SMDV – BRiHT-360 TTL, HSS, Li-ion Strobe Announced



SMDV have announced the BRiHT-360 TTL and HSS enabled portable bare bulb strobe with Lithium-ion battery integrated into the flash body.

TTL enabled 2.4GHz SMDV FlashWave compatible radio receivers for both Canon and Nikon are also integrated neatly inside the BRiHT-360 flash units.

The 360Ws BRiHT-360 TTL are currently going through final testing, and SMDV are planning to release the strobes with Canon compatible transmitter at the beginning of 2016, with Nikon versions to follow.




The BRiHT-360 are a completely wireless strobe, with the removable Lithium-ion battery pack conveniently integrated into the top of the flash body.

A removable handle doubles as a light stand mount and swivel with integrated umbrella mount.

The BRiHT-360 flash name is an acronym based on the strobes features and capabilities – Bare bulb, Remote, HSS, TTL, and over 300Ws capacity.


The BRiHT-360



  • 360WS
  • Bare Bulb
  • Flash Modes – ETTL & Manual
  • HSS to 1/8000th
  • Integrated 2.4GHz FlashWave TTL Receivers – For Canon & Nikon
  • Integrated Lithium-ion Battery
  • Compact, Lightweight, Fully Cordless Unit
  • Integrated Modifier Mount
  • Removable Handle / Light Stand Mount & Swivel
  • Compatible with SMDV snap open Speedboxes



SMDV, who also market the Godox Witstro flash units under the SMD brand, have developed the new BRiHT-360 as a smaller, lighter, and more convenient alternative to the AD360 Witstro and other similar units currently available.

SMDV are also confident the BRiHT-360 will perform better than similar current alternatives.



Keep in mind the size comparison images with the Godox AD360 shown above and below do not include the separate Godox battery pack and cord, where the BRiHT-360 are the complete unit shown.



SMDV will of course have mounting rings available which are compatible with the BRiHT-360’s integrated modifier mount, and SMDV’s popular lightweight and fast snap open Speedboxes.

With the convenience of the self contained ready to go BRiHT-360 TTL strobes this should provide an impressive combination for the many wedding, event, and portrait photographers etc constantly on the go.






The BRiHT-360 TTL are currently going through final testing, and SMDV are planning to release the strobes with Canon compatible transmitter at the beginning of 2016, with Nikon versions to follow.

Pricing has not yet been specified.


SMDV – USA Website

SMDV – Korean Website




  1. Bill Walters 6 years ago

    Exciting times indeed in the high power, HSS, ETTL portable strobe / flash arena. I expect many more manufacturers to show their hand in the not too distant future. Competition and choice (from a consumer perspective) are a very good thing,

    Let the wars continue……..

  2. SmudgeStick 6 years ago

    Hi Elv, Is this HSS as in High Shutter Speed – or – is it the Pulsing constant output tech? TIA

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi SmudgeStick,

      SMDV have not released the full specs yet, so I didn’t ask for detail on the HSS mode.

      Though its highly unlikely full TTL strobes would be relying on long duration sync, unless the high shutter speed mode was only available for manual power levels. Because at the low power levels TTL metering can provide the flash durations would be much too short.

      I don’t think any TTL strobes available so far are using long duration sync.

      • SmudgeStick 6 years ago


  3. JL Williams 6 years ago

    Looks like a good concept: mostly these bare-tube units are used on light stands, so it’s silly to base the design on that of a shoe-mount flash.

    Too bad about the our-mount-only/our-trigger-only/Canon-and-Nikon-only thing, though.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi JL,

      I did ask about a Bowens mount, and SMDV are going to look into it. To really get a decent foot hold in the market I think they would need to provide something like the Godox S-type bracket.

      I think if you were a bit handy though it would be pretty easy to screw a BRiHT-360 insert to the back of the Godox S-type bracket, or even better something like the Phottix bracket, to make your own Bowens mount bracket pretty easily.

      Regarding the radio triggers, yes again its going to be very hard for anyone to get a decent foot hold in the market when many people are already invested in YongNuo, Godox and Phottix radio gear, which also provide larger integrated systems (including on-camera master flash etc).

      If any manufacturers are listening, the obvious way to currently get around that would be to provide a TTL foot mounted somewhere on the flash to attach external TTL radio triggers, (like the AD360 II-C do actually have).

