SHANNY – SN600C-RT Speedlite – Short Review



The Shanny SN600C-RT Speedlite with Canon RT compatible Radio Slave Mode are now available from $130 with shipping.

Apart from the additional built-in 2.4GHz RT radio receiver, and USB port for firmware updates, the SN600C-RT are once again built on the same flash body and hardware as the original Shanny SN600SC, which have previously been reviewed and described in more detail here.

The SN600C-RT are around 0.2 to 0.3 stops less powerful than the earlier Canon version SN600SC though (which basically equal the Canon 600EX-RT).




The SN600C-RT are currently compatible as wireless RT radio slave flashes to the Canon ST-E3-RT transmitter unit, Canon 600EX-RT flash, and Shanny’s own SN-E3-RT transmitter unit.




The Shanny SN600C-RT do not provide an RT Master function though, as that will be included in the SN600EX-RT model to be available later in the year.

The SN600C-RT also do not include Canon or Nikon Optic Wireless Master or Slave flash functions. They do include the basic S1 and S2 optic slave modes though.

As an on-camera flash alone, the SN600C-RT provide full function with ETTL, HSS, and control of the on-camera flash through the camera menu.






  • Full Power – GN 60m (ISO 100 / 200mm)
  • HSS to 1/8000th
  • Flash Mode – ETTL /M / Multi
  • 1st Curtain Sync / 2nd Curtain Sync
  • FEC / FEB – 1/3rd Increments (±3 stops)
  • Manual Flash – 1/128 – 1/1 output control (1/3rd increments)
  • 20-200mm Auto and Manual Flash Zoom


  • Built -in Radio Slave Mode Compatible With 2.4GHz Canon RT Wireless System
  • S1 & S2 Basic Optic Slave Modes


  • Full Power Recycle – From 1.8 Seconds
  • Supports Multiple Flash Groups A/B/C/D/E
  • Custom Functions
  • Sound Prompt
  • Heat Protection
  • LCD Back Light Can be Kept On
  • Crop Sensor Auto Zoom Option


  • AF Assist Light
  • Full 360 Degree Swivel and Tilt Head (With Tilt Lock Button)
  • Large Clear Dot Matrix LCD Screen
  • Canon Like Interface
  • Fast Clamping Metal Foot with Locking Pin (Clamps Well)
  • Good Build Quality


  • External HV Battery Port
  • USB Port for Firmware Updates
  • PC Sync Port




  • No Canon RT Master Function
  • No Canon or Nikon Optic Wireless Master or Slave Modes
  • AF Assist Light is Good, Though Not Great
  • Not Compatible with YongNuo RT Flashes or Transmitter Units




The Shanny SN600C-RT have just been re-released, as the first production units originally made available a few months ago had shown some issues with wireless radio range and consistency.

Fortunately Shanny appear to have been able to make some major improvements, and from testing so far the SN600C-RT appear to be providing as good range as the Canon 600EX-RT, with very good consistency (possibly firing more consistently than the Canon units).


Another complaint of the first release SN600C-RT was an overexposure at minimum ETTL power output when using HSS.

I’m not sure if this has changed that much, though I’m not really sure if it can be considered a fault of the flash either. As the Shanny flashes simply produce more light in HSS mode than the Canon 600EX-RT.

In ETTL, and using HSS mode, the SN600C-RT can not produce less light than the minimum 1/128th manual power level setting though, where the Canon flashes can go slightly lower.

If minimum HSS output is too much though, a Stofen style cap, or the flashes flip down wide angle diffuser etc, can be used to help reduce the light output.


Otherwise the SN600C-RT’s ETTL exposures and Flash Exposure Compensation all appear to work fine, as the earlier SN600SC etc have already done as well.




Shanny’s SN-E3-RT transmitter unit has also been re-released. Though unfortunately results here are more disappointing.

UPDATE – And as late as September 2015 Shanny had still had no plans for rectifying these considerable issues with the SN-E3-RT transmitter in the near future.

Shanny may have improved stability further, though the range and consistency of the first release SN-E3-RT already appeared to be very good anyway.

The SN-E3-RT’s AF assist light has also now improved. And although they are still not as bright as the flash units provide, though they do appear to work reasonably well now.

The largest issue though has been the SN-E3-RT’s sticky main control dial. And unfortunately at the time of writing this that has not improved. If anything the dial appears to be even slightly stiffer than before.

And changes on the SN-E3-RT’s LCD still do not always correspond with movements of the dial as they should.

