SMDV Strip Box Range – Announced

SMDV Strip Box


After a number of requests Korean manufacturer SMDV, who have mainly produced circular parabolic style softboxes previously, have announced they will start to produce a limited range of strip boxes now as well.

The new strip boxes use a tailored version of the alloy speedring, and individual clip open fiberglass rod design, developed with the recent high end SMDV Speedbox Mega Parabolic softboxes.


SMDV Strip Box


This means speedring inserts will be easily exchangeable, and available for Bowens, Profoto, Elinchrom, Broncolor, Hensel, Paul C Buff, & Multibilitz.

The softbox can rotate, and there is no light leakage from the rear of the softbox.


SMDV Strip Box


Fabric used is a high quality heat resistant silver pebble inner surface, with inner and outer diffusion fabrics providing UV filtering, and using non-fluorescent dyes to avoid yellowing with age.

And corresponding grids will be made available as well.


SMDV Strip Box




At the time of writing this, the SMDV strip boxes have not yet made it to dealers, and will only be available to dealers with a minimum order requirement.

Though if you’re keen you can order individual softboxes now, directly from SMDV. Contact –


SMDV – Website




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