more than 16 Slave Units simultaneously
  • App control (iOS and Android)


Note: Above capabilities depend on RoboSHOOT model. The RX-15 does NOT support Nikon Speedlights.



RoboSHOOT triggers are currently offered in 2 varieties –


MX-15 / RX-15

MX-15 / RX-15 are the more economical base model RoboSHOOT transmitter and receivers, and will provide wireless TTL with all Fuji X cameras, and Fuji’s own TTL flash units (currently 3 models available, as well as the Nissin I40).


MX-20 / RX-20

MX-20/ RX-20 are currently the top end RoboSHOOT transmitter and receivers, adding significant extra features over the base model MX-15 / RX-15 above. Some of these extra features include –

  • An app for iOS and Android devices to trigger and control the flash units. This provides, remote manual power control, remote zoom, AE – lock, groups, profiles. And camera remote control, timer, intervalometer etc.
  • Support for Nikon I-TTL flashes


If the complete MX-20 / RX-20 set may be a little to rich for your liking, then its also possible to mix the RX-15 transmitter with RX-20 receiver units.

This allows the more serious Nikon I-TTL flashes to still be used with full TTL, though without the app control and other less used advanced features of the MX-20 transmitter.


TTL Flash units currently supported are tabled below –




The RoboSHOOT app provides quick acces to common features like turning groups on and off, flash zoom control, and remote manual power control.

There are also numerous other advanced features available as well.




Its not completely clear what the RoboSHOOT support in the way of High Speed Sync, though photographer Mehrdad Samak-Abedi, in his RoboSHOOT review here, has reported achieving 1/2000s using the Fuji X100T camera, and Nikon SB-900 flash with RoboSHOOT MX-20 / RX-20 triggers.

Though its not really clear how this higher shutter speed was actually achieved, or if this will work with any other Fuji X cameras.


The RoboSHOOT receivers can be attached to larger manual studio strobes via sync cord. Though the strobes must have a trigger voltage bellow 6 volts, otherwise the receiver units may be damaged.




Camera Support – X-T1, X-Pro1, X100t, XE-1 tested Designed for all X-Series
Camera Modes – Any mode supporting external flash except ‘Commander’
Exposure Modes –  True TTL and Manual
Flash Groups –  4 Groups +/- 3 ev
Communications – Wireless 2.56GHz Radio with Error Correction
Dimensions –  3.3 x 1.7 x 0.9 in + 0.5 (84 x 43 x 23 mm + 13 mm)
Bare Weight – 2 oz (56 g)
Batteries – 2 AAA NiMH or Alkaline




The first small production run of RoboSHOOT triggers are available for pre-orders now, with production scheduled for October, and expected delivery around December 2015.

MX-15 / RX-15 set – $199

MX-15 / RX-20 set – $229

MX-20 / RX-20 set – $299

Pre-Orders are currently available from the RoboSHOOT Store, or from Serene Automation on Ebay.


At this stage the RoboSHOOT triggers will only be produced in small batches as pre-order number are reached.


RoboSHOOT – Website




  1. Earle 5 years ago

    Here’s hoping these work out well. I know several Fuji shooters who are looking for something like this.

  2. Piet 5 years ago

    Re: what the triggers support in terms of high-speed sync: the X100 just happens to have a leaf shutter that lets you sync at 1/2000 of a second. So, the triggers don’t necessarily support high-speed-sync. They do seem to support high (normal) sync speeds.
    I would be very surprised that they could do the same on a Fuji X-T1 for example, as the sync speed of this camera is limited to 1/180th (1/200th in a pinch) and Fuji themselves have not added High Speed Sync support for it. I always thought that HSS had to be ‘enabled’ or ‘provided’ by the camera maker before third party manufacturers of triggers or speedlights could actually do anything with it?

  3. Nevel 5 years ago

    Judging by the amount of comments im guessing not many fuji shooters. I know a pro photog who had all pro gear. Sold it all and moved to fuji xt1. I wondered if he took his pills before doing that

  4. Chris 4 years ago

    So, I am not sure if these will do HSS, but I’m willing to test them out and provide a review. I have an X-Pro2 and X-T1 with Nikon speedlights and Godox strobes that are capable of HSS. The X-100T can do HSS because it has a leaf shutter and I don’t know if it had anything to do with these triggers. You can send me a set and I’ll test them and if they work as advertised I’ll buy a set. If not, I’ll return them in the same condition they arrived in. Thanks. Chris Bergstrom

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