      (Unfortunately the AD360 II-C do not appear to work with the YNE3-RX anyway though, so the TTL foot alone is not the full solution).

      At the least upcoming lights like these are going to need transmitter units with a pass through hotshoe for flash on camera use at the same time. At this stage many are going for the simple Profoto B1 / B2 alternative. Though that market alone is limited, and no doubt going to be saturated pretty quickly.

      SMDV have will have a great combination with the original very lightweight SMDV Speedboxes though. Mounting straight to the BRiHT-360 should be a very lightweight and convenient strobe and modifier. Pretty hard to match in that regard with any current alternative really.

      • JL Williams 6 years ago

        Providing a TTL foot would require them to have a separate flash model for each camera system (Nikon, Canon, etc.) so I can see why they would not want to do that. (Interchangeable “foot” modules might be one solution.)

        What would really make more sense, though, would be for some manufacturer to publish its radio-control system as an open protocol. Actually spell out, “This is how we acquire a channel; this is how we signal a power-level change;” etc. Then, even if the manufacturer wanted to build triggers only for Nikon and Canon, third-party designers could still offer units to work with Sony, Pentax, Micro Four Thirds, Fuji, mobile app, laptop, etc.

        The flash manufacturer might lose out on sales of a few triggers — but they’d get the opportunity to sell more flash units, which is where I assume the profit is.

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 6 years ago

          Yes the foot is not the ideal solution either, though it opens a lot more options than having nothing. Canon and Nikon at least can be combined into one shoe fairly easily.

          Obviously YN-622 compatibility would help any flash at this point, though I was really thinking more towards Canon RT compatibility, and Nikon RT compatibility when they eventually get their own radio system.

          A large percentage of people prepared to pay for these strobes also still want to use the original Canon RT master flash on-camera, (as they are still pretty hard to match) and the case would be pretty similar with Nikon when they have a radio master flash.

          So if third party companies like this can crack the RT system (and eventually Nikon RT etc) that’s likely a large part of the real solution.

          We mentioned it elsewhere previously, but if Phottix were to offer a Laso RT receiver option in the Indra strobe a lot of people will no doubt be lining up for them.

          Regarding the open source operating system, maybe it could possibly happen to some degree one day. Though at this stage you can see the Phottix, Godox, and YongNuo (if they eventually do OEM) systems are going to expand and dominate to a large degree.

          The thing that is going to shake that up as mentioned above, is when Nikon and others provide their own radio systems like Canon have, the focus then moves to providing direct compatibility with those systems instead (or at least as well).

        • Niels Gram 6 years ago

          Spot on JL 🙂 Interoperability is what we need !

      • Niels Gram 6 years ago

        Flash Havoc wrote:
        (Unfortunately the AD360 II-C do not appear to work with the YNE3-RX anyway though, so the TTL foot alone is not the full solution).

        That’s a major bummer seen from my perspective. My interest in the AD360II-C just plummeted 🙁 Hope Godox will fix this ! I don’t need TTL to be functional but I would very much like to be able to control the flash output power from my YNE3-TX and not having to use a FT16 too.

  4. Alberto 6 years ago

    I guess the final question is price. Adorama already has the AD360 with trigger and battery for $399. I understand the convenience of the battery being housed in the strobe itself. But if its not cheaper. I would not bother converting from the AD360 to these. Not for the same power.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Alberto,

      Actually Adorama may have an even better (read killer) price on the AD360 kit this weekend 🙂

      The BRiHT-360 (and most others likely to come) are full TTL strobes now though, so at the least they would need to be compared with the full TTL AD360 II-C.

      Theres nothing wrong with remote manual strobes though if that’s all you need.

      • Alberto 6 years ago

        awe man don;t tell me that. I have been so good at not buying more equipment too. But thanks. I will be keeping an eye on it.

  5. ramin 6 years ago

    If they add a proper modeling light this will be a winner. Also the battery reliability issue which is the very reason I got disappointed with Godox. Hoping they will read this… (Godox too)

    • Alberto 6 years ago

      They have fixed all the battery issues. At least the ones sold through Adorama, BH Photo and Cheetahstand. I would stay away from the ones sold in eBay. They’re maybe older models.

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 6 years ago

        I think at least Godox Studio / Goodboy Studio on Ebay have a fairly good turnaround. I’ve bought a few batteries from there with no issues.

