Triopo TR-850EX – First REMOTE Manual Speedlight with 2.4GHz Triggers Built In! – Now Available

Not happy just be first with an inexpensive Bare Bulb Speedlight, Triopo have done it again, this time with the first inexpensive Remote Manual Speedlite with 2.4GHz radio triggers built in!

The TR-850EX are basic manual flash units, but with 2.4GHz radio master and slave units built in. So at this point one flash must be used on camera, to fire and control the power levels of up to 3 groups of remote TR-850EX flashes. Though the first Ebay listings (around $70 each) appear to indicate a separate transmitter unit is also coming.

The YongNuo YN-560 III was first with a manual radio receiver built in, and its still hopeful that will have remote power levels enabled with a future transmitter, but Triopo are first with a functioning remote manual system available now!


The TR-850EX have all the basics you need in a manual flash, full manual power control from 1/128th to 1/1 with 1/3rd stop fine adjustments. A HV external battery port, and 24 – 180mm zoom.

Power is stated as GN56, but that is at the longer 180mm zoom length, so in fact its a little down on the YN-560 III etc (GN58 @ 105MM). Recycle around 2.9 seconds at full power. Manual S1, S2 and Multi modes.

Radio trigger range is up to 100m meteres.

HV external battery port is the Nikon Style socket.



The buttons look similar to the early YongNuo flashes, which shows Triopo may have some maturing to do before they match the refinement level of the current YongNuo flashes.



Battery compartment is the typical Nikon style.


 And a basic PC sync port.


Its hard to know exactly what the master interface would be like to operate at this point. Though most people interested in a remote manual speedlite system will be waiting for the smaller transmitter unit anyway, so that will be the important interface.


Circuit design
Insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT)
Flash index
56 meters (ISO 100, 180MM)
Up and down whirl angle degree
-7-90 degree
Left and right whirl angle degree
0-360 degree
Flash control
1/128~1/1 step length is 0.3EV, Total 22 fine-tuning stalls
Recycle time
About 3 seconds (using AA alkaline cell)
Peripheral interface
Hot shoe, PC mount, external charge mount
Colour temperature
Flash coverage
18~180mm,Manual Zoom,Swinging/Tilting flash head(bounce flash)
Color Temperature
Flash time
1/200 seconds-1/20000 seconds
4pcs AA alkaline cell or AA nickel-hydrogen (NI-MH)battery
Lighting time
100-1500 times(using AA alkaline cell)
Wireless distance
100 metres
Additional function
PC synchronous, sniff mode, over temperature protection
Net weight


Triopo will also have a TR-860EX full TTL and HSS capable flash available soon as well, which will also be compatible with the TR-850EX radio system.

Its doubtful the TR-850EX or TR-860EX will be compatible with any other radio system though, like the RF-602 or YN-560 III flash.

Although Triopo are forging ahead and leading with some innovation, their build quality and standard appears not to be up to that of YongNuo etc, and the price of these flash units reflect that. Quite a number of people purchased the Triopo TR-120 bare bulb flash recently and results have been very mixed with regards to build quality. You may want to wait and see what YongNuo have to offer first as the YN-560 III are well tried and tested.


The first inexpensive remote manual speedlights are finally here now though, many strobist’s have been asking for these for years, so this is quite a milestone. And who would have thought it would have come from Triopo, a company most people had not heard of until last week!

The Triopo TR-850EX have started listing Ebay from $65.

But its probably a very good ideal to hold out for a local seller on Amazon in case a fast exchange is needed.

If you don’t need the remote control, but want the built in radio receiver the YN-560 III are a great option.

For HSS and Remote Manual or TTL, the YN-622 triggers and a flash like the YN-568EX are the next option up.


  1. Blaise 8 years ago


    I don’t understand your title. Does the Yongnuo YN560 III not also have a 2.4 Ghz built in radio system?

    Also, a funny note. On your interface design (last screenshot) you have “affiliate account”: so you can order directly *from* the flash?

