SHANNY – Flash & Trigger Models



New Chinese flash manufacturer Shanny are in the process of releasing a range of very affordable speedlites for Canon and Nikon, all based on the Canon 600EX-RT like flash base.

You can see a full review on the SN600SC model here, as all the current Shanny models are built on the same similar flash base.




Common Features (Unless Noted) –

  • Full Power – GN 60m (ISO 100 / 200mm)
  • HSS to 1/8000th
  • Flash Mode – TTL / M / Multi
  • 1st Curtain Sync / 2nd Curtain Sync
  • FEC / FEB – 1/3rd Increments (±3 stops)
  • Manual Flash – 1/128 – 1/1 output control (1/3rd increments)
  • 20-200mm Auto and Manual Flash Zoom


  • Full Power Recycle – From 1.8 Seconds
  • Supports Canon Flash Control Menus
  • Custom Functions
  • Sound Prompt
  • Heat Protection
  • AF Assist Light
  • Full 360 Degree Swivel and Tilt Head (With Tilt Lock Button)
  • Large Clear Dot Matrix LCD Screen
  • Canon 600EX-RT Like Interface
  • Fast Lever Clamp Metal Foot with Locking Pin


  • External Battery Port
  • PC Sync Port
  • 2.5mm Communication Port (for radio receiver)
  • USB Port for some models (as detailed below)


UPDATE – Although the initial SN600SC flash units directly matched the Canon 600EX-RT for light output, many of the subsequent models have reduced output slightly to around 0.2 stops less than the Canon flash.

The Guide Number is often then stated as 60 instead of 62 as originally quoted. This output is similar to the YongNuo flashes, and recycle times for the Shanny flashes are generally slightly faster.





On-Camera Dedication  CANON

Price Not currently stated

Available Now expected early 2016


Wireless Modes

  • Radio Functions – Canon RT (& Shanny RT) Master and Slave Modes
  • Optic Wireless – Canon Master & Slave, Nikon Slave
  • Optic Basic – S1 & S2


The SN600EX-RT are Shanny’s flagship speedlite model for Canon DSLRS, providing most features similar to the Canon 600EX-RT.

The SN600EX-RT have Canon RT compatible 2.4GHz radio transceiver modules built into the flash, providing RT compatible master and slave modes.

Full Canon Optic Wireless master and slave modes are also provided, as well as Nikon Optic Wireless slave mode (Update – this may be subject to change yet).

A USB port for firmware updates is built into the flashes battery compartment.


UPDATE September 2015 – Shanny appear to have put development of the RT system aside for the moment to concentrate on the RF systems which they have more experience with.

The SN600EX-RT may now be available approximately around early 2016.





On-Camera Dedication  CANON

Price From $130 (with shipping)

Available Now – REVIEW


Wireless Modes

  • Radio Functions – Canon RT (& Shanny RT) Slave Mode
  • Optic Wireless – NONE
  • Optic Basic – S1 & S2


The SN600C-RT are a more economical version of the SN600EX-RT above, and provide Canon RT compatible slave mode only, no RT master.

The SN600C-RT do not have any Maser or Slave modes for the Canon or Nikon Optic Wireless systems.

A USB port for firmware updates is built into the flashes battery compartment.


Ebay, Amazon, UK





On-Camera Dedication  CANON

Price From $150 (with shipping)

Available Now – REVIEW


Wireless Modes

  • Radio Functions – Shanny RF Master and Slave Modes
  • Optic Wireless – NONE
  • Optic Basic – S1 & S2


The Shanny RF radio system are designed as an alternative to the popular YongNuo YN-622C and Pixel King Pro etc, and are not directly compatible with the RT radio system listed above.

The SN600EX-RF can acts as a radio Master flash to other SN600EX-RT set to Slave Mode, or to SN600C-RT Slave flashes.

And Shanny SN-E3-RF transceivers can act as transmitter, or receiver units to fire and control legacy TTL speedlites like the Canon 580EX II etc.

This ability to fire and control other legacy speedlites is one of the main difference between Shanny’s RF and RT flash systems.

The RF system follows Canon’s Optic Wireless protocols and functions quite closely, so ETTL and Manual groups can not be mixed at the same time for example.

A stand out feature of the RF system appears to be considerable added range over the RT system, both between flashes, and SN-E3-RF transmitter to RF Slave flashes.

The SN600EX-RF do not have any Maser or Slave modes for the Canon or Nikon Optic Wireless systems.

A USB port for firmware updates is built into the flashes battery compartment.


Ebay, Amazon, UK.





On-Camera Dedication  CANON

Price From $125 (with shipping)

Available Now – REVIEW


Wireless Modes

  • Radio Functions – Shanny RF Slave Mode
  • Optic Wireless – NONE
  • Optic Basic – S1 & S2


The SN600C-RF are a more economical version of the SN600EX-RF above, and provide Shanny RF compatible slave mode only, no RF master.