Combined with a transmitter which rocks around considerably in the cameras hotshoe, this makes anything but very slow and precise adjustment of the main dial pretty difficult at times.

And a filter film which Shanny had intended to implement over the SN-E3-RT’s color LCD display to make them more visible in bright sunlight does not appear to have eventuated either.

The SN-E3-RT’s test fire button still does not function, and there is still no recycle ready indication from the slave flashes.

The SN-E3-RT are functional (provided you’re not in any hurry to make adjustments) and appear reliable, though they are currently certainly not up to the standard they should be, or of the (lower priced) YongNuo and original Canon alternatives.




So at the time of writing this, the Shanny SN600C-RT flashes are likely best used as a good economical extension to the Canon ST-E3-RT, and 600EX-RT system and master units.

At $110 the Shanny SN-E3-RT transmitters are relatively inexpensive though, and their range and reliability are very good. Just be aware the interface is currently not always easy (or enjoyable) to adjust.

That is really a shame at this point, as Shanny had started so well with the SN-E3-RT. Hopefully they will still refine these further over time yet though.




The SN600C-RT like all current Shanny flash models use the Canon 600EX-RT style interface.

The Shanny LCD displays are not very high resolution compared to most other dot matrix displays. Though if anything this has turned out to be an advantage, with the characters easy to read from a distance.

A slightly sticky main control dial has been an on running issue with Shanny flashes, though nothing as serious as the SN-E3-RT transmitter units mentioned above currently suffer from. The dials could certainly improve still, though they generally do work ok as they are.

In RT slave mode most of the adjustment are made on the transmitter units anyway.






Importantly the SN600C-RT do also now include a micro USB port in the flashes battery compartment for firmware updates.

(SN600C-RF flash model shown below)


Shanny SN600C-RF




As noted previously, Shanny are no longer consciously seeking, or maintaining ongoing compatibility with YongNuo equipment (or any other third party brands), only with the original Canon equipment.

And at this point the SN600C-RT are not really compatible at all with the YongNuo YN-E3-RT or YN600EX-RT as transmitter units.

(It is currently possible to link them together with some functions, using an unusual work around of turning on a Canon master unit at the same time, which strangely helps to establish the initial link. Though functionality between them is still incomplete and limited).




Unlike the current SN600SC, the SN600C-RT do (at the time of writing this) appear to have full function when used with the YongNuo YN-622C.

That is with a YN-622C as receiver attached to the SN600C-RT foot (not any direct link with the RT radio system).

As mentioned above though, this compatibility could change over time with updated models, and firmware updates etc, as Shanny are no longer maintaining compatibility with YongNuo equipment.



Once again, apart from the built-in radio receiver,  slightly lower power, and added USB port, the SN600C-RT are otherwise built on the same flash body as the original Canon version SN600SC, and more detail on recycle times, flash patterns, AF light, ports etc can be seen in the SN600SC review here.




Click to Expand


Guide number: GN60(ISO100,200mm)

Wireless Flash: Built-in Slave Function 2.4GHz RT Radio System (Compatible with Canon RT System)

Flash mode: ETTL, M, MULTI

Zoom range: Auto, 20~200mm (When using wide angle dispersion plate is 14 mm)

High speed sync: 1/8000s

Master flash: None

Slave flash:  Optic Trigger S1/S2

Shutter synchronization: High Speed Sync, Front-curtain Sync and Rear Sync

Flash exposure compensation: Support (with an increment of 1/3 gear in +/-3 gear)

Bracket exposure: Support

Flash exposure lock: Support

Modeling flash: Support

AF assist-focus: Support

Manual flash:  1/128~1/1Hz (with an increment of 1/3 gear)

Frequency flash: 1~199Hz

Recycle time: Quick flash less than 2s, ordinary flash less than 3s

Radio transmission distance: 30m

Radio transmission channels: Auto, and 1-15

Radio ID: 0000-9999

Flash groups: Support for multiple flash grouping A/B/C/D/E

Power supply: 4×AAsize batteries (Alkaline or Ni-MH is usable)

External interface: Hot-shoe, PC Sync Port, External Battery Port, USB Port

Software upgrade: – Yes, Via USB Port

Battery life: Flash 100~700 times

Measurement: 79.7(L)×142.9(W)×125.4(H)mm

Net weight: About 420g (not including batteries)




CANON – 1100D, 1200D, 550D, 500D/T1i, 350D, 600D, 650D, 700D, 60D, 70D, 7D, 7DII, 6D, 5D II, 5DIII, 1D X/1D C

(NOT suitable for Canon 1D II,1Ds II, 1D )

Compatibility with other camera models still needs to be tested.





