Sky Eagle PB3000 – 3000mAh Lithium Speedlite Power Pack

Sky Eagle have released a new PB3000 Lithium Power Pack for speedlites, currently listed on Amazon from around $80. If the PB3000 can live up to the specs, this unit is looking to be a lot of bang for your buck, particularly at the current low price.

Single flash Lithium power packs like the PB3000 are just slowly starting to emerge now, and as an alternative to the crazy battery management required if using a number of AA cell packs, they just can’t come soon enough.

If you need to speed up recycle time, or avoid constantly changing batteries mid shoot, inexpensive 8 AA packs like the popular Pixel packs around $70 have been the main economical solution for a number of years now. The Godox PB-820 around $120 later emerged as one of the most popular options for people who don’t want to manage a lot of AA batteries individually. The NiMH cells are sealed inside those, and a single wall charger charges the full pack in one go.

Lithium offers the prospect of more capacity, with smaller size and lighter weight. Godox again currently have one of the best Lithium options with the new PB-920 around $200, but those may be overkill for many people in terms of cost and capacity when just using a single speedlight per pack. Also extra weight if you’re attaching one to your belt for on camera use.

So single flash Lithium packs like the new Sky Eagle PB3000 will hopefully offer the best alternative to the 8 AA packs, and if the Sky Eagle’s price is any indication they may well do it just economically.

At 3000mAh the PB3000 capacity is larger than possibly even required for a single flash pack, providing up to 1200 full power pops with a speedlite. The 8 AA packs will get you up to 500 in comparison. So that’s around twice the capacity for a pack of the same weight.

Sky Eagle PB3000


The PB3000, similar to the Godox packs, have a simple On-Off button, 4 LED battery level indicator, charging socket, and a DIN style power cord socket, which are fairly standard now and should be compatible with most Quantum style cords. These cords are available inexpensively for a number of flash brands, so even though the PB3000 may only be listed with Canon or Nikon compatible cords, you should still be able to use the pack with sony etc speedlites with the right cord.

Sky Eagle PB3000


One very handy extra feature which the Godox packs don’t have, is a USB port for charging mobile phones etc directly from the pack as well –

Sky Eagle PB3000


Charging the PB3000 is with the one simple wall charger, and charge time is stated as approximately 2 hours. The charger attaches to a port on the top of the pack, which suggests the actual Lithium battery pack itself is sealed inside the PB3000 case. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it means you can’t just charge the actual battery separately from the pack, and swap them over as needed. And the complete pack will likely have to be retired once the battery eventually wears out.

Sky Eagle PB3000


There are strap holes built into the sides of the case, but no belt clip directly attached to the back. Which means you would need to use the extra supplied case to attach to your belt.

The PB3000 from LinkDelight comes with battery, power cord, charger, carry case, and 2 straps.

Sky Eagle PB3000

Specs –

  • Battery: Lithium battery 11.1V 3000mAH
  • Battery charging time: Approx. 2 hours (1A charging)
  • Flash charging time: Approx. 1.2 second (full power)
  • Flash times: Approx.1200 times full power
  • Power connecting cable for Canon: 56 ~150 cm
  • Dimension: 132*95*45
  • Net weight: 415g
  • Power Adapter:
  • Input: AC100V-240V, 50/60Hz, 0.65A; Output: DC13.8V, 1A; Plug Type: US


The Sky Eagle PB3000 is currently listed on Amazon from around $80.

Even many inexpensive manual flashes like the very popular YN-560 II and YN-560 III  have external battery pack sockets to accept these packs now.

Please note, I have not tried this pack myself, and it would likely take quite some time to be able to gauge the life expectancy and quality of the Lithium batteries inside anyway.

Sky Eagle – Website


Godox PB-820 NiHM available on Amazon around $120
Godox PB960 Lithium alternative around $200

As far as I understand Lithium batteries do degrade slowly over time regardless of how often they are recharged. So if you only intend to use the pack occasionally, the 8 AA cell packs likely do make more sense there. As you can recharge and condition the cells individually, and throw away any bad ones as needed.

Pixel 8 Cell AA packs (around $70) –

Nikon SB-900
Nikon SB-800 & older

And Eneloop AA batteries are ideal for the pack with slow discharge.
Or Powerex 2700mAh for maximum recyle speed and pops.

  1. tommy 6 years ago

    not forgetting the Jinbei MF-35 battery pack which has almost double the capacity
    and is user replaceable with after market batteries.
    That’s a BIG incentive for me cause i hate to be tied down to makers replacement batteries.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Tommy,

      Thanks, yes the MF-35 is more in line with the Godox BP960. I’ve mentioned it a few times comparing to the Nissin pack and the Godox –

      They do actually have a fairly recent single pack version as well which is just starting to become available more widely. It has the removable battery as well but its 2100mAh compared to 3000 for the Sky Eagle, and twice the price. Not to say its not good or even better yet. The Jinbei/Caler don’t packs really get the attention they should.

      There are some others emerging too with standard video style lithium batteries that just clip in like your camera battery. I think that style could be the answer for the wider market.

  2. Ed 6 years ago

    Unfortunately they had the wrong price on the website. It is $105 delivered to USA. 🙁 Still a pretty good deal, just not as good as it appeared.



  3. Kelly 6 years ago

    Hello Edward,

    Thanks for your comment,but please,the PB3000 power pack good or not,it’s not only decide by price.This factory already control the wrong price from their agent and wholesaler.

  4. Yezid 8 months ago

    I need the cable who go to the flash it mine was broken

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