SMDV – Alpha Speedbox and Grids – Now Available



SMDV have released a new line of Alpha quick folding Speedboxes, now featuring heat resistant metal speedrings designed to accommodate studio strobes using hot modelling lights.

The Alpha Speedbox series also now have grids available for order (as many people had been hoping for).




The dodecagon (12 sided) Alpha Speedboxes are currently available in four different sizes 80cm, 90cm, 100cm, and 110cm.

Mounting adapters will be available for an expanding number of strobe mounts, including Alien Bees, Bowens, Elinchrom, and Profoto.




The SMDV Speedbox’s very clever patented speedring design allows the Speedbox to be quickly snapped open and folded just as quickly again.

There are numerous varieties of quick folding softboxes available now, though the SMDV Speedbox are one of the few which can truly be snapped open and closed in few seconds without having to remove and install diffuser panels etc.




There is a short video here from SMDV USA demonstrating how quickly and easily the Speedbox can be opened and closed –




The new Alpha steel and alloy speedrings are reportedly a little heavier than the previous plastic versions, though they are designed to be more versatile for use with studio strobes using hot modelling lights now, as well as some portable strobes as before.

SMDV have also added extra latches (one set of latches for each pair of rods) so that the rods can also be collapsed much easier now as well.



Metal mounting adapters are, or will be, available for an expanding number of mounts, currently including Alien Bees, Bowens, Elinchrom, and Profoto.





And last, but not least, the new Alpha version Speedboxes finally now have optional grids available for the first time.

Due to the intricate shape of the 12 sided Speedboxes grids have not been easy to produce, and are therefore currently hand made in Korea.

So expect initial grid prices and availability may reflect that.





The SMDV Alpha Speedbox are available now from Legio Aerium on Amazon from $289.99 –

90cm Alpha Speedbox – $289.99

110cm Alpha SpeedBox – $309.99


Please contact the seller for grid pricing and ordering.


SMDV – USA Website

SMDV – Korea Website


Glow ParaPop – Review



  1. Ulysses 5 years ago

    These look VERY interesting indeed. They’re a bit costly, but sometimes ease of use and speed are the priority during a fast-moving shoot. These would probably compete at least in size against the CheetahStand Ricebowl products, which are similar in size offerings but are a bit more labor-intensive to set up. I wonder would it matter if these are truly parabolic in shape or not?

  2. Mike H 5 years ago

    Are the components available separately and are they compatible with the previous versions?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Mike,

      They generally provide spare parts like rods etc, though if you mean swapping the complete Alpha speedring (and possibly rods) into the regular Speedboxes, I’m really not sure if that would be possible.

      You could try contacting SMDV USA though, as they are generally pretty helpful.

    • LegioAerium 5 years ago

      Hi Mike,

      If you are asking about spare parts, they can be separately ordered as special order. That was and still is the case with the “regular” Speedboxes as well.

      If you are referring to the mounting adapters by “components,” they are available separately. Again, that was and still is the case with the “regular” Speedboxes also. So, for instance, with the Alpha Speedboxes, the various different mounting adapters for Bowens, Elinchrom, Profoto, etc. are or will be available.

      One thing to make clear is that the Alpha Speedbox series is not compatible with the non-Alpha Speedbox series. Both lines of softboxes will continue to be offered. But the thing to keep in mind is that they were each designed for different purposes/uses. That’s why they are incompatible. For instance, the non-Alpha Speedboxes were designed for use with speedlights or small bare bulb flashes. They were designed to be highly portable for location shoots. So the speedring was made with plastic … which means that it was not designed to handle the heat generated by modeling lights from studio strobes.

      On the other hand, the Alpha Speedbox is designed for use with studio strobes with hot modeling lights. To be able to do that, aluminum (“Alpha” designation refers to aluminum) was used for the speedring. The trade off is that the Alpha Speedbox is heavier than the non-alpha version. Also, since the Alpha Speedbox series is designed for studio strobes, the speedring is made large enough to accommodate pretty much all the existing studio strobes. So, the Alpha Speedring is larger than the non-Alpha speedring. That’s why the different series softboxes are incompatible with each other.

