SUNDISC – Compact Softbox Reflector on Kickstarter



The team behind the Swedish based Sundisc ultra portable softbox and reflector are having a second go at securing funding for the project on Kickstarter, and this time with more enticing pricing.

The Sundisc is a very compact and portable, pop-up reflector style softbox, somewhat similar to the F-stoppers FlashDisc concept, though with a larger 60cm diameter, and also reversible.




The Sundisc attaches directly to a speedlite body (and hopefully strobes like the EVOLV / AD200, which should make a great portable combination), as well as over Bowens style speedlite brackets.

The Sundisc is also reversible so there is no need to gel the strobe when warmer light is required.




And like a regular pop up reflector, the Sundisc pops open quickly, and simply twists into a much smaller package for transport.







The Sundisc’s regular retail price is expected to be $69 USD, though pledges on Kickstarter start from 400 SEK (aprox. $45 USD), or $72 USD for 2 Sundiscs.

With Kickstarter campaign deliveries expected around September 2017 (provided the campaign reaches its funding target).


Sundisc – Kickstarter

Sundisc – Original Kickstarter


  1. adam 1 year ago

    When this starts shipping I’ll try one out.

  2. Alberto 1 year ago

    The impressive aspect is you can wrap around an S-Bracket. But aside from that. The light fall looks about the same as fstoppers’ and others that are being sold. There are also ones that are 60cm. So what makes this better than those in the market now?

    • adam 1 year ago

      I haven’t seen any at 60cm. I have a 40cm version. Where would I find the large one?

      • Alberto 1 year ago

        I have found it randomly in Amazon in the past. Just a random search in Amazon. Just show you that people just browse to shop. LOL I do have a shopping problem.

        My only issue is they are all sturdy bounce cards. Which is not a bad thing. But when it is describe as a soft box, I feel its a bit misleading because the light fallout is not like a soft box. That’s my problem with the rouge blender.

        • adam 1 year ago

          Is the big one still on Amazon? I can’t find anything bigger than the one I have. (40cm)

  3. AVB 1 year ago

    The appealing differences that I see are that it’s bigger, reversible, and I’m hoping more durable than those I have read about. Hopefully that makes it worthwhile and not a target for a law suit.

  4. Jesse Mount 1 year ago

    I have been wanting something like this for a very long time. I wish I would had known about it when the campaign started.

  5. John 1 year ago

    I really love the idea, but I think the choice of gold for one of the surfaces was unfortunate. If I need to warm up a shot I will gel the flash. I think white and silver would be much more useful. I wonder will there be a choice of colours?

  6. al tobar 9 months ago

    How do I get in touch with SunDisc Manufacturer/ Product Manager? Please advise. Thank you.

  7. Mark Kitaoka 6 months ago

    I have written about my initial impressions of the Sundisc on my blog.

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