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PHOTTIX – Mitros+ for Sony Released

Phottix have released the Mitros+ flash for Sony, and they should start shipping to retailers this week. Mitros+ are the first speedlight system available for Sony with full TTL radio transceivers built-in. This is a major advancement for Sony based wedding and event photographers needing a TTL flash on-camera, while...

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PHOTTIX – SCOTT KELBY MITROS+ ODIN Portable Lighting KIT – Great Deal!

Scott Kelby and Phottix have put together a great portable lighting kit, a Mitros+ Odin combination, plus compact light stand and number of accessories for just $499. This is great portable lighting kit with the excellent Odin and Mitros+ TTL and HSS radio system built in, all for the...

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Professional wedding photographer, Flash Havoc reader, and all round great guy, Dave Cheung has jumped right into the deep end – moving to a full kit of the new Nikon Phottix Mitro+ Flashes, Odin transmitters, and Atlas II receivers, for his nicely integrated new lighting kit. Phottix have the...

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PHOTTIX MITROS – Firmware Upgrades – Improved Recycle and Faster Settings etc

Phottix have released firmware updates for the Mitros flash units in both Canon and Nikon versions. A re-optimized overheat protection function, and increased number of flashes before the overheating protection function engages, effectively increases the recycle speeds of the flash for more shots before the protection function cuts in (for...

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PHOTTIX MULTI BOOM 28″ – Now Available – Bigger & Better!

Following on from the success of the popular Multi Boom 16″, Phottix have released the new Multi Boom 28″, providing more functionality, while also mounting larger softboxes, more flashes, and with a more balanced position over the light stand. The original Multi Boom 16″ released earlier this year provided a fast,...

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Phottix Mitros+ Now Available – B&H Photo – Adorama – Amazon

Phottix products are now available from B&H Photo and the new flagship Mitros+ flash is now in stock! Amazon and Adorama also have the Mitros+ for Canon available now as well.   The Mitros+ combines both Phottix Odin and Phottix Strato II radio transceivers inside, for full wireless control of flashes...

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PHOTTIX MITROS+ – With Built In TTL Radio Announced

Phottix have officially announced the new Mitros+ flash unit for Canon, with full TTL Radio Transceiver built in! Similar in function to the Canon 600EX-RT. UPDATE – Nikon and Sony version Mitros+ are also now available. The new Mitros + retails from around $399, making the Phottix system significantly more...

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