SHANNY – Decides Against Ongoing YongNuo Support



In a change of marketing strategy popular Chinese flash and radio trigger manufacturer Shanny have decided against providing ongoing compatibility support for YongNuo and other third party products.

Shanny now preferring to concentrate development time on their own product range and ongoing Canon and Nikon compatibility.

Shanny may not have actually previously pledged a commitment to ongoing support for third party products, though current compatibility with the YongNuo YN-622C had been described as a feature of a number of their flash models (and discussed widely in the reviews etc on this site).

With the recent situation of YongNuo updating 2015 YN-622C units, leaving the current Shanny SN600SC flashes no longer compatible, Shanny have now made a clear decision not to spend time chasing compatibility with other continually changing third party products.




In practice there will likely still be compatibility between the 2 brands in many situations. Its just that you would be mixing these at your own risk, and Shanny will not take responsibility for any issues or bugs found when combining other third party gear.

(Which is much the same situation with other third party brands already).

Shanny will be informing their dealers that they now only provide compatibility support for original Canon and Nikon products.


Shanny – Flash & Trigger Models

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  1. Shlomi Cohen 6 years ago

    Interesting. Do you have any info on what the updates are on the 2015 models of the 622c?

    I do understand Shanny’s decision, eventually they have to do their own thing and not chase Yongnuo around. But this might be a risky decision, as the YN622C units have had quite some time to get established in the market and have pretty much become the leading trigger system for many.
    If Shanny decides to not be compatible with that, they would have to work even harder to prove themselves over Yongnuo, to convince users to jump ship and switch to Shanny products completely.

    In my experience, the SN-E3-RF from Shanny has had it’s own share of problems, and it seems too unreliable to me. So this isn’t a good sign to start off with.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Shlomi,

      The main functional change to the updated YN-622C is the direct compatibility mode with the remote manual YN560-TX transmitter units.

      No doubt YongNuo would have likely taken the opportunity to update hardware and software adding increased stability etc as well.

      Personally I don’t think its a bad decision for Shanny to concentrate resources on their own products instead of chasing YongNuo. Though I think Shanny are in too much of a rush, and making a lot of bad decisions which will likely (and ironically) take a long time to recover from now.

      Their RF system is something they can, and likely will, have a lot of control over, and features to come. Though it may take a long time to get established when the market is more focused on the RT system now.

      At this stage we have two very capable companies, unfortunately with a lot of half finished systems still needing refinement.

  2. Reginald 6 years ago

    Glad I returned my Shanny flash for the Yongnuo 600EX-RT. Whew!

  3. mmmfotografie 6 years ago

    I am still using my trusty Pocketwizards and dedicated triggers for the Godox flash because of not liking what Yougnuo did a while ago, this is a response by Shanny to this.

    The fragmentation of the offered flashes and trigger systems and that they are made incompatible to each other makes me not buying them. If they want to have a chance they fist have to agree on a compatible receiver protocol and interface.

  4. Tony M 6 years ago

    This really makes sense, and only adds to the stability of the device. Canon and Nikon certainly don’t worry about compatibility with 3rd party products, and I doubt Yongnuo is concentrating on anything but their own products and Canon/Nikon compatibility.

    If I were going to invest in one of these brands based on my Canon products, I sure wouldn’t start mixing and matching assuming compatibility between Yongnuo and Shanny. Rather I would buy based on whether those products communicated properly with my Canon equipment. By doing this, I can still buy both products with no issues.

    It’s not like you can’t leave Yongnuo and Shanny together in the same room because they’ll start a fight!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Tony,

      With continual updates from both companies its becoming a nightmare just trying to keep up with what is and isn’t currently compatible, let alone for Shanny trying to rectify the issues. So it does make sense to me for Shanny to concentrate on their own products.

      Companies like Godox have also gotten a major kickstart from being conscious of YN-622 popularity and compatibility with the V860, though now that Godox have their own TTL triggers coming I wouldn’t be surprised to see the same conclusions. Phottix and Pixel having their own well established TTL triggers have not even entertained YN-622 compatibility.

      Mixing third party gear is by far the thing I get most enquirers about though, and its understandable with YongNuo’s YN-568EX becoming pretty dated now.

      Regardless of what anyone says though, many people will still be mixing third party gear when possible. I think its helpfull that Shanny have at least clarified their position and intentions with this though.

  5. tomK 6 years ago

    “popular Chinese flash and radio trigger manufacturer Shanny have decided against providing ongoing compatibility support”

    Maybe change out ‘popular’ for ’emerging’ — I’ve never seen a Shanny product beyond photos on the internet, so we might be reaching here.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Tom,

      Time flies, though Shanny have actually been around for a while now, so its getting hard to describe them as a new company anymore.

