SOLOSHOT – Ever Wished Your Lights Followed the Subject!

Soloshot, a new US based company, have released an incredible new device which automatically tracks and follows a subjects movement. This is achieved via a radio based link to a sensor placed on the subject.

The original concept was created so that people could automatically film themselves surfing, and has since expanded to many different roles mainly based around filming moving subjects. But there is potential here to be used for a lot purposes, one of them quite possibly even lighting which automatically tracks the subject.



I don’t know how well this would currently work (the image below is just a photoshop illustration with the Godox Witstro) , but you can imagine the potential for shooting moving sports like BMX, skating, running, etc. You could be getting a sequence, or range of different shots, rather than just catching that one position where the subject enters the light. The Soloshot pans at over 40 degrees per second, which is not slow by any means. It would be really interesting to have try of one of these to see what it may actually be capable of.


SOLOSHOT & Flash Unit

Features – 

  • Holds weight up to 2.5kg
  • Range to 600 meters
  • Base can continously spin 360 degrees
  • Pan Speed over 40 degrees per second
  • Bright LED light so the subject can see if Soloshoot is pointing at them
  • Pairing allows multiple Soloshoots to be used independently near each other
  • Security Feature
  • Waterproof (including salt water)
  • 5 hour battery life
  • 5′ tripod included



The Soloshot are currently only available with the included 5′ Tripod, and it appears that they may not be separated easily as part of the security feature. So they may not be quite suitable for light stand mounting just yet either.

Soloshot was originally a successful Kickstarter project, and is now available in retail stores like B&H for $299 including tripod.

UPDATE the latest Soloshot2 now has a pan and tilt motion, and panning is even twice as fast at 80° per second!




Soloshot – B&H Photo, Amazon

SoloShot2 – B&H Photo, Amazon


Soloshot – Website

Soloshot – Kickstarter




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