The SN600C-RF do not have any Maser or Slave modes for the Canon or Nikon Optic Wireless systems.

A USB port for firmware updates is built into the flashes battery compartment.


Ebay, Amazon, UK





On-Camera Dedication  CANON

Price – From $120 (with shipping)

Available – Now – REVIEW


Wireless Modes –

  • Radio Functions – None
  • Optic Wireless – Canon Master & Slave, Nikon Slave
  • Optic Basic – S1 & S2


The SN600SC provide full on-camera ETTL / M / Multi, and HSS, for Canon DSLR’s.

The SN600SC do not have any radio transceivers built in, and they do not have a USB port for firmware updates. Though with the addition of an external clip on SN-E3-MD radio receiver module, the SN600SC can be transformed into a Canon RT compatible slave flash.

The SN600SC also provide full Canon Optic Wireless master and slave modes, as well as Nikon Optic Wireless slave mode only.

The full SN600SC review can be seen here.


UPDATE August 2015– PLEASE NOTE – The SN-E3-MD receivers (RT Modules) originally planned for the SN600SC have now been cancelled.

Shanny originally planned to produce  an additional external clip on SN-E3-MD radio receiver modules, which would transform the SN600SC flash into a Canon RT compatible slave flash.

This receiver module would also have provided a USB port allowing firmware updates to the SN600SC flash, which otherwise do not include their own USB port.

After being pushed back a number of times, Shanny also confirmed numerous times the SN-E3-MD would still be produced. In August 2015 Shanny have confirmed the SN-E3-MD have now unfortunately been cancelled. 







On-Camera Dedication  CANON

Price – From $90 (with shipping)

Available – Now – REVIEW


Wireless Modes –

  • Radio Functions – None
  • Optic Wireless – Canon Slave (Manual Only)
  • Optic Basic – S1 & S2


The SN600C provide full on-camera ETTL / M / Multi, and HSS, for Canon DSLR’s.

The SN600C offer a more economical version of the SN600SC listed above, with Canon Optic Wireless Slave mode only, and  the slave mode limited to manual power levels only.

The SN600C simply provide a very economical on-camera ETTL flash alternative to the original Canon 600EX-RT, without most of the off-camera wireless abilities.


EbayAmazon, UK




On-Camera Dedication  NIKON

Price – From $136 (with shipping)

Available – Now – PREVIEW


Wireless Modes –

  • Radio Functions – None
  • Optic Wireless – Nikon Master and Slave
  • Optic Basic – S1 & S2


The SN600SN provide full on-camera ITTL / M / Multi, and HSS, for NIKON DSLR’s.

The SN600SN offer a very economical on-camera ITTL and HSS enabled flash alternative to the Nikon SB-910 etc. Also with Nikon Optic Wireless master and slave modes.


EbayAmazon, UK





On-Camera Dedication  NIKON

Price – From $92 (with shipping)

Available – Now


Wireless Modes –

  • Radio Functions – NONE – (Though External YN-622N May Be Compatible)
  • Optic Wireless – Nikon Slave (Manual Only)
  • Optic Basic – S1 & S2


The SN600N provide full on-camera ITTL / M / Multi, and HSS, for NIKON DSLR’s.

The SN600N offer a very economical on-camera ITTL and HSS enabled flash alternative to the Nikon SB-910 etc, though with the off-camera Optic Wireless abilities limited to manual power levels only.


EbayAmazon, UK





On-Camera Dedication  NONE – Single Firing Pin Foot

Price – From $104 (with shipping)

Available – Now


Wireless Modes –

  • Radio Functions – None.
  • Optic Wireless – Canon & Nikon Slave.
  • Optic Basic – S1 & S2


The SN600S are mainly designed to be an Optic Wireless slave flash.

When used off-camera with the Canon or Nikon Optic Wireless systems the SN600S provide full TTL / M / Multi, and HSS.

The SN600S only have a single firing pin on their foot, so when mounted on a camera hotshoe they can only provide manual power levels. No TTL or HSS etc when mounted on camera.

This would be the same situation for external TTL radio triggers like the YN-622C,  only basic manual firing of the flash would be possible with those.

The SN600S are available now.







On-Camera Dedication  CANON

Price – Around $110 (with shipping)

Available – Now – REVIEW

Wireless Modes –

  • Radio Functions – Canon RT (& Shanny RT) Master
  • Optic Wireless – Canon Master


Features –

  • Canon RT 2.4GHz wireless, AND Optical Wireless speedlite transmitter
  • Two-way 2.4GHz radio communications – compatible with Canon ST-E3-RT / 600EX-RT signals
  • Channels – 1 automatic channel, 10000 via photographer ID (ID0000~ID9999)
  • Canon Optic Wireless – compatible with Canon and Shanny flashes
  • Radio communication range up to 100 meters
  • Unique high-resolution TFT color screen
  • Interface supports font and background color options
  • Interface supports multiple languages
  • Screen brightness adjustment from 100%~20%
  • Multiple SN-E3-RT can share the same off camera flashes
  • Displays off-camera flash groups and recycle time information


  • ETTL / M / Multi / Gr – 4 modes
  • A / B / C / D / E – 5 flash groups
  • Up to 15 off camera flashes
  • Support High Speed Sync, First Curtain Sync
  • Support ETTL flash ratio, exposure compensation, AE lock, Bracket Exposure, modeling flash
  • Custom Function Settings
  • Auto-Save function


  • USB Port for firmware upgrades
  • Quick Lever Locking foot
  • AF Assist light
  • Wireless shutter control, Linked shot


The SN-E3-RT Transmitter are Shanny’s alternative to the original Canon ST-E3-RT, and compatible with all Canon and Shanny RT compatible flashes and receiver units.