      When I say popular I’m only going by enquiries towards their products, and in that regard they have a major jump over more well established brands like Meike, Oloong, and Triopo etc.

      The Shanny flash units themselves are pretty impressive compared to the alternatives, as badphoto mentions the recycle time below.

      Shanny see themselves as a superior option to comparably priced alternatives, and in some ways that is no doubt true. Though YongNuo are currently ahead in a number of areas of extended functionality etc.

  6. badphoto 6 years ago

    Hi Elv,

    The one major thing for Shanny (I did have the 600sc for a while) is the under 2 secs full manual recycle with 4 Eneloops that none of the others can, including Canon.

    Shouldn’t the trigger (Yongnuo 622) chase compatibility with the flash, Canon and others, and not the other way around?

    Rather, I think a more valid question should be, why are both Yongnuo and Shanny (both triggers and flashes) compatible with Canon but not between themselves? Even if each adding its various functions not available on Canon, there should be a core set of functions, with Canon as the model, that have across the board compatibility between Shanny and Yongnuo, and of course, Canon. Logically speaking, right? Your thoughts?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi badphoto,

      Compatibility really depends on how close the third party options follow the original Canon or Nikon protocols. If everyone had access to the original protocols all the systems would be compatible.

      The problem is third partys need to reverse engineer the original protocols themselves, and simply making their products work with the original Canon and Nikon products can be hard enough. So they may use some unconventional methods in areas just to achieve that.

      For another third party to then try and bridge a number of slightly different protocols together becomes increasingly difficult.

      Regarding triggers, or YN-622 chasing compatibility with other third party flash units, there is absolutely no chance of that. The YN-622 are the most established in the market, and that is YongNuo’s competitive advantage. So its not in their interest to help others with compatibility, just as Canon and Nikon will continually devise methods to lock third party’s out.

      I’m surprised we currently have Canon RT compatible units available with such close design to the current Canon flashes, though its pretty obvious from Canon patents filed that they are setting up more significant future hurdles for third parties to overcome in the future.

  7. mmmfotografie 6 years ago

    The flash connected to the trigger identifies itself so that the right matrix of settings are used by the transmitter.

    Personally I had my 1D MK IV act up after a firmware update and I only could use the 7D settings in my PocketWizards and not the 1D MK IV anymore. PW exchanged all my PW stuff to no avail. I know one person that has also the same expierince and maybe many others who are using the wrong settings on purpose to have a working combination

  8. Eric 6 years ago

    With the recent price drop on the 600EX-RT plus this, my decision just became a whole lot easier. I’m an original 7D owner, and I was considering:

    YN600EX-RT units + YN-E3-RT
    + RT compatibility with 7d
    – mediocre recycle time and questionable quality issues (battery drain, etc.)

    Shanny 600C-RT units + unknown Shanny transmitter or YN-E3-RT
    + Fast recycle time, good reviews
    – questionable compatibility, now stated as none.

    Looks like I’ll be going with the Yongnuo option and rolling the dice on hardware issues.

    • Nick 6 years ago

      What do you mean by: ” questionable compatibility,” in regards to the Shanny flash?
      Are you only referring to compatibility with Yongnuo’s product?

      The Shanny transmitter I guess would be the SN-E3-RT mixing in a Yongnou transmitter with a Shanny flash seems a bad idea.

  9. badphoto 6 years ago

    Hi Elv
    Hi Elv

    I understand your points. However, for the professional, the core, no-frills, universal functions that should be concentrated on are not much:
    1. Reliable range (can’t be blamed on Canon or OEM)
    2. Remote manual power control, even for Mk 1 flashes
    3. HSS
    4. Reliable center pin, dummy triggering and reception.

    Anything more than that can be lucky compatiblity bonus. You might even argue for wireless TTL features like GR mixed mode, but the above are die-hard, do anywhere basic functions.

  10. Markthetog 6 years ago

    I have been using Godox products a lot lately (V-850, V860, Wistro) and love the way they integrate the receivers as a clip-on device. It allows for replacement, upgrade and uses the power from the flash.
    No more worries about receiver AAAs AND transmitter AAs. Only have to keep AAs on hand.

    I hate corded solutions for their additional point of failure and I dislike built-in solutions for their lack of replaceability in case of failure.

  11. Rich 6 years ago

    Well I am vested in the 622n triggers and had been awaiting the SN600SN to try out. I just seen them this evening on eBay but due to the possibility of not functioning with the Yongnuo triggers I may go a different route.

  12. Yuppa 6 years ago

    I own the new 622Cs and an older SN600SC and they work fine together. So rather than saying Shanny will no longer chase comparability, they should just tell the truth and admit they’ve REMOVED compatibility.

    Hey, Shanny and Yonguo. Stick to the RT (Canon) protocol and stop blocking each other in THAT realm (get together, share notes, and treat it like an open source standard).