SHANNY – SN-E3-RT, (SN600EX-RT Flash Coming Later)




The Shanny SN600C-RT are now looking to be a solid economical RT radio slave flash option to complement the Canon RT system, with good consistent range to match.

Unfortunately the Shanny SN-E3-RT transmitters still need some refinement to reach the same level.

So at this stage the SN600C-RT are likely best value as good economical extensions to the genuine Canon ST-E3-RT and 600EX-RT as Master transmitter units.

The Shanny SN600EX-RT with full RT Master and Slave functions are still in development and should be available later in the year.

UPDATE September 2015 – Shanny appear to have put development of the RT system aside for the moment to concentrate on the RF systems they have more experience with. The SN600EX-RT may now be available around early 2016.




The Shanny SN600C-RT for Canon are available now from $130 with shipping –

Ebay, Amazon, UK.


SN-E3-RT transmitter unit from $110 with shipping –

Ebay, Amazon, UK.


Shanny – Website, Aliexpress.

Shanny – Flash Models Detailed

Shanny – SN-E3-RT Review



  1. Frank 6 years ago

    Hmmm i own the actual SN-E3-RT and this unit often lost RT with two Canon 600EXRT. Only used outdoor, distance 5-6 meters, channel scan done. As shanny never released any firmware updates i never would buy any Shanny item again.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Frank,

      I have the original version as well and that works very well at much greater range than that, so your transmitter must be faulty.

      Shanny provide 12 months warranty so they should replace it. Have you contacted them regarding this?

      I still wouldn’t really personally recommend purchasing the current SN-E3-RT though, as the dial and foot are just not up to the standard they should be.

      • Frank 6 years ago

        Hi elv,
        the problem – i had so much trouble with Shanny or Amanda in the last weeks with my SN600C-RT replacement, i don’t want this procedure again. So i did not tell them about the SN-E3-RT problems. Maybe i can corresponded wit Yigo.

  2. Blaus 6 years ago

    Sorry, that this Flash wireless optical mode is only Manual, and not TTL!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Blaus,

      As far as I can see the SN600C-RT only has S1 and S2 optic slave modes.

      No Canon or Nikon Optic Wireless Slave modes in TTL or Manual.

  3. Yuppa 6 years ago

    I’ve heard through the grapevine that the soon-to-be-released (just kidding) flagship SN600EX-RT won’t have any Canon wireless optical capabilities either (a SN600SC with RT). It will be a RT master/slave with generic optical triggers only.

    If true: epic fail.

    I hope they announce soon that they’re canceling that RT module that would have turned my SN600SC into an RT slave. That would be great!

  4. Jesse Patterson 6 years ago

    Is anyone having compatibility issues with the SN-E3-RT on the 7D2? My SN-E3-RT works perfectly on my 70D however, ETTL on the 7D2 overexposes by 3 to 4 stops. I tried contacting Amanda, it’s been 2 weeks and haven’t heard back.

    • Patrik 6 years ago

      Hi, yes I have the same issue!!! I’m waiting for them to solve the problem I’m in contact with Christina, Amanda has left Shanny.
      Start to loose my patience now regarding Shanny, hopefully the can give me some news soon.

      Anyone that have tested Canon S3-E3-RT together with SN600C-RT?

      • Patrik 6 years ago

        Should have written Canon ST-E3-RT of course. And this combination together with 7D mk2…

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 6 years ago

        Hi Patrik,

        Yes the Canon ST-E3-RT and 600EX-RT work well as Master units to the SN600C-RT.

        Though I don’t know if there are any issues then still with the 7DII.

        We still haven’t seen any user firmware updates from Shanny as yet.

        • Patrik 6 years ago

          Thanks, true there might be problem with communication from 7DII when using trigger…
          I’ll try to find someone with an ST-E3-RT near my area so I could try it out first.

  5. Dilbert 6 years ago

    How does it compare to the YN600EX-RT in your experience? I have one of the these and the only major flaw for me is the short battery life when you leave them in the unit (even when powered down).

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Dilbert,

      A few other people mentioned the later firmware updates appeared to cure their battery drain issue. Otherwise I haven’t heard of this issue occurring with later flashes, so you may even want to consider exchanging your flash if that is at all practical.

      Regarding the flash comparison, below is a comment I have recycled from a few days ago in another post –

      I’m trying to post a short review on the Shanny SN600C-RT (RT slave flash, no master) later today. They work very well as a slave flash in the RT system.