The SN-E3-RT also provide some extra functions over the Canon ST-E3-RT, including Canon Optic Wireless transmission, as well as the 2.4GHz Canon RT radio transmission.

An AF assist light, and USB port for firmware updates are also included.

The SN-E3-RT also provided a unique high-resolution TFT color screen, where you can even select your own font and background colors. As well as being dimmable.


EbayAmazon, UK





On-Camera Dedication  CANON

Price – Around $80 a pair (with shipping)

Available – Now – REVIEW

Wireless Modes –

  • Radio Functions – Shanny RF Master and Slave
  • Optic Wireless – NONE


Features –

  • Up to 200m range (safe working range generally around 60m)
  • ETTL Ratios set from the camera menu (ALL/ A:B/ A:B C)
  • FEC, FEL
  • Remote Manual Power Control – in 3 groups from the camera menu
  • HSS (High Speed Sync) up to 1/8000th (with compatible flashes)
  • Pass Through Hotshoe – Allows ETTL or Manual Flash On Camera
  • Test Fire Button on TX – Allows light meter use in remote manual
  • Second Curtain Sync
  • Remote Flash Zoom Setting from the camera menu
  • 15 Channels
  • USB Port for firmware updates
  • Mini-phone Sync Port
  • Attached Battery Door can not be lost
  • LCD Screen with Battery Level Indicator
  • Transceivers means there are back up transmitter units
  • Regular AA batteries


Ebay, Amazon


Shanny Specs Comparison and Compatibility –


Shanny Comparison Table


Shanny Compatibility Table



Shanny – WebsiteAliexpress Store.


  1. David M 6 years ago

    Not a bad release set. These are very aggressively priced. If I ever need a TTL flash, I looking at Shanny first. This is going to really hurt Yongnuo and perhaps even Canon/Nikon. I’d rather have 1 SN600EX and 3 SN600SCs than a single Canon 600EX-RT.

    Not sure why everyone is still using the PC Sync port, though. I guess they didn’t feel like redesigning the Canon 600EX mold that they “borrowed.”

    I wish they had a “generic” RT receiver. Strange that Yongnuo/Shanny/Canon do not realize how important this is. People want to be able to merge all of their flash gear together as seamlessly as possible. If I bought into the Yongnuo/Shanny/Canon RT system, then I couldn’t radio sync any of my non-RT flashes/strobes without attaching yet another clunky radio trigger to each of them.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi David,

      I haven’t asked Shanny about the stand alone RT receiver yet as they are at the Hong Kong trade show at the moment.

      They may well be keen to produce the gear the YongNuo haven’t though.

      The YongNuo engineer is well aware of the requests for this, though I have no idea if they have something planned yet or not.

      • David M 6 years ago

        Tell the Shanny engineers this would be awesome: a sub $50 USD RT receiver that connects with the hotshoe and/or 3.5mm jack. It should also transmit the “HSS” pre fire signal.

        • Alexander Loff 6 years ago

          This receiver will compete with their own equipment.
          I would place SHANNY released only manual receiver with support groups for studio flashes. And nothing more.

          • David M 6 years ago

            I’m not asking for TTL with this RT receiver – just HSS pre-fire and a couple of different ways to connect the receiver to the flash/strobe.

            Groups are a good idea. Forgot about that. This is where Godox falls on its face. It’s super annoying to click a bazillion times when I want to turn a Godox flash off.

            • Alexander Loff 6 years ago

              Such a receiver will likely
              Shanny mentioned that they plan to release a universal receiver.
              But probably it will be after the launch of mass production of SN-E3-RT and a full-featured SN600EX-RT.

  2. Branislav 6 years ago

    Do you think that a combo of one SN600EX – RT, shanny sn-e3-rt, plus a pair of SN600S slaves will be sufficient for amateur strobist work? I don’t have any speedlights, so I haveb’t invested in any brand 🙂 Do you preffer Shanny or Yongnuo?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Branislav,

      Provided the Shanny radio system works well, that would be more than sufficient for amateur strobist work.

      For a few hundred dollars you would be getting almost the function that has cost around $1700 from Canon up until now.

      We will need to wait and see what the radio system is like, and also what the coming YongNuo YN600EX-RT is like. Though I doubt they will match the SN600S for price.

