SMDV – SPEEDBOX-S65 – Released

SMDV Speedbox-S65


SMDV have release the second generation of their popular parabolic softboxes in the Speedbox-S65.

The S in front of the number 65 indicating a new steel rod version, which are designed to be more durable than the previous fiberglass rods.

The Speedbox-S65 are also now said to be even easier to collapse. And for speed and simplicity the front diffuser panel is permanently sewn in place (as the smaller Speedboxes have been previously).

The inner diffuser panel is still removable though.

SMDV Speedbox-S65


The new Speedbox-S65 are basically a model which sit between the existing octagonal Speedbox-60 (60cm diameter) and the 10 sided Speedbox-70 (70cm diameter).

Providing a larger surface area and more pleasing circular like catch light than the Speedbox-60, while still providing a very compact, lightweight, and easy to manage location modifier.


SMDV Speedbox-S65


The Speedbox-S65 are available in both the speedlite bracket mount, and Bowens S-type studio light mount (Speedbox-S65B).




The Speedbox-S65 and S65B are available now from Legio Aerium on Amazon from $185.95.


SMDV- Website.

Glow ParpaPop – Review




  1. nixland 6 years ago

    I wonder, if the front diffuser panel is permanently sewn in place, how can we remove the inner diffuser?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi nixland,

      Are you familiar with keyhole surgery? 🙂

      Seriously though, I did wonder about this myself. If they are still held by press studs then it would be quite a challenge.

      I’ll see if I can get some clarification on that.

      UPDATE – It sounds like the softbox would need to be dissembled (removing the rods from the speedring), to gain easy access to the inner diffuser. So it may not be something that can be done quickly, or easily in the field etc.

      So it sounds like you have the option of running with or without it, though its likely not something to be changing often.

  2. Jerry 6 years ago

    I have their medium size box, and the outer diffuser is sewn on, the inner diffuser can be removed, it has little metal hook clips.

    Now as far as the replacement with new metal rods, I never had problems with the fiberglass rods, so not really an issue. What they should have fixed was the crappy plastic flash shoe mounts, and overall plastic construction.

  3. Peter A 6 years ago

    Already have a 28 inch Glow Parapop with the old style braces, and love it. I was going to get another, but I waited for the new 38 inch Adorama Glow Parapops are on sale for $220 if you are interested. The specs say it has the aluminum rods! 🙂

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Thanks Peter.

      I’d say they would be steel rods as well then though, as aluminium generally bends, where steel can have spring like properties.

  4. Peter A 6 years ago

    Those rods could be steel, but… I just know (sometimes, at least!) what I read.

    Special aluminum alloy hybrid frame rods have high elasticity and strong shape retention

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Ok sorry didn’t see the “Special aluminum alloy hybrid”.

      In that case it sounds like they are alloy (of some kind) 🙂

  5. Peter A 6 years ago

    Just got the 38 incher Glow Parapop today! It’s beautiful! Looks like what it is, the big brother to the others I have. It has a little bit more assembly as the arms come separated from the holder. Gotta stick them in and wrap a little loop to hold them in place. The texture and (two) diffusers look awesome! It’s not very heavy, and just a few inches longer when closed than the 28 incher. Now if I can just keep the wind from blowing it away… 🙂

  6. Eugene 6 years ago

    After reading Peter A’s comments, I got the Parapop 38 from Adorama. I don’t know what kind of koolaid Peter A and Adorama guys are drinking, but this Parapop is definitely NOT a 38 incher. My trusty measuring tape shows it’s only a 36 inches wide. 2 inches is pretty dang hard to miss. Also, what “special aluminum alloy hybrid”? It’s the old fiberglass rod! I wonder if Peter Adorama is blind.

  7. Donald 6 years ago

    ONLY the new S65 has the fabric that’s stuck on; which seems more of a hassle to me
    I got the new Speedbox 70 and the steel rods are fantastic and what’s special is that the SILVER MATERIAL inside is much more reflective then the original DIFFUSER 70… you’ll get more punch if you need the power
    The outside fabric is still removable

  8. Legio Aerium 6 years ago


    This is Jay from We would like to provide/clarify some information.

    1. The inner diffusion panel is removable. It’s clipped in place with metal hooks. It’ll probably take about 5~10 min to take it off. Basically requires disassembling the softbox.
    2. Having said that, we recommend against removing the inner diffusion panel. We understand that folks want to maximize the light output by removing one of the diffusion panels. However, just like anything else, there’s pros and cons to that. When the inner panel is removed, from our measurements with light meter, you would gain at the most about 1/3 stop. But the light would not be as soft and hot spots may be noticeable.
    3. Compared to a bare flash, using the Speedbox (with two diffusion panels) would reduce the light output by about 2/3 stop.
    4. I also understand that folks want larger softboxes for softer light. However, for a given speedlight, using larger softbox will mean less light output.

    So, as with anything and any designs, there are always trade-offs. For instance, some folks want a car that drives like a Ferrari, carries cargo like a Ford truck, and priced like a Honda Civic. But the reality requires understanding the needs and choosing one that is optimized for the specific requirement.

    We will post some pictures that show the differences discussed above on our website later this week.

    Thank you.


    • Donald 6 years ago

      Nice. Would you be able to compare the POWER OUTPUT versus SIZE of the SPEEDBOX? For example, A speedlite in a Speedbox 90 is much less powerful than in Speedbox 50 but how much?

    • andyschulzphotography 6 years ago


  9. Legio Aerium 6 years ago

    We posted our comparison of single vs double diffusion panels on our blog on our website.

    We’ll post more photos of our comparisons of different models.

  10. Andy 6 years ago

    Without Grids …….nearly useless:(((

  11. Legio Aerium 6 years ago


    We’ve just posted our comparison of different size softboxes.

    Thank you.


  12. Peter A 6 years ago

    Legio Aerium — thanks for the comparison! While I am invested in the Glow series, it’s nice to know that their is another option if something goes amiss. I like the reflection of the softbox face in the laptop screen to show flatness of light spread. Thanks, again! 🙂

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