T-ONE.CO – Range of Lights Now Available

T-ONE.CO based in Australia and Europe (and formerly distributor of Paul C Buff products in those regions) now have their new range of lights in stock and available for fast delivery.

The new T-ONE range are a selection of the popular Godox products including the V850 Lithium-Ion powered speedlites, Witstro and Xenergizer portable flashes. As well as the action freezing QT-600 IGBT studio lights, and seriously fast LP-450x LiPo battery backs.

And T.ONE.CO offer a full 2 year warranty with fast and friendly local service.


The complete range of lights are currently available with portable battery back options, and they all have remote manual power control available through the same simple FT-16 radio transmitter unit. So they can all combine nicely together with easy remote power control from the camera.

(Note – The QT-600 does use a different power scale though, so a second inexpensive transmitter does help there).


And if you’re interested in the action freezing QT-600 lights, Italian sports photographer, and recent T-ONE.CO customer, Alessio Beltrame has written a very comprehensive review of the QT-600. Which is also teamed up with the LP-450x battery pack for fast recycle times on location.

The full QT 600 review is available for download here or at Alessio’s Website Here.


T1 QT-600


Price and Availability –


The full range of T-ONE.CO products are available for order online now from the Asia Pacific or Euro stores, with very reasonable pricing as marked.

And T.ONE.CO offer a full 2 year warranty.


V850 – Full Review
Witstro – Full Review
PB-960 – Full Review
Xenergizer – Overview
QT-600 – Overview



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