      Regarding preferring Shanny or YongNuo, I think the SN600SC is a considerably better flash than the YN-568EX II, for close to half the price. So things are changing quickly at the moment, but we will have to wait and see the full picture from both companies.

      EDIT – Things do change quickly. YongNuo have dropped the price of the YN-568EX II to as low as around $120. And Shanny have set a minimum shipped price of $120 for the SN600SC. So they are similar prices now (though Shanny also have a $90 SN600C model as well now).

      • Branislav 6 years ago

        It looks like Canon will be in trouble with these prices this low 🙂 Who would buy Canon 600EX – RT now?

  3. Alexander Loff 6 years ago

    SN-E3-MD for a week are available for purchase directly from SHANNY
    SSN600C,and SN600N too

  4. Alexander Loff 6 years ago

    Another detail:
    All SHANNY flash support the HSS through S1 and S2

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Thanks Alexander, I didn’t realise that. That is interesting!

      • Alexander Loff 6 years ago

        I was sure that you know about it until I found that in your reviews there is no mention of this possibility 🙂

  5. Mishimagic 6 years ago

    Thanks for the great article

    That’s what I really wanted to know !

  6. Sam 6 years ago

    Game changer! FTW!
    Unless someone get’s taken to court and sued……. but I have no knowledge or information to suggest court action is likely or even plausible……

    It’s refreshing to see a new flash manufacturer shining bright.

  7. Author
    Flash Havoc 6 years ago

    SN600SN Speedlite for Nikon added to the list.

    The SN600SN will have master and slave modes for Nikon Optic Wireless, and are currently expected to be available early November.

    • mark 6 years ago

      I want a transceiver unit so that I don’t have to add more weight on top of my cameras with a YN622N

  8. the flasher 6 years ago

    SN-E3-RT TRANSMITTER just appeared on the Alibaba page…..

    WOW i did not realise it had both radio and optical control!!!!

    155 use plus shipping…. not bad

    But I’ll wait for the EX flashes to be released and then perhaps a comparison with the upcoming Yongnuo products before i order…

  9. Author
    Flash Havoc 6 years ago

    Thanks, they are going to list the SN600EX-RT soon as well.

    But the RT gear are all still a work in progress at the moment

    The Aliexpress site is more of a showcase than anything for Shanny at the moment.

    I guess if you ordered these they may have new firmware available by the time you get them. But the SN-E3-RT final packaging etc is not even ready yet.

    • Alexander Loff 6 years ago

      Yes, that’s right!
      SN-E3-RT has no packaging and RT-firmware for the SC/S is not yet available to the public. Is not known what is the procedure for updating. We only know that it will require SN-E3-MD and USB cable :

  10. Ricardo 6 years ago

    Thank you for the information. This is extremely useful.

    I was all on the Yongnuo system and waiting for the RT compatible flashes to pull the trigger. With the review you’ve given on Shanny, I’ve almost changed my mind. I like the extra details and out of the box thinking. Those tiny, attachable RT compatible receivers are brilliant. Your opinion on the quality of the system has me all but sold. I simply need a testing to see if it all works together well. I’m sure it will be. I can wait a couple of weeks.

    I haven’t decided whether to get the SC or RT version. I say there will probably be a $20 – $25 dollar price difference between the SC & RT. So probably the RT. The receivers would be one less thing to lose or break. The risk is just too great to save $20.

    Shanny: Good job.

  11. the flasher 6 years ago

    I wonder if Shanny has gone a little overboard with too many flash models just now……

    looking at the pricing the 600SC is 105 USD plus 55 USD for the SN-E3-MD Flash signal receiver (RT module) = 160 USD

    I’d rather wait for the EX version with it all built in, no problems with the received falling out breaking off or whatever AND it will act as a transmitter AND you need the clip on receiver for firmware updates so its almost compulsory to purchase at least 1 module for your flashes !!!! ….

    the Yongnuo flash is around 180 USD so the Shanny won’t be far off in price. A nice all in one solution

    I can’t wait…….!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi flasher,

      The main advantage with the SN600SC is really for YN-622C owners, or people just looking for a economical flash on camera to start with, as you don’t have to pay for the RT function now if you don’t need it.

      But yes, I think they started with way too many models. I think they are trying to go cheaper to get started in the market. Which again is a real bonus for YN-622C / YN-622N users, as the SN600C and SN600N are only around $80. That’s a brilliant flash for they YN-622 at that price.

  12. Manu 6 years ago


    Great info, thanks alot!!
    I’m a newbie with flashes and was waiting for a cheaper equivalent to Canon 600 EX-RT. I’m an amateur and need just one flash to use on & off camera. I was waiting for this so that I don’t have to fit a receiver on the flash. But I need a simple transmitter for this too for TTL HSS. Is it the E3-RT that I will have to get or is there a cheaper option?
    Feel free to suggest a completely different cheaper option too.
    Thanks in advance..