    Regarding Shanny’s proprietary (RF) space, who cares? Shanny has a LONG way to go retail wise and including a USB port the end-user can’t use (for firmware updates, for example) makes zero sense. They repurposed YouPro’s trigger right along with the idiotic decision to leave off an A/F assist.

    I still believe the SN500SC is the best non-radio flash out there (better than any 580 EX II knockoff, i.e. YN-568EX II). So if you’re not into radio…

    And where’s the SN-E3-MD receiver, SHANNY, huh? You know that THING that was going to turn my SN600SC into an RT slave…that was supposed to be released months ago?

    Yeah, concentrate on your stuff now…concentrate really, really hard. Get “delayed” out of your vocabulary.

  13. Frits 6 years ago

    Sigh, except for the centre firing pin in the hotshoe everyone seems to try its hardest to remain incompatible with each other. Are there no efforts at all to establish a new flash connector/protocol standard so we can dispense with the reverse engineering on nikon/canon/olympus/sony/etc. stuff?

    • Yuppa 6 years ago

      The problem I have with Shanny’s (SN) logic is they are consistently behind the 8 ball innovation wise and slow to get products to market. For all I know, they bought the rights to Yongnuo’s (YN) 600EX line and tweaked it to their own specs, much the same way the did with YouPro’s radio controllers.

      That (delay, delay, delay coupled with a very small retail footprint) means a lot of their customers are going to be YN owners to some extent. So by not providing compatibility, they’re killing sales. I mean if you own YN–and SN won’t play nice–why buy SN?

      We’re even told that YN and SN will incorporate foibles in their Canon RT efforts to ensure they remain bitter enemies. Why?

      If SN is going to force us to go with YN, they shouldn’t be surprised when we DON’T buy their latest whiz-bang offering.

  14. badphoto 6 years ago

    Well I’m one of the people who gave them a chance and bought the 600sc early, which turned out to be a good unit, only for a few minor issues. That said, for Shanny the company, it’s too early in the game for someone starting at the bottom and beginning to smell like playing that shrugging off, proprietary gouging game of the big guys — but wasn’t that the gap they entered the market to take advantage of? — while failing to meet their own follow-up products deadlines.

    For most of us, it’s not that difficult to see the regular option of forking out the dough into the Canon RT system and expecting 100% reliablity, normal return and warranty service, and getting back about 60% resale value near the end of the product cycle.

    Some food for thoughts. I do hope Shanny and Yongnuo get their acts together with the RT system. But I’m not quick to jump on any more piecemeal intro products with the promise of whatever more to come.

  15. Sterling Steves 6 years ago

    I would love to have the clarity and convenience of the YN622C-TX screen to control my speedlites remotely BUT I have to have a speedlite on top of my camera for event shooting for a fill or if I move into an area or situation where the off camera lights aren’t which can happen unexpectedly and quickly. How well would it work to have a YN622C on camera linking to a YN622C with a YN622C-TX in the hotshoe. The TX would use a different channel and control all the other lights. The parts that concern me is that I would want my ON-camera flash to be able to be in TTL mode if possible(Lighting changes rapidly for events) and send a TTL signal. If it sends a TTL signal to the YN622C which has the YN622C-TX in the shoe, will the TX controls be overridden? Will the TX settings work properly? Am I crazy to think this might be a good RELIABLE solution that will give me amazing control?

  16. Omar 6 years ago

    I’m really disheartened by this news. I currently use two Shanny flashes with my YN622C triggers.
    They work great…but I guess I’ll have to avoid buying new triggers if they break and hoping to find alternatives.
    I was using two Yongnuo 568EXII flashes, but guess what…they still have the evaluative bug. They simply do not seem to know how to adjust flash level properly when using Evaluative mode. Both of my Younguo’s have that problem.
    When I got the Shanny flashes, I was really happy to see that they didn’t have that evaluative problem at all. They don’t underexpose and actually do pretty well at HSS. I’ve been using them to take lots of outdoor shots using HSS and evaluative without issue. I put my Youngnuo flashes on a shelf and rarely use them anymore.

  17. Glenn 6 years ago

    Finally they posted te news.

    I am also an owner of two Shanny flashes, but one is not working with the YN triggers.

    Had contact with Shanny, but the don’t answer my questiones anymore since a couple of months now. My advise would be not to buy Shanny and invest your money in a company with a good customer service and support.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Glenn,

      I’m not sure if you know that you need to contact Christina now at Shanny? – christina at szshanny dot com

      • aziz 5 years ago

        hello i have a shanny sn600sc and canon 70d maybe a canon 6d or 5d mark 3, i want sell 2 other shanny or slave flash(other company?? but can i use the sn600sc with the 2 new one) and flash trigger transmitter ? can you help me to have th good choise.
        may be

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