      There have been numerous issues reported with the YN600EX-RT, though I would still think the vast majority of people are happy with theirs. Its been a strange situation with the YN600EX-RT, as there is not really any ongoing common issue I could point out at this stage.

      (Actually one functional issue, the remote manual use with YN-E3-RT transmitter mounted on single firing pin cameras does not currently work with the YN600EX-RT, only with the Canon 600EX-RT).

      I personally like the build and feel of the Shanny flashes better, though the YN600EX-RT offers a master function for around the same price now as the SN600C-RT (RT slave only) flash.

      Its likely the rest of the system for each brand that may determine people choice though, as we really can’t expect compatibility between the YongNuo and Shanny RT systems anymore.

      YongNuo have the advantage of the YNE3-RX receiver available, which can add other studio lights etc into the mix, though that is one thing both systems could share, provided an original Canon unit is used as the transmitter.

      The YongNuo YN-E3-RT transmitter has the advantage of being able to be used on any cameras with a single firing pin, in remote manual use, so that is a big advantage to people using mirrorless systems as well as Canon (though currently only works with the Canon 600EX-RT flash). The Shanny flash is not really compatible at all though.

      Another advantage of the YN-E3-RT is the group mode for pre-2012 cameras. So that can be another serious consideration for people using older camera models as well. Unless YongNuo have made improvements though, the disadvantage to the YN-E3-RT is range.

      The Shanny SN-E3-RT transmitter, works very well with range and reliability, though it basically currently sucks to make adjustments on (with a loose foot, and poor main dial).

      So using these flashes as slaves to the original Canon 600EX-RT and ST-E3-RT is really the main nice option at the moment, though in any case its likely worth considering the full system available.

      I would prefer to go towards the build quality of the Shanny flash, though YongNuo do currently have a number of functional advantages in their system (and the YN600EX-RT can be a back up on-camera master flash).

      Shanny are still working on their SN600EX-RT, though I don’t think they have any intention of matching YongNuo’s pricing.

      The SN600C-RT, and Shanny flashes have more of a nice solid feel to them, and they recycle faster as well. Power is around the same as the YN600EX-RT, so Shanny have lost the advantage the had with their earlier models.

      The main dial is still not great on the Shanny flashes, though its ok. And I’ve personally come to prefer the larger pixelated display on the Shanny flashes as its easier to see from any distance.

      Range currently appears to possibly be a little better with the SN600C-RT. Though I initially said the same with the YN600EX-RT, and after throwing them in the mix when testing numerous gear it started to become clear the original Canon gear do have a slight advantage. That will likely end up the case with the SN600C-RT as well, though so far theres not much in it.

      Shanny appear ahead with the external build quality at least, where YongNuo are still ahead with engineering new functions etc.

      • Dilbert 6 years ago

        Thank you! I never thought of fixing this issue through firmware as I always felt it was bad hardware design… but hey, I’m gonna check this out.

        I’ll probably stick with Yongnuo if I can just fix this with an update because of my older camera bodies and I already have an YN-E3-RT which other than draining the batteries as well… works pretty good.


  6. vcbneo 6 years ago

    I was hoping the overexpose issue would be fixed in the newer version. It looks like Shanny only fixed the range issue in the newer version. Overexpose is not addressed. Mine is overexpose by more than 1 stop. I use FEC -1 as a workaround now. Until Shanny address this, I don’t recommend to buy SN600C-RT due to overexpose issue.

    • Yuppa 6 years ago

      Looks like this would be a great opportunity for Shanny to release their first end-user, firmware update!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi vcbneo,

      Did you mean the overexposure just in HSS, or overall?

  7. vcbneo 6 years ago

    I meant the overexposure overall in ETTL including HSS. I had the new version briefly (had to send back to due to flash zoom not working defect) and didn’t see much different or improvement in overexposure issue. It’s still overexposed at least 2/3 to 1 stop compared to Canon. My friend also has the same issue. I think someone already reported the overexposure issue of this flash here in the past. I guess Shanny has not acknowledged the overexposure issue yet as it’s not fixed in the new version. So far the range issue has been addressed.

  8. Glenn 6 years ago

    Shanny should seriously work on the customer support. I am still waiting on a reply from Amanda or anyone from the development department. I still got problems with the flashes. See my latest comments in this topic:

    So consider the customer support before you buy Shanny!