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Manu,

      Yes you would need the E3-RT style transmitter.

      The YongNuo YN-E3-RT have been around for a little while now, so prices have already come down a little lower on those.

      So it may be worth waiting to see what the YongNuo YN600EX-RT are like as well, as the safest option will likely be to go with both Shanny flash and transmitter or both YongNuo Flash and transmitter.

      (They may be mostly compatible across brands, but its probably safer to avoid that at the start at least).


      Regarding cheaper options, at this point its not looking that much cheaper to buy separate flash and radio triggers. I guess you could save a few dollars, though you would loose the convenience of the built in radio.

      YN-622C-TX and YN-622C (around $99) & Shanny SN600C (around $86) = $186 Total.
      YN-622C-TX and YN-622C (around $99) & Shanny SN600SC (around $110) = $220 Total.
      Even conservative prices of EX-RT Flash ($170) and E3-RT TX ($120) = $290 Total.

      So you could save a few dollars with the YN-622 and new Shanny flash options. As you add more flashes though, the prices start coming closer to the RT though.

      • Manu 6 years ago


        Thanks alot for the suggestion. I think i will wait for Shanny and the Yongnuo to come out with their 600 EX-RT. I wonder why they cant have a simple transmitter like the RF-603 series for this.
        And do you know if the transmitter can work as a remote for the camera as well?
        Please pardon me if I am asking very stupid questions.

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 6 years ago

          Hi Manu,

          They could easily make a simple manual receiver, its just a matter of whether they will, or how long that will be. A TTL receiver to include non RT TTL flashes is another thing, and we really don’t know how possible that would be.

          The Canon RT system does have a shutter release function, and the YN and Shanny versions of the ST-E3-RT at least have this as well. I’ve forgotten now how it all works, but if I remember right there are some limitations with it. You’d have to read up on the Canon RT system, its in the 600EX-RT manual etc.

          You can always use a separate wireless shutter release though, most basic manual flash trigger will act as a shutter release instead.

  13. Fred 6 years ago

    just wondering will they be making accessory plugs (receiver) so we can use these and trigger our studio strobes as well??

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Fred,

      I’ve asked Shanny if they are going to make stand alone RT receivers for other flashes and studio lights etc, and they said they would get back to me on that.

      When you said that, I though for a second we may be able to DIY the SN-E3-MD receiver to plug into a standard hotshoe, just to fire the flash. But now I think about it, that is highly unlikely to be possible as the flash also powers the SN-E3-MD receiver (so it would be a pretty complex DIY hack).

      I’ve let Shanny know, an RT receiver will have a big impact on how popular the RT system will be overall.

  14. Alexander Loff 6 years ago

    RT products from YONGNUO are not compatible with RT-products by SHANNY
    Confirmed by SHANNY.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Ok thanks Alexander, at least we know then.

  15. Blaus 6 years ago

    When comes the SN600EX version (not -RT) and the price how much from around prospective?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Blaus,

      There is no longer a Shanny flash model named the SN600EX.

      The SN600SC is the flash model with full features except for the built in RT wireless. And they are selling from around $120 shipped.

  16. Blaus 6 years ago

    Thanks the informations!

  17. Israel 6 years ago

    Flash Havoc,

    I currently have a Canon 430 exii. Two YN 560 III’s, YN560-TX (have only set them up, haven’t had an official “shoot” yet), and and RF 602 set.

    I got the YN560-TX to be able to remotely change settings in my home studio. I use the 430 exii to simply blow out the white background.

    But for everyday shooting, the 430exii lives on top of the camera (60d & 5d), to bounce flash.

    My question is would it be worth it to seel my 430exii, and to change to one of these other flashes for my on camera ETTL needs?
    (I see maybe an increase in power being nice – not sure what else).

    If so, what would you recommend?


    • Israel 6 years ago

      Or do you have a table anywhere, in which we can see power level and basic features that common across brands?

      I.e. a Canon 430 exii, would be comparable to a YN xxxx, and a Shanny xxx.

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 6 years ago

        Hi Israel,

        I have added the Shanny Spec Comparison Table (and Compatibility List) to the post.

        The Shanny flashes are equal in power to the Canon 600EX-RT. So about 0.3 stops more powerful than the YN-560 III. And about 0.5 stops more powerful than the 430EX II.

        Though they do also provide a bit more power again in HSS.

        I personally wouldn’t trade your 430EX II unless there is something your really wanted, like that extra bit of power, or the external battery port.

        They do also have 360 degree swivel vs 270 degree for the 430EX II, and 200mm zoom vs 105mm. The other added features are mainly for off camera use (like s1 and s2 slave modes, and Optic Wireless Master).

  18. Nicolas 6 years ago

    Just got this message from shanny supplier:

    sorry to tell you,we cancel the RT module,beacuse the software always have problems.SN600SC is the final version.
    Sorry for any inconvenience

    I already purchased the flash. It is now a paper weight because I cannot use it with my 2 Canon 600RT on radio.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Nicolas,

      I just checked with Shanny, and they have not cancelled the SN-E3-MD (RT module).