      Hope this helps.

      A veteran owned family business in Maryland.
      Quality, Service & Integrity

      Premier authorized SMDV dealer for the U.S. and Canada.
      Exclusive authorized KPS dealer for North America.

  3. M 5 years ago

    How would this compare to the Cheetahstand collapsible octobox? Are these rods prone to break? This is important to me because … I have a 4 Cheetah octoboxes and the plastic rods do break every year. Basically the glue that is used on the plastic Cheetah rods comes unglued. I continually use a special superglue to repair them.

    This Alpha Speedbox 110cm (44 inch) and Cheetah’s is 43 inch.
    Alpha Speedbox 110 = $339
    Cheetah Octobox 43 = $119

    Main difference I see is:
    Cheetah – collapsible rods made of plastic.
    Alpah – collapsible rods made of metal.

    Is the quality superior enough to be worth triple the price?

    • M 5 years ago

      This is the Cheetah octobox I currently use:

    • Legio Aerium 5 years ago

      Hello M,

      Obviously, as the seller of this product, we are biased. We think the Alpha Speedboxes are great. 😀

      So, perhaps a user review may be helpful for you. Ken is one of our customers and recently published his thoughts and experience with the Alpha Speedbox on his blog.

      Absolutely no compensation was provided. We have some demo units for our customers to try and that’s what he used and returned to us.

      Hope this helps.


      A veteran owned family business in Maryland.
      Quality, Service & Integrity

      Premier authorized SMDV dealer for the U.S. and Canada.
      Exclusive authorized KPS dealer for North America.

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 5 years ago

        Thanks Jay (and Ken), they are looking very nice.

    • Ulysses 5 years ago


      Just for information purposes, Cheetah has another product line called the Ricebowl, which is probably more analogous to the Alpha Speedbox. They currently come in 90cm, 120cm, and 150cm sizes (36″, 48″, and 60″).

      One big difference, however, is that you need to partially assemble as well as break down the Ricebowl. This can be a bit tricky at first until you learn your way around it. Otherwise, it’s a good modifier.

      I suspect that while the Alpha Speedbox is more expensive and shallower than the Ricebowl, it’s probably quicker to set up and easier to use. I haven’t tried one just yet, but I’d sure like to do so in the near future.

      • Looking 5 years ago

        Speedbox sounds like an interesting product.

        Oh … but LOOK! Adorama (and B&H) has a whole line of analogous softboxes! The big difference is that you need to assemble as well as breakdown these softboxes. Try them and the dexterity you gain will enhance your camera handling skills!|Size_36-quotes

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 5 years ago

        The SMDV Speedbox and Glow ParaPop are brilliant if you need something that pops open and closes just as quickly. You don’t even have to remove or attach diffuser panels.

        I was wary of the concept of the original plastic versions, though the great thing about the is they are just so lightweight compared to most regular speedring softboxes.

  4. Thomas Geist 5 years ago

    Is there anybody who owns a SMDV Alpha Speedbox?
    I need the diameter of the exchangeable speedring adapter. I plan on exchanging the Balcar/Alien Bee adapter on my 32×40 Buff softbox to a Bowens type adapter so that I can use it with the Godox AD600B.

    Adorama and B&H have the adapters (the original Bowens version) but they are out of stock. (I saw a video on YouTube where someone used exactly those, so I know they would fit.

    SMDV have these as well and they are really nice. But I don’t know if the diameter works.

    Getting an Alpha Speedbox is next and then I could measure myself, but I might have to wait a bit for that (they ain’t cheap).

  5. scott villalobos 4 years ago

    Where can I find the profoto mounts for these things?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Scott,

      If you’re in the US, Legio Photo have them listed here.

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