  9. Jamesy 6 years ago

    I am starting to see listings on eBay for the SN600EX-RF. Any comments on these yet?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Jamesy,

      Yes I’ll try and get a short review up on these next. They work well, though like the Pixel X800C they are limited to the original Canon Optic Wireless style master interface for the wireless radio function as well, where you can not mix TTL and Manual groups etc.

      And the current SN-E3-RF transmitter is limited to the same system, and control through the camera menu. For what they do they work well though, with good range.

  10. vcbneo 6 years ago

    That means SN600EX-RT should be out soon. I wouldn’t buy their RF system. The whole point is compatibility with Canon RT system so we can mix with Canon and have at least 1 Canon for reliability/consistency to work with Shanny RT system.

  11. Jamesy 6 years ago

    Thanks for the comments. I realized recently there is both an RF and RT system – I look forward to the RT release.

  12. Max 6 years ago


    Would really appreciate some advice,

    I would like off camera flash with HSS, built in receiver and a nice (reliable) control unit on camera. The flashes will be in an umbrella softbox hence need to be controlled from camera, without having to open the softbox every time.

    Budget – not huge. Looking at either Yongnuo or Shanny 600 systems but so baffled with a. the many incarnations and b. the sporadic negative reports on range.

    What would be your recommendation for flash + control unit?

    Thanks so much,


    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Max,

      I personally wouldn’t recommend the current Shanny SN-E3-RT transmitter due to the issues mentioned in the post. I have not seen any issues with the range though.

      Alternatively the YongNuo YN-E3-RT transmitter I have only has half the range of the Canon unit. I’m not sure it that has possibly improved with recent units though.

      So the most reliable option is likely still the genuine Canon ST-E3-RT transmitter, and then you could use either Shanny or YongNuo RT slave flashes.

      To add a little more confusion, Shanny’s new RF system is showing exceptional range, even master flash to slave flash. The SN-E3-RF transmitter is very limited currently though. And even the master flash only follows the old Canon optic system functions. So currently no group sytle menu where TTL and manual groups are mixed.

      Yes its shocking having so many incarnations, each system with various limitations and states of incompleteness.

      I argued with Shanny for weeks to just finish their RT system properly first, but they wouldn’t listen. And as a result they have likely set themselves back 12 months, and customers have to deal with the shortcomings of each system then as well.

      • Max 6 years ago

        Thanks for the reply!

        It really is so confusing for consumers, either that or I’m being a little dense; both are equally plausible.

        The Canon transmitter is a little out of my price range right now (very tight budget).

        When you say half the range of the Canon unit, do you mean the quoted range or have you found the quoted Canon range to be less, thus meaning the Yongnuo is a bit rubbish. The Canon quoted range is 30m (roughly 100ft). Is it safe to assume the Yongnuo will work to 15m (50ft)?

        Oh, I should have probably mentioned that I’ll be using this outside. I know that has an effect on range…

        If I can expect 15m (50ft) of range outside and good reliability from the Yongnuo 600 flashes and transmitter, do you think that’s the best option? Budget in mind of course.

        Sorry for all the questions but I value your opinion.



        P.S. I’ll be using this professionally and will most likely upgrade to something like the Phottix mitros+ and an odin when budget allows.

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 6 years ago

          Hi Max,

          The Canon RT system will often reach 60 to 100 meters clear line of sight. Though in practical use, when you start using a number of flashes, in different positions, and often in environments where there can possibly be other interference around etc, the reliable range is often a round just 25 to 30 meters.

          The YN-622C are pretty much the same, as with the original Pixel Kings, Phottix Odin, and many of the 2.4GHz TTL triggers.

          So yes the original YN-E3-RT at least can be down to around 15 meters of practical use. In the early days a number of people were complaining of around 10 meter range. Though since the early days I really don’t hear many people complaining about the YN-E3-RT range being an issue for them at all.

          The YN-E3-RT I have is around half the range of the RT system etc, so 15 meters can be around the practical limit. I’ll order another one from YongNuo Ebay now (so it should be the latest stock), and see if I can see any improvement. That will likely take a couple of weeks to arrive though.

          The original YN-622C-TX also had complaints about range compared to the regular YN-622C used as a transmitter, again around half the range in comparison. Though YongNuo release a new YN-622C-TX from January 2015, which has improved to around half way between the original YN-622C-TX and the YN-622C (so around 75% of the YN-622C range now).

          The YN-E3-RT was mentioned to have had an update as well, though I don’t know if there has been any comment about the update improving range or not.