      Its just postponed, though likely until after the SN600EX-RT is released now, as they are having some issues with the firmware, and the priority now is to have the SN-E3-RT and SN600EX-RT completed first.

  19. Author
    Flash Havoc 6 years ago

    UPDATE – PLEASE NOTE – Due to technical issues the SN-E3-MD receiver (RT Module) has been postponed, likely until after the SN600EX-RT flash (with RT module built in) has finished development.

    At this point I would consider anything not currently proven or confirmed as tentative. As Shanny are clearly still feeling their way to some degree, and anything not confirmed yet may well be subject to change as they find their way along with this.

  20. Nick 6 years ago

    Flash Havoc: in the comparison chart it states that the SN600EX-RT is NOT a Wireless Master. Is this correct? Seems like that is the main function it is supposed to have?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Nick,

      I missed that, and after you mentioned it I thought it must be a mistake. But actually the last I heard the SN600EX-RT was going to be released with the RT slave mode only, as the full functionality was not ready yet.

      YongNuo have won the race for an RT compatible flash already now though, so I’m not sure if Shanny will hold off until the full RT master and slave modes are ready now.

      At this point everyone is getting a bit tense and touchy, so I think we will have to wait and see what they come up with.

  21. Nick 6 years ago

    Are there any updates on when the EX-RT model will be released?
    I feel like I have settled on that model + a transmitter.

  22. Jesse 6 years ago

    It looks like the SN-E3-RT is available here:

    I can’t wait to read a review on the Shanny version of the RT products. My YN-E3-RT is mostly reliable at close distances but pretty disappointing further out. Overall, I know the YN560-TX is manual only however, that plus the 602 triggers are extremely reliable at crazy distances. Hopefully, the SN-E3-RT are just as reliable.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Jesse,

      I have the SN-E3-RT here any it works very well and has good range like the Canon ST-E3-RT. But I think Shanny are going to hold off selling this at the moment, as I think there are some design elements that really need refining. Probably most significant is the main dial is very sticky making adjustments quite difficult.

      EDIT – Shanny have produced 100 units, and they are selling those as they are. The next production run should have some refinements though.

      Even the range of the Canon RT units does not match manual triggers like the RF-602 though. Maybe sometimes you can reach similar distances when comparing with direct line of sight, but the real working distance where all flashes will consistently fire is really quite a bit less.

      The Pixel King Pro are one TTL trigger that come closer to the manual triggers, basically doubling the range of the RT or YN-622.

      • Jesse Patterson 6 years ago

        Perfect! I guess I’ll get one of their refined batches. I guess I’ll have to ask the seller about the knob issue on the next round.

        Since you have a copy, does the SN-E3-RT work with the YN600EX-RT in radio? I saw on this forum that they aren’t compatible however, when I asked Grace from ThePhotoGadget, they said SN-E3-RT will control the YN600EX-RT in radio.

        Also, is the shanny transmitter backwards compatible with pre-2012 cameras?

        Thanks for your detailed response by the way!

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 6 years ago

          No worries, yes the SN-E3-RT appears to be working fine with the YN600EX-RT.

          And while we are discussing range, I found the YN600EX-RT was providing better range than the Canon 600EX-RT probably 80% of the time or more. That was regardless of which transmitter, Shanny Yongnuo, or Canon.

          The Shanny SN-E3-RT works with pre-2012 cameras, but not in Group (GR) mode unfortunately, like the YongNuo SN-E3-RT can do.

          The YN600EX-RT currently only works in Group mode in Manual for pre-2012 cameras, where the YN-E3-RT can provide ETTL and Manual.

          • Jesse Patterson 6 years ago

            Wow. That is definitely good to know. Because of what you’ve said, I’m actually considering the YN600 again.

            I know the flash will probably be more wobbly in the hotshoe than the Shanny version however, I’ll be more likely to use the Canon 600 for that purpose. Thanks again! I know you will do a great job comparing all 3 RT flashes in due time!

  23. Yuppa 6 years ago

    My brief experience—about a day—with the YN600EX-RT was mixed at best:

    1. The foot is indeed loose and you can’t cinch it down like you can with other YN products. The quick-lock is what it is.
    2. As a wireless optical slave it did not work (using a 60D) with “Wireless func.” in either A:B or A+B. If you’re not into optical, disregard.
    3. Exposures seemed dark in the bottom ¼ of all my images. It was worse close up (even @ -5%), but definitely there.
    4. I could NOT update the firmware even though the app “told” me the driver was installed successfully. YN was less than helpful: they told me to, “…install the driver.”
    5. The text for the “Mode” button was on the BODY, not the button itself (unlike their transmitter). This is an aesthetics quibble, sure, but it looks more “professional” when you have a consistent look across the line.
    6. After attaching the flash to my 60D hot shoe, it would not turn off. It made a persistent whine in the “Off” position.

