ROUNDFLASH – Dish Now Avialable

Roundflash Dish


RoundFlash, makers of the pop up Ring flash modifier, now also have a more compact RoundFlash Dish speedlight modifier available, and they have been receiving some good reviews recently by a number of users.

If you’re very quick B&H Photo also currently have $20 off the regular RoundFlash Dish price.


Roundflash Dish


At 45cm (17.5″) in diameter, the RoundFlash Dishes are definitely one of the larger modifiers available which can attach directly to a speedlite head (without any extra brackets etc).

The Dishes are also just 22cm (8.7″) deep, which is great news for many wedding and even photographers.


Roundflash Dish


And the unique hyprid beauty dish / softbox design with reflective interior surface provides an even illumination across the diffuser face, even with this very shallow and compact design.

The Roundflash Dishes attach directly to the speedlight head with a simple adjustable Velcro strap.


RoundFlash Dish


And most importantly the RoundFlash Dishes pop open quickly, and also fold into a very compact and lightweight package.


Roundflash Dish


The video from RoundFlash below shows how quickly the Dishes are set up and folded again –






If you may not be familiar with RoundFlash already, they are also the company originally behind the very unique pop up / collapsible RoundFlash Ring, ringlight style speedlight diffuser.

The RoundFlash Ring can be used on camera for that unique ringflash style lighting, or also off camera as a regular softbox (albeit with a slight hole in the centre).


RoundFlash RING




The latest RoundFlash Dishes now provide a slightly more simple, compact, and lightweight alternative (without the ringlight function).




The RoundFlash Dish and Ring are available now from around $69 –

(And if you’re quick B&H Photo have $20 off).

Amazon, UK, Ebay, B&H Photo.


RoundFlash Ring –

Amazon, UK, Ebay, Adorama, B&H Photo.


RoundFlash – Website.


  1. Michael 6 years ago

    The black hole in the middle is pure snake oil without any practical use (unless one considers a ring reflection instead of a circular reflection useful). The real advantage of a good beauty dish (even center and distinctive falloff) cannot be achieved with this thing. It is nothing but a simple pop-up diffusor. I prefer the ones by david Honl – they don’t come with the backdraft of that black point in eye reflections.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Michael,

      I think the reflector disc has a very practical purpose. Its bouncing the light back allowing the softbox to be very shallow while still producing an even coverage across the diffuser face.

      The deeper the softbox is the harder its going to be to support it directly on a speedlight head.

      The beauty dish term is being used very loosely, but as a small softbox for run and gun use this looks like a very clever design. The Fstoppers guys where only just saying recently that it wasn’t practical to make their design much larger for example.

  2. Donald 6 years ago

    Yes, It’s a 44cm circular softbox. It’s very lightweight. Internally it has a silvered conical reflector facing the Speedlite’s fresnesl lens. Its overall volume is small for its surface area and internally the light is well spread across the diffusion surface.

    I like mine!

  3. george 6 years ago

    great product !! A bit pricey but I have a thing on making my gear lighter and faster.

  4. Ricardo 6 years ago

    Nice option if you need something uber-portable.

  5. Jeff 6 years ago

    For anyone who has this, can you tell me if it flops around when hand-held by you or an assistant? i.e. can it be used on an event shoot easily, or will it tend to flop around and irritate you or almost fall off? Also, if somebody walks into it, does it have any sharp edges? I currently use the Fstoppers Flashdisc for this sort of thing, and/or a shoot-through umbrella, looking for a larger light source than the very nice FlashDisc, but hopefully as hand-holdeable, and not likely the spiky umbrellas…. Thanks

  6. Donald 6 years ago

    Hi Jeff, It’s not spikey at all. The cuff has a non-slip lining and the velcro strap passes through a buckle before cinching down – so it grips a Speedlite head as well as anything I’ve come across. It works well on a bracket but it’s too large if the Speedlite is in the camera’s hot-shoe.

  7. Isaac 6 years ago

    Love the original Roundflash ring. I’m very interested in getting this one too, but I don’t see the B&H $20 off? It still shows $75 without any discount offered.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Isaac,

      Unfortunately the B&H offer ended the 20th of November.

  8. Georgy 6 years ago

    It costs more then 2/3 of SHANNY ttl flash. LoL 🙂

  9. Kwan 6 years ago

    69.99 on ebay.

  10. george 6 years ago

    well I just got one seems to be nicely made and grips on the speed light secure enough.I think it is a good purchase if weight and bulk is your concern

  11. Marcus Y 6 years ago

    I have a dumb question about the roundflash ring – would it work with a barebulb witstro sitting on top of the camera?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Sorry I’m not too sure about that. I would assume there is a 45 degree mirror like reflector mounted in front of the flash head, so it may depend how well the Witstro head and bulb fits in there.

      I’m sure you could likely DIY a reflector to fit if needed and you’re keen, though I’m really not sure what’s required without having one here at this stage.

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