          Worst case scenario is that you could add regular YN-622C transmitter and receiver to your YN600EX-RT flashes for better range. Though after buying 2 sets of triggers you could have purchased a Canon ST-E3-RT instead.

          Regarding reliability, the YN-622C and YN-568EX II have been around for a long time now, and have had plenty of time for refinements. Where the YN600EX-RT are still relatively new, and there have been a number of inconsistent issues reported. Though in the most part I think most people have been quite fine with them.

          If your’re on a really tight budget though and want to play it safe as possible, then the YN-622C and YN-568EX II may still be worth considering. The latest YN-622C are about to be released as well.

          In any case its best to try and purchase from Amazon or local sellers etc who will exchange the flash quickly without cost if there are any issues found.

          Otherwise, if you don’t really need TTL and HSS so much, the remote manual YN-560TX and YN-560 IV flashes are very cheap reliable and great to use, and you can have plenty of back up units. You can even add your TLL flash (otherwise used for on camera run and gun etc) to the YN560-TX system with a YN-622C receiver attached. Its remote manual only still then though.

  13. Max 6 years ago

    Thanks so much for the detailed reply. Can’t tell you how much I appreciate the advice.

    Where I’m at now – I do need HSS so 560’s etc. are out. I also have a 568ex ii but, due to my laziness, I wanted flashes with the triggers built in (less gear). Because of that I’m leaning toward the yn 600’s and the YN-E3-RT. I think, even at worst case range (15m), that should work for my purposes, at least for the moment.

    I know it may be a risk but by the sounds of it, it’s a fairly minor one. Fingers crossed!

    Thanks again for your responses. They really have helped! I’ll post back here if I experience any issues. If not, please assume all was good 🙂

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Max,

      No worries. If your’e mainly doing portraits etc outside the YN-E3-RT should hopefully be ok. Its things like wedding receptions where the can be a lot of interference close by where people usually complain about limited range.

      If you’re not trading in your YN-568EX II, then the YNE3-RX receivers are a great solution for adding the RF flash into the RT system.

  14. Scott 6 years ago

    I have the sn-e3-rt and the sn600c-rt.
    Tested outdoors I had great success at 100 feet. I didn’t try any farther because I am usually within 10 feet, often much closer, to the flash unit. So far I am very pleased. I purchased these two on ebay about 2 months ago.

  15. Scott 6 years ago

    June 15, 2015 I received an email today from Chrostina at Shanny. Tje sn600ex-rt units are in stock and ready to ship. She wanted to know how many I wanted. I didn’t get a price from her yet though.

  16. Frank 6 years ago

    Amanda and Yigo are no longer support manager at shanny ??? Christina Zhang is the new one – right ?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Frank,

      Yes, unfortunately Amanda has left Shanny. And Christina has now taken over her role.

      I’m not sure about Yigo.

      • Frank 6 years ago

        I was told today that Amanda and Yigo are gone

  17. Scott 6 years ago

    Christina is the one that has been corresponding with me now.

  18. Scott Rogers 6 years ago

    Received another email from Christina.
    Just as I suspected, she confused the RT with the RF. She now tells me the RT is not available. She meant the RF.
    What a mess they have created with their product names.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Thanks Scott,

      I though there must be some mix up there.

      It may take Christina a little time to get familiar with all the models. Amanda knew all the products very well because she was involved with them all from the beginning.

      From what Amanda was saying the EX-RF flash for Nikon should be coming next, so I wouldn’t expect the SN600EX-RT until some time after the Nikon RF flash is available.

  19. Scott 6 years ago

    July 15, 2015. No word yet of the sn600ex-t.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Scott,

      No not yet. Shanny are about to release the Nikon SN910EX-RF next.

      The RT system is likely proving to be a challenge.

      • Scott Rogers 6 years ago

        Shanny will launch the new product next week—- Nikon 2.4G Wireless Creative Lighting System.

        This is the first wireless flash for Nikon in the world. W-CLS——SN910EX-RF is a powerful TTL radio master&salve flash supporting HSS up to 1/8000s and on-camera TTL. As a radio master and slave flash it is using the Shanny’s own 2.4GHz technology. It could control the zoom and flash mode seperately in the group of A/B/C.

        Super Guide Number-60.Superspeed recycle timeAuto Zoom:14-200mm.100m distance control.

        ep. This is from Christina.

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 6 years ago

          Thanks Scott,

          I have a sample on the way. Hopefully they should be good.

          I’ve told Christina though the PhottiX Mitros+ for Nikon have been available for a couple of years already, so they can’t really claim to be first.

