STAND LOOP – Light Stand Gear Attachment Loops Announced



US based photographer and Flash Havoc follower John Kasko has developed the new Stand Loop.

A beautifully simple, lightweight, and practical solution to the surprisingly common problem of simply attaching gear, sand bags, or mounting battery packs etc conveniently to light stands and tripods etc.

And the Stand Loops are available to back now on their Kickstarted campaign, (which has already now reached the minimum funding goal).



The Stand Loops attach securely to the light stand or tripod using a simple slip knot system, and then provide 2 means of attaching further gear.

The closed ring with carabiner will hold up to 1200lbs, locked in securely.

While the hook will also handle a respectable 70lbs, and allow belt clip battery packs like the Godox PB960 to also be clipped on directly.




While super clamps are the regular go to option for attaching gear to a light stand, and incredibly versatile for what they are, they can also quickly add considerable weight and bulk to the kit you have to try and schlep around.

Where the Stand Loop provides a very lightweight and compact alternative, which may not be as rigid, though can also be very strong and versatile.




And the Stand Loop can be conveniently left on the stand etc, ready for whatever use may be needed.






The Stand Loops provide a simple and relatively inexpensive solution to the often surprisingly awkward task of attaching gear securely to the light stand or tripod etc.

They may not be rocket science technology, though a very convenient simple solution made well.




Each Stand Loop kit comes with 2 loop straps and a carabiner included.






The Stand Loops kits are available to back now from $12 through the Kickstarter Campaign.

And are expected to start shipping within 7 weeks of the campaign completion.


Stand Loop – Website


  1. Daniel McAvoy 2 years ago

    Such a great idea, and looks like a very well thought out product! Have just backed for one!

  2. Nick 2 years ago

    Looks great — happily backed. Fell out of chair when I saw the backdrop rigging. Thanks for bringing attention to the project.

  3. Elijah Lisyany 2 years ago

    Nothing a DIY can’t fix 😀

    • Robert T Johnson 2 years ago

      I just made my own two different versions

  4. Marcus 2 years ago

    The simplest ideas are the best ones. Happily backed the project, I hope to see more projects like this in the photo community.

  5. Jared 2 years ago

    Mine just arrived in the mail today!!

  6. michael padden 2 years ago

    Any ideas on when orders an be placed? the company website does not have an order process, and the kickstart process is over.

  7. Andy 12 months ago

    I don’t see any pricing or where to buy on the website.

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 12 months ago

      Hi Andy,

      Looking at the comments on the Kickstarter campaign, and a subsequent campaign it looks like the creator has run into some issues and been a bit lax dealing with orders, so its not looking like they are available at this stage unfortunately.

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