    I sent it back. So now I’m waiting for a SN600SC to arrive at EACHSHOT’S Amazon store with Prime support (they told me they’re on their way). I will give it a go and report back.

    Shanny’s SN600EX-RT is due around February of 2015 (their “Spring Festival”) and the transmitter and add-on receiver should debut (officially) at that time, too. I hope Shanny’s transmitter’s “Mode” text is FINALLIZED on the button like their flashes (like the image on FlashHavoc[1]). It looks better (see: Canon).


  24. Yuppa 6 years ago

    Shanny is NOW showing a couple of new (previously announced) items on their site–images are sparse.



    • Yuppa 6 years ago

      Looks like Shanny is going to release BOTH a SN600C-RT and a SN600C-RF, though the “RF” isn’t listed on their site yet.

      I think the main difference (in addition to icons) is the RT will do 5 groups and the RF will do 3 (for use with the SN-E3-RF?)

  25. Julian 6 years ago

    SN600C-RF available now on photo gadget. Can someone clarify what are the differences between SN600c-rt and rf? Is it only the comparability with canon 600 flash or are there any others?

    • Yuppa 6 years ago

      The “RT” is considered to be Canon’s radio communication system. The “RF” is Shanny’s proprietary system.

      You will want “RT” if you have any Canon, Shanny or Yongnuo? “RT” equipment.

      If you buy a SN600C-RF flash, then Shanny expects you to buy the SN-E3-RF (sold as a pair much like Yongnuo’s 622 system). Look here for details, as it’s based off of it:

  26. Eric 6 years ago

    Awesome reviews, can’t say thank you enough. Do you have an affiliate link for when I order from Amazon as a thank you?

    I’m sold on Shanny due to the better build (foot) amongst other things. I’d like to hear your advice though:

    I have a 7d (pre-2012, no Gr mode in RT, right?). I’ll be shooting primarily manual for multiple off camera flashes, or on-shoe TTL. My gut tells me I want wireless control of the manual remotes instead of walking up to them to reset since I want to shoot interesting low-light architectural stuff.

    I was thinking of a parallel system:
    Manual work: YN560iv on camera + 2-3 YN560iii off camera.
    TTL work: SN600C
    Total: $280-$350
    If I have to, I might be able to try to use the 560’s in manual s2 slave mode.

    But with the Shanny models, there seems to be a less pricey RT option:
    (1) SN600EX-RT, on the shoe (even if just transmitting)
    (2-3) SN600C-RT, as manual or TTL remotes
    Total: $440-$570

    RT system seems to have the following advantages:
    – AF assist for manual remotes (supposedly?)
    – Higher power remotes (SN600 vs YN560)
    – Gr group functionality might allow some manual and some TTL, though it sounds like this is only possible with my 7D body if I went Yongou, which would be more expensive, with less power and a worse hotshoe foot. So in reality this is just future proofing for when I upgrade bodies (a couple years from now probably).
    – Manual on-camera menu control vs needing to use the YN560iv interface to control the remote manual flashes

    Given my situation, what would you do?

  27. Al Wilson 6 years ago

    When will the SN-E3-MD be available?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Al,

      I think the SN-E3-MD are currently scheduled for around mid year.

      They are obviously pretty low priority now that Shanny have the SN600C-RT flash with receiver built-in coming out first now.

      So it is making me a bit nervous if Shanny will actually follow through with the SN-E3-MD. Though they are assuring they have already spent the money on components etc so they will go ahead eventually.

  28. Kenneth Embalsado 6 years ago

    Hi, I’m now at a point where I need to upgrade from all my fully manual YN-560 speedlights. I’m considering the YN-600-EX-RT with the Yongnuo YN-E3-RT. However, after reading your reviews I’m seriously considering the Shanny route.

    However, I do not see Shanny’s products available as an exact equivalent to the Yongnuo offering of the YN-E3-RT and YN-600-EX-RT.

    Am I correct after reviewing Shanny’s website?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Kenneth,

      Shanny will have a flash model called the SN600EX-RT which is now scheduled for around mid year early 2016. They were originally saying they would have this available before the YongNuo YN600EX-RT, though they were quite a way off there.

      The SN600SC-RT should be re-releases again soon. This is an RT slave only flash, though cheaper at around $130. The first release had some issues with range and consistency, so they have made some refinements now.

      The Shanny SN-E3-RT does not have all the extra features of the YongNuo YN-E3-RT, and its unlikely Shanny will be adding these any time soon, as it would require a complete redevelopment of their transmitter. That is features like GR group mode with pre-2012 cameras, and remote power control when used on any camera. Also second curtain sync in manual.

      YongNuo have their issues as well though, and the main one with the YN-E3-RT has been limited range. They are meant to have an updated version from build date mid December 2014 (January 2015 to be sure). Though we don’t know yet how much that has improved the range. UPDATE – This did improve the range of the YN-E3-RT similar to the Canon and Shanny range.