    Kind regards


    • Author
      Flash Havoc 8 years ago

      Hi Blaise,

      The YN-560 III has a built in 2.4GHz RF-602 and RF-603 compatible receiver. But at this stage it does not have any method of adjusting the power levels remotely from the camera position. All it does (at this stage) is fire the flash. The TR-850EX is the first inexpensive speedlite with remote manual control from the camera or transmitter, built in.

      There is some hope the YN-560 III may also have this feature built in, to be enabled with a new transmitter unit. But we will have to wait for the to see, as YN are not giving any more away. Affiliate = Slave Flash I would think. Thanks.

  2. vibol 7 years ago

    Dear Flash Havoc

    1, When TR-860EX release?
    2, Does TR 860EX remote control off camera flash TTL via radio from camera or transmitter build in? or can TR 860EX as radio master remote control in TTL to TR 860EX radio transceiver TTL slave?
    3, for TR 860EX have radio master transmitter and slave transceiver TTL and manual? and TR 850EX have only manual radio transmitter and slave transceiver (no have TTL)?
    4 ,for both TR 860EX and TR 850EX can radio trigger build remote control from camera (not like YN 560 III can not remote control from camera, so need to adjust power directly on flash)?
    5, how triopo radio trigger working with YN 560 III, RF 603?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Kim,

      1, As above I’m not sure yet when the TR-860EX is due for release.

      2, TR-860EX has radio transmitter, and master interface built in.

      3, Correct TR-850EX is remote manual only. TR-860EX is manual and TTL.

      4, Correct they both have remote manual power control from the transmitter.

      5, These will not be directly compatible with the YN-560 III or RF-603 radio system.


  3. vibol 7 years ago

    Does triopo have radio trigger like (YN 622)? if no have this trigger so the speetlight TR-860EX attach on camera as master radio trigger remote control to another off camera speedlights TR-860EX as slave radio transceivers?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Kim,

      I haven’t heard any news yet from Triopo when this flash will be available. I will contact them and see if there is any update.

      There is no mention of a separate radio transmitter for the TR-860EX. As you mention one flash on camera acts as the master unit with a radio transmitter built in. That communicates directly with slave TR-860EX which have radio receivers built in as well.

      The manual flash version TR-850EX looks like it will have a separate small transmitter unit coming at some point. Thanks.

  4. vibol 7 years ago

    Dear flashhavoc

    1, I’m not sure u mean. i mean TR 860ex and TR 850ex have have master transmitter build in. so they can transmit remote control to TR 860ex and TR 850ex right?

    2, how about feature and spec on this both flash is stronger flash like Canon 600EX RT? i mean power fire light to subject, also GN Guide Number or what else… compare to 600EX RT is it stronger same ? cos I’m afraid it lower level like canon 430EX level or what?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Vibol,

      1 Yes that is correct.

      2. Sorry I don’t have this flash to compare yet. But you are likely right that this flash would most likely be closer to the 430EX power level (which is 1/2 a stop less than the 600EX-RT).

      These flashes are some of the lowest price flashes available, so you have to expect the build quality may not be to the level of even YongNuo etc who have much more experience making flashes now. Thanks.

  5. vibol 7 years ago

    As i know now it is available on sale. can you check how specification now? does is it have optical infra red like YN S1, S2, Sc, Sn?

  6. vibol 7 years ago

    as i know YN 560 III is stronger higher level same to 600EX RT. how to check is it same level or not? I’m not sure how to check level or each flash? u said 430EX and Triopo 860EX TR is lower 1/2 than 600EX RT? how can check it like this? is it checking on power 1/1,… 1/64? and 600EX RT is 1/1,… 1/128? right? but all flash have 1/1 is high power same y different level?

  7. Hugo Overvliet 6 years ago

    I am very curious about this flash. I might want ti buy THIS ONE or the YN560 III.
    Can anyone give me advise ?

    Hugo (Holland).

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