  6. Paul Ellis 6 years ago

    I don’t see any controls on this unit. Is everything controlled from the remote? Apart from its bare bulb the main attraction of the Witstro for me is its very simple, quick manual control.

    • Ulysses 6 years ago

      Notice in SMDV’s marketing photos, they have strategically hidden the back-side and the right-hand side. Perhaps one of these contains some controls and/or readout.

      This light is intriguing. But what I would hope for is that SMDV actually comes out with a 500-600 Ws version. The market is starting to get loaded up with easy-to-find 300 Ws options. Maybe that’s the sweet spot for lots of consumers. But more power would make for more flexibility for working pros.

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 6 years ago

        I would suspect there is an interface at the back / base.

        I think SMDV are just not quite ready to provide or finalise all the details just yet.

        • LegioAerium 6 years ago

          Yup. That’s where I was told that the interface is located. Otherwise, they’ve been pretty quiet about the details. But they did confirm that the flash could be controlled from either from the flash or from the transmitter. They say that the “R” in “BRiHT” means Remote control.

          I’m really looking forward to it.



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  7. Paul Ellis 6 years ago

    I’m looking forward to your hands-on review, Elvis, and also availability in the UK. I can’t see any direct reference to the mounting ring type. Is it Lumedyne/Witstro? It looks like it.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Paul,

      I could be wrong, though it looks like SMDV have created their own larger mount than the standard Lumedyne etc. I can understand why they have done that because the Witstro mount was just too flimsy to be attaching larger softboxes directly to the flash head.

      So the new mount is likely designed to be ideal directly with the SMDV Speedboxes. Which is likely a great location light system both being so light weight and convenient. Though this is why I mentioned they really need a standard S-type bracket mount as well for all the other (sometimes heavier) modifiers people want to mount at times as well.

  8. Paul Ellis 6 years ago

    Ulysses said: ‘But what I would hope for is that SMDV actually comes out with a 500-600 Ws version. The market is starting to get loaded up with easy-to-find 300 Ws options.’

    That depends on what you do. I have a Godox AD360 and three AD180’s, and rarely run any of them above 1/4 power. When I’m shooting food and still life I often find I’m stuck with too much light, rather than too little. Even lighting interiors and portraits I’m rarely looking for more light. I really like the Witstros’ ease of use but the separate batteries make setup times rather long. To be able to plonk a light onto a stand, whack a modifier onto it and be able to shoot straight away is very appealing. But yes, I also join the ‘where’s the modelling light?’ chorus. An LED modelling light variable between 2.7K and 6.5K would be very appealing.

  9. Paul Ellis 6 years ago

    Alberto said: ‘But if its not cheaper. I would not bother converting from the AD360 to these. Not for the same power.’

    I would, if the integrated battery, mount/handle and larger, stronger speedring mean faster, simpler setup, storage and breakdown. If, that is, the unit also has controls similar to the Witstro’s brilliantly simple power dial and legible display.

  10. Donald 6 years ago

    I have the ad360ii TTL and I would say theres more flexbility with that setup with the bowens S mount adapter
    I can swap the cables to go back to my Canon flashes if need be, and use the same bowens s mount adapter with my pre existing flashes
    Buying this you’re kinda stuck using the lithium batteries and the mount isn’t even standard I think

  11. Paul Ellis 6 years ago

    Does anyone here know if SMDV or one of their dealers will be attending any of the UK photography shows next year? If they are I’ll make the effort to go along.

  12. Pedro 6 years ago

    This looks great! Compact, lightweight, powerful, no cables and the setup will be fast!!

    I’m thinking about selling my 2 Godox Witstro AD360 (+ bateries + beauty-dishes + color gels) to buy 2 of these.

    Will there be any european distributor?

  13. steve 5 years ago

    Will these fit in the s-type bowens mount that the ad360 and speedlights clamp into?

  14. Adam Chandler 5 years ago

    Any news on this? I thought it was supposed to come out quite a while ago…

    • Legio Photo 5 years ago

      We are expecting to have some before Christmas! Yeah!

      • Adam Chandler 5 years ago

        Glad to hear it! Looks like a nice unit. Any idea on price?

  15. isabel corthier 5 years ago

    Hi, Is there an umbrella mount (like a hole) on the SMDV flash?
    I would like to use it with a Westcott apollo orb.
    So that I only need one softbox for monobloc, or use with speedlight.
    Or is there a mount I can buy for the SMDV flash?
    thanks, Isabel

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