      YongNuo are basically still quite a way ahead though with the RT system. Shanny will be a good option at the moment if you’re just after inexpensive RT slave flashes, and mainly use current Canon camera bodies.

  29. alex 6 years ago

    i buy one. 1+ step to much light. so i write shanny about this problem. the say the give me a 2nd version (in january, than all month the say wait the come) now in april the say the will sell me a new one. i write back it is a question of warrenty. I don´t like to buy a new one, i like one the worked. (shanny now about the problem with to much flashlight). so my tip. let the hands of SN600EX-RT

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Alex,

      Which flash are model are you referring to?

      Shanny have been very good with replacing flashes, though I’m not sure if they have the revised flash you need.

      • alex 6 years ago

        January i get the Flash and Report the Problem.
        February i get a mail from shanny: “After spring festival,I will give you a new one ,second version .”
        March: “The second version of SN600CRT are producing now”
        April: “We have the stock of the refined version of SN600C-RT now, you can order through us directly and pay through paypal. Let me know the order details.”
        After this mail i write 3 times that ist warrenty and not buy a new one. No answer.
        Today (20.4) i get from sales Manager the will send a new Flash. so i will see:-)

        I talk about the Shanny SN600C-RT – with Canon Eos 1DX the Flash fire around 1 to 1 ½ steps to much light.

  30. Frank 6 years ago

    what – the C-RT is now shipping ? I don’t know how often i wrote Amanda, but still NO ANSWER ! I received in January a faulty and useless C-RT. Alex please give me more details via email . Thanks

    • alex 6 years ago

      Frank: I have no email from you? Yes i get last week a another one. but i have no time to test it now. maybe this week. but i am not shure that i get a new production model. the serialno: is lower as the flash from january. i have also the Shanny SN-E3-RT since jannuary but i use it one time (with original Canon 600rt the brocken many times the connection) . and the have the same problem as the yongnuo E3-rt. when you not leave the batterie after same days the are empty (off). sorry my bad english but i think you understand

  31. Frank 6 years ago

    Thanks Alex. Email is spironalin… You’re from Germany ? Maybe your item is old stock with new firmware ? I also own a SN-E3-RT, the new revision. I used it last weekend on a big communion shooting with my Canon 600ex-rt and and a rent Canon 600ex-rt , because my SN600 C-RT is useless. The SN-E3-RT fitted with new batteries lost twice connection with both Canon 600 flashes, although used outdoors with max 6 meters distance.

  32. alex 6 years ago

    Hello Frank: i am from austria not germany you can send me email at
    I don´t no if the have a new firmware….but i have maybe next week time to test the old, the new and a original canon one

  33. Glenn 6 years ago

    Hi Flashhavoc,

    We recently had contact about my issue with the YN triggers on the Shanny flashes. I made a video and send it to Amanda from Shanny. After watching and several emails the conclusion is that the Shanny flashes are made compatible for Canon and not for YN. The conclusion was also that it is my problem… ok!

    This is information very important for all readers and potential customers.

    I bought a 2014 early SN600SC model which is not communicating with a 2015 YN 622 trigger. I also have a 2015 SN600C model which is communicating perfectly with the trigger.

    Shanny claims there is no problem. So the best customer service would be replacing my SN600SC model. But the answer was that it is my problem… I love the Shanny products and realy hope the become more succesful but this is seriously crapy customer service. I probably have to switch all flashes because i can not rely on them.

    So for al readers and potential customers think twice before combining it with the YN triggers.

  34. vcbneo 6 years ago

    This issue is no surprise and is expected. I was thinking to buy YN600EXRT as well due to lower price but then I know that YN and SN are competitor and their flash are meant to be compatible with Canon but not each other. They could work together but there is no guarantee. If they stop working after a certain firmware upgrade then you’re screwed. Therefore don’t mix YN and SN, only with Canon.

  35. Glenn 6 years ago

    Hi vcbneo,

    Totally agree, but the first told me that it should work. Also Shanny themselves told me that.

    So now i am screwed. Probably going to switch my Shanny flashes for the YN600EXRT. Also because of the poor Customer Service from Shanny.

    • yigo 6 years ago

      Hi Glenn,

      This is yigo from Shanny. Our engineers are looking into your videos, I will inform Amanda to fix your issues.

  36. Frank 6 years ago

    Hi Yigo,
    why no firmware downloads available ? Please let me know if there is a new firmware for my SN-E3-RT available. I own the second batch but sometimes my unit lost connection outdoor in only 5-6 meter distance. Also my C-RT produces overexposures compared to the Canon 600ex-rt. It’s now improved compared to the first batch C-RT but still visible. Why not adding a “my ttl” menue like the YN600ex-RT ?
    So please allow firmware updates for everyone, thats a big disapointment

  37. Glenn 6 years ago

    Hi Yigo,

    Amanda also told me that. Waiting with expectancy for the answer.

  38. Rich 6 years ago

    SN600SN is out for sale. Just seen them this evening on eBay.

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