  20. Joey 6 years ago

    Hello everyone. Has anyone had any issues triggering these flashes in 2nd curtain sync using a canon 600exrt as a master? I can’t get it to work in 2nd curtain off camera. I was previously using yn-e3-rt as master and 600ex-rt off camera at 2nd curtain sync beautifully. I do a lot of nightclub photography and 2nd curtain sync is crucial. I want to use the canon 600exrt as a master because it has excellent AF ASSIST beam light. Any thoughts will be appreciated.

    • Fred 5 years ago

      Hi Joey,

      The Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT user manual states the following at the bottom of page 26: “Second-curtain sync is not available during wireless flash shooting”. I guess you were in luck to be able to do it using the YN trigger.

  21. Kevin 5 years ago

    Has anyone been able to use the SN-E3-RT transmitter with a 5DS R camera in ETTL mode? I have a 5D3 and the transmitter works fine with it. On my 5DS R body though the ETTL mode doesn’t work, the remote flash only fires at full power. I notice on the compatibility list that camera isn’t listed, maybe there is something different with that body that it won’t work with it.

    • Patrik 5 years ago

      It’s the same problem with 7D mk2 and Shanny doesn’t do much to help, they doesn’t seems to release any firmware upgrade either 🙁

  22. Niels Gram 5 years ago

    That’s the problem with reverse engineering… The timing may be different on new cameras and there may also be changes in the protocol which may be within the propriatary spec but will not work with 3rd party devices. Report it to Shanny and request a fix. You could also try your luck with the YNE3-RT but it may be the same outcome…

  23. Frank 5 years ago

    I own the shanny rt Transmitter too. Its a mess with this item and Shanny has never released any firmware updates. My two 600RT shanny flashes are faulty too and i’m sure everyone has the same bad experiences with the shanny Service.

    • Kevin 5 years ago

      I have two of the SN600C-RT flashes also, what are the issues you are having with yours?

  24. Frank 5 years ago

    I own two different revisions. One item sometimes looses the complete settings, so during a Shooting or after switching the power button you must readjust the channel and id . The other item rarely Displays the settings during Shooting. They both overexposure in ettl hss compared to the Canon 600ex, but i only use the shannys in Manual mode. But the worst Problem is the SNE3RT Transmitter losing the RT Connection during Shooting with the Canon 600 and the shanny 600 flashes independently with the distance.

  25. Scott 5 years ago

    Well we’re well into 2016 Shanny Company. Please help us early adopters with our Shanny sn600c rt system investments.

  26. Frank 5 years ago

    Shanny has never released any firmware updates, my SN-E3 RT is not compatible with the 7D2. I’m sure our Shanny products a soon digital vintage 🙁

  27. Niels Gram 5 years ago

    Not sure that “vintage” is a suitable label to put on the Shanny stuff. For me “vintage” is old and quality – as in wine and cars. From what I read on the net Shanny products do not seem to deserve to be labeled as “vintage”…

  28. Scott 5 years ago

    Very disappointing

  29. Author
    Flash Havoc 5 years ago

    If its any consolation Shanny have managed to pick up an exclusive USA distributor with Omega Brandess. And provide 12 months warranty if purchased directly or through their dealers.

    The flashes have some good things going for them, though overall its been disappointing from what Shanny could have been. Time will tell if they make progress.

  30. patrik 5 years ago

    A good question is why they still advertise as functional for all cameras, when they know that they have lots of problem with some of them. Like the 7Dmk2…
    I will for sure never recommend anyone to buy Shanny equipment due to the fact that they don’t care about customers. Warranties are useless here in sweden due to the extremely hi cost to ship stuff to china (more or less the same price for a new trigger).

  31. Frank 5 years ago

    Anyone tried the Shanny C-Rt with the yongnuo YN-E3-RT ?

  32. Frank 5 years ago

    The Shanny C-RT does not work directly with the YN-E3-RT. You can sync the Yongnuo trigger with the shanny C-RT :

    I use the Yn-E3-RT with the Shannys for some weeks now and i can confirm absolutley no missfires as with the SN-E3-RT.

  33. aziz 5 years ago

    hello i have shanny SN 600sc, Nikon/cannon
    master/slave…../ canon 6d

    i want sell 2 other Flashes and RT trigger

    the deal is to have 3 flashes work without problem in RT mode, having AE assistance is important for me,
    can you help me for having a good choice

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi aziz,

      Sorry I’m not completely sure what you are asking there.

