SHANNY – International Reviewers Wanted



New flash manufacturer Shanny have 10 of the great new SN600SC ETTL flashes available now for review!

Shanny are looking for photographers / reviewers from around the world who can write (or video etc) in languages OTHER than English –

Portuguese, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, French, Italian etc.


If you are interested in taking up this offer please email Amanda – with links to your website or blog etc.


Please Note – The SN600SC flash will be provided free of charge (you get to keep it) though you will need to pay a DHL courier shipping cost of USD $30.

Obviously you would also need to own a compatible Canon DSLR for this.

You can see more details on the SN600SC flash in the FlashHavoc review here.




  1. Shlom Biton 5 years ago

    I can do a product review in Hebrew.

  2. Marco 5 years ago

    Great, thanks for the announcement!

  3. mrc4nl 5 years ago

    Bummer, i can do dutch, and dont have a cannon dslr. 2x not suitable apparently

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi mrc4nl

      Dutch is good I think :-), but no Canon gear is not so good.

      • Jan van Hest 5 years ago

        Hey Flah Havoc,

        Thank you and Amanda for this opportunity.

        I send Amanda a request to make a dutch review.

        Hope she is going to react.

  4. Iosif 5 years ago

    I would gladly do one in Greek if there was interest from the company, but unfortunately DHL shipping costs way more than $30 from my experience (double that for “remote location” and add another ~30€ for mandatory customs processing). Nice offer though.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi losif,

      Shanny originally wanted to charge a full $50 worldwide DHL fee. But I explained to them many people would not understand or see the point in this high shipping cost.

      So they agreed to the $30 fee and should likely honor that, or at least let you know first if there was any change needed.

  5. Calvin Callender 5 years ago

    Canon 50D, is the Camera, 70-200 2.8L lens, 17 -135 3.5 can do in Spanish.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Calvin,

      Thanks, but please email Amanda – if you’re interested in this. Thanks.

  6. dani török 5 years ago

    I’d also be glad to write a review in hungarian. and for those who are afraid of the extra customs/vat/whatever costs: if you receive it officially as a “sample”, and can prove the same, then you don’t have to pay it, just the shipping. as i already have the canon 600 and waiting for the yn600, it would be an interesting chance to write a review of it. i guess central/eastern europe is possibly the best target anyway

  7. Greg 5 years ago

    Kepp in mind that they will most likely include the proforma bill they included last time, with tax handling done by DHL in advance resulting in another 20€. That’ll still make up for a 50€ total and you still will do all the work for them to get the word out. Nice promotion strategy. I really do not see the f***ing point here.

  8. schabu 5 years ago


  9. Angelo 5 years ago

    I can write a review in Dutch

  10. Driek 5 years ago

    I own a Nikon and could do the review in Dutch!

  11. Luca 5 years ago

    My name is Luca, I am from Holland.
    I own a canon dslr and would love to review your speed light!
    I can do it in either dutch or english (or both)

  12. Dan Law Cheng Tean 5 years ago

    I’m a Nikon user (D750 &D3s), I’m from Malaysia and would love to review your speed light!

  13. Dan Law Cheng Tean 5 years ago

    I’m a Nikon user (D750 &D3s), I’m from Malaysia and would love to review your speed light! I can do it in Chinese (Mandarin).

    • Amanda 5 years ago

      Please contact with me ,

  14. Author
    Flash Havoc 5 years ago

    UPDATE – Nikon users are also welcome to contact Amanda –

    There is no Nikon review scheduled as yet or guaranteed, but you are welcome to contact Shanny now and Amanda will hold your details for when they may have a Nikon review.

    Also for the Canon SN600SC review, Shanny have not received much interest from South America as yet, so if you are in that region and interested, please email Amanda. Thanks.

    • Blaus 5 years ago

      Thanks, i will migrate for South America! This OK!

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 5 years ago

        Maybe if you’re quick 🙂

    • Carlos Wertheman 5 years ago

      im from south america, i write to amanda some days ago 🙂

  15. Emile Peters 5 years ago

    I’m a quite busy photographer lately and do a good test can provide a good review.
    I use now the speedlight 580 EX II on my Canon 5D MarkIII.

  16. keenan 5 years ago

    can review if theres a spare one …? done a few for of cam remotes, never done any for speedlights

    • keenan 5 years ago

      oh nikon user here and if its a single pin and separate remote it should work on any camera ..shouldnt it as the remote sets the flash off ???

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 5 years ago

        Hi Keenan,

        Sorry no this is not a single pin flash, and the coming SN-E3-RT transmitter only works with a dedicated Canon camera.

  17. Nicola Colarusso 5 years ago

    Already have the 600SC. Would like to test the radio receiver when available.

  18. Branislav 5 years ago

    It’s such a pity that I’m not legible to do this… I’m Canon shooter and I can do review in Serbian, but there is no website to post it on… Can I do it on Facebook?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Branislav,

      You could try contacting Amanda. They may still be interested if they do not already have a Serbian review.

  19. Pablo 5 years ago

    If they still need someone to review in Spanish, I can do it. 🙂

  20. Mohammad Shafik 5 years ago

    I’d be willing to do it in Arabic. I have Olympus and Canon. Already done reviews of my Yongnuo system.

  21. Shlomi Cohen 5 years ago

    Video review in Hebrew is up:

    English version should be posted in a few days 🙂

  22. Yuppa 5 years ago

    Shanny is also hot after distributers/retailers. B&H and Adorama have not been responsive, apparently. Weird, since Yongnuo is coming to B&H.

    If anybody can help in that regard, Amanda at Shanny would love to hear from you.

  23. Shlomi Cohen 5 years ago

    English video review is up at:
    Enjoy 🙂

  24. Aaron Willis 5 years ago

    How does one become a beta-tester?

  25. Amanda 5 years ago

    I wanna Brazil and Japan photographers contact with me do the review.

  26. Julien 5 years ago

    Here is the link for the french review, both in french and english:

    Hope you like it!!

  27. Carlos 5 years ago

    Here is the link for the Spanish review

  28. Pongsiri 4 years ago

    Just saw it and try to email to amanda but seems she no longer in this company

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