      The best RT flashes would be the original Canon flashes, and the 430EX III-RT would be the most affordable of those to buy new.

      I don’t deal with Shanny flashes much anymore, because since Amanda left the company there are lots of complaints, and little help for customers from Shanny. They have still never released a single firmware update.

      The only other inexpensive RT flash option are the YongNuo 600EX-RT. They work reasonably well, though radio range is not quite as good as the Canon RT flashes. YongNuo do also still have a small percentage of units that fail over time.

  34. aziz 5 years ago

    the goal is to choose to invest in any shanny NOT be problems (and 3 flash trigger from shanny RT) or to buy 2 flashes of another brand propablement YONGNUO and RT trigger without getting rid the shanny
    shanny the SN 600SC + 2 flash YONGNUO + trigger YongNuo-E3-RT can work together ??

  35. markiz 5 years ago

    hi Flashhavoc. do you not deal with Shanny because of poor customer support or because in time appeared many bad units? it will help a lot if you answer. What you know about the Shanny 600C-rt it is a reliable unit? My chinese friend says Shanny is better than Yongnuo. thanks

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi markiz,

      Actually for both reasons. There were numerous failed units, and customers get very little help anymore contacting Shanny directly. So you’re relying on the seller for any help if there are issues.

      Its very hard to know if there are more or less failed units than YongNuo though. Shanny never provided any firmware updates though either, so people stuck with the early models would have to buy a complete new flash to update.

      Customers are also saying they have cancelled the SN600EX-RT. So it sounds like they have given up on developing the RT flash system.

      Godox are not perfect either, though so far their speedlites appear to be considerably more reliable than YongNuo and Shanny. As they become pretty popular now they could possibly have some batches with issues at times as well though.

  36. Fabio 5 years ago

    Good Morning.
    I bought this week Flash Canon 430EX iii RT. I can buy the SN600c-RT shanny to work together?

    Shanny 600-RT is cheaper than the YongNuo 600-RT. I need a cheap flash radio RT.

    Will work the Canon 430EX iii RT + Shanny 600-RT?

    Big hug.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Fabio,

      Sorry I don’t have the 430EX III-RT to test this. Though I would think it should work. You would be best to check with Shanny directly if the dealer can not confirm for you.

  37. Fabio 5 years ago

    Obrigado Havoc.
    Eu penso em comprar Shanny 600RT ou YN600RT.

    Eu tenho também os Triggers Godox X1C and TT600, mas quando utilizo em cima da câmera o Flash Canon 430iii preciso de um flash RT.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      “Thank Havoc.
      I think of buying Shanny 600RT or YN600RT.

      I also have the Triggers Godox X 1 C and TT600, but when I use on the camera Canon 430iii Flash need a flash RT.”


      Hi Fabio,

      Yes its difficult to combine the systems.

      Of the 2 flashes I would go with the YN600EX-RT. But they still won’t work well with the Godox system, even if you used an X1R-C receiver attached to the flash.

      The only option to work with both systems would be another genuine Canon flash. And using an X1R-C receiver attached to the flash when using the Godox transmitter. If it was an older 580EX II etc, you would need a YNE3-RT receiver attached to used that with the 430EXIII-RT as transmitter.

  38. Adamantios Totief 4 years ago

    Hi, I purchased a Shanny SN600C-RT in August 2016 which I was using off camera using the Viltrox transceiver FC-210C. I was satisfied so far although sometimes there was no communication between the camera (Canon 6d) and the speedlight. I think (not sure) it was Viltrox system that wasn’t consistent. Anyway, a few days ago I decided to purchase a second speedlight (the same one from Shanny) and also got the SN-E3-RTs. Then I discovered that the old one was not able to get linked to the transmitter while there was no such a problem with the new one. Whatsmore, the zoom was not functioning anymore. Today I sent an email to Shanny asking for a replacement or a repair since it happened within the one year warranty. The first reply I got from Shanny Russia was that I would probably have to make a firmware update. I am not aware of any firmware available for the speedlight (nothing on their site or elsewhere on the web). I’ve heard the after sales service is not one of the best out there. I’ll keep you posted if I find a solution to my problem.

  39. Scott 4 years ago

    Adamantios Totief,
    do you have any updated news on your situation?

  40. Adamantios Totief 3 years ago

    @Scott: strange as it may sound it was the diffuser that caused the problem! When retracted, everything works fine.

  41. Scott 2 years ago

    I am curious to know if Shanny has made any kind of attempt to advance the 600RT product line. Any word of a firmware update?

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