TURTLERIG Flash Bulb Extensions For FLASHPOINT / GODOX Strobes – Now Available

TURTLERIG Bulb Extensions


New USA based lighting accessory brand TurtleRig now have Flash Bulb Extensions available for most of the popular Flashpoint and Godox strobes which use the plug-in style flash bulbs.

These Extensions move the flash bulb 1.25 inches, or 32mm, further into the softbox or modifier allowing light to spread directly to the side walls of the modifier.

This can not only help improve diffusion and light characteristics, but also in many cases improve light output, anywhere from a few tenths, to in some cases almost a full stop of extra light.


TurtleRig Extensions are currently available from $18.95 for the –


TURTLERIG Bulb Extensions


The TurtleRig Extensions are the product of a USA based photographer, who started out not so long ago just making one for his own needs. And of course other photographers soon wanted these as well.

To keep costs and prices as low as possible, the nylon rings are currently machined at home on a small CNC mill, and assembled individually by hand. Currently sold only through Amazon (lowering administrative costs as well).

This method has also allowed for continual improvement, and although the TurtleRig website has just launched, the Extensions have already been refined to their third version.


TURTLERIG Bulb Extensions


The TurtleRig Extensions simply plug in between the original flash bulb and strobe.


TURTLERIG Bulb Extensions


TurtleRig state the Extensions works best in Parabolics, Beauty Dishes, Strip Boxes and Umbrellas.

Though we know, particularly with the original XPLOR / AD600, spacing the bulb out can have an improvement in many different softboxes.

When Flashpoint and Godox progressed to the 600 PRO series of lights, the flash bulb was spaced out further in the design for exactly this reason (as discussed further in the XPLOR 600 PRO review),

Though most of the strobes can often still gain something from further extension, it just depends on the particular modifier and speedring etc used.


TURTLERIG Bulb Extensions



TurtleRig Extensions are also available for the compact EVOLV / AD200, which includes the recent PRO version.


TURTLERIG Bulb Extensions


And an interesting byproduct to that, is this should now allow the use of existing Telephoto Reflectors with the EVOLV / AD200, like the Quantum QF63B, which concentrate the light to a narrow 18 degrees, providing an extra 2 stops of light.

NOTE – This is not yet tested, as TurtleRig were not currently familiar with these reflectors. Though we know the Quantum reflectors generally fit the Flashpoint / Godox strobes, its just the supplied Quantum Bulb Extender that is not compatible.

So the Quantum Telephoto Reflector combined with TurtleRig Extension could now be a great option for sports photographers, or anyone needing to send light a good distance.

(The Norman 15 degree Telephoto Reflector may also be another option).




TurtleRig do also currently have their own 5.5″ mirror reflector and combined Extension for the EVOLV / AD200 lights.

Though much the opposite to the Telephoto reflector above, this is a wide angle reflector mainly used to stop light lost backwards, maximizing output in umbrellas and softboxes etc by reflecting most of the light forward.

Output increase will again depend on the particular softbox or modifier used.









The TurtleRig Flash Bulb Extension and Reflector are available from Amazon now from just $18.95 –

XPLOR 600 PRO / Godox AD600 PRO – Bulb Extension
XPLOR 400 PRO / Godox AD400 PRO – Bulb Extension

XPLOR 600 / Godox AD600 – Bulb Extension

EVOLV /  AD200 / PRO – Bulb Extension
EVOLV /  AD200 / PRO – 5.5″ Reflector / Extension


TurtleRig – Website


  1. Mario 2 years ago

    What’s about availability in europe?

    • Mike 2 years ago

      Hi this is Mike from TurtlleRig
      We are having some issues keeping up with orders, we have a large order we are trying to fill so we can have some European distribution. We will announce when we actually ship the parts to them.

      • Alberto 2 years ago

        Mike, are you still having issues with production? I have been wanting to order two extensions for the ad200 but every time I go to amazon its unavailable. I understand that these are individually made and do not mind the wait. But I would like to know if there is another way to place an order?

  2. JL Williams 2 years ago

    I love the mere existence of this feisty little product! Note, though, that most people over-estimate how much extension is beneficial… it just “feels” like the tube ought to be closer to the center, but that’s not always the case.

    The formula for finding the focal point of a paraboloid is

    f = D^2/16d

    where D is the diameter and d is the depth. For the standard AD600 reflector, the approximate measurements are

    D = 160mm

    d = 80mm


    16 * 80 = 1280

    f = 20 mm

    and amazingly enough, 20mm is about how far the actual tube is from the base of the socket, showing that Godox engineers actually DID think about these things!

    You can use the above formula to find out whether you don’t need an extension for your particular reflector, or would benefit from one, or more than one…

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 2 years ago

      Hi JL,

      Thanks for that. I should have noted though, these are not generally designed for use with (or to improve) the small hard reflectors like the standard 7″ reflector. You’re right the AD600, and even AD600B are already pretty efficient.

      Having said that, Godox still haven’t made a good efficient 7″ reflector for the 600 PRO unfortunately, though I’m not sure a random length spacer is going to make an improvement on the current 7″ reflector options available either.

      I may have confused things with my mention of the Quantum and Norman Telephoto reflectors in the post. They are a unique example which require a spacer / extension for their design to work as a narrow beam of light. Its only now that there are Godox compatible bulb extensions available they should hopefully be usable with the EVOLV / AD200.

      • George 2 years ago

        I’m surprised noone has made something like the maglite flashlight reflector they use in their flashlights, with you being able to twist the end and concentrate or widen the bean, would seem easy to make as a reflector.

        • John Wilson 2 years ago

          Hi George!

          You can put a Profoto adapter on an AD400pro or AD200 and get that effect with Profoto reflectors or Bowens mount reflectors with a profoto adapter. Or you can use the Aputure Fresnel (https://store.aputure.com/products/fresnel-mount/ There are problems using the newer 2X Aputure Fresnel as it has a rear lens that makes mounting it on strobes rather hard) or one of the several no name Chinese Bowens mount Fresnels.

        • Nathaniel Yates Downes 2 years ago

          George… Aren’t pretty much all Profoto reflectors the general design of a maglite reflector? You don’t need to twist it, just push and pull to zoom in and out your light.

  3. John Wilson 2 years ago

    With the AD200 and AD400Pro I put a Profoto to Bowens adapter on the modifier and use the AD-P and the AD400Pro profoto adapter if I want to adjust the position of the light in the modifier. In fact I only really do this with the Aputure 2X Fresnel. I Have not had an issue with the bulb position in other modifiers. Does this thing actually have any real world benefit?

    I’ve looked at the Norman/Quantum modifier for the AD200 and the extender pin position seems to make it unusable. I don’t see their extender working with the reflector as is. If they could make a version which does work with it that would be mildly interesting.

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 2 years ago

      Have I missed something there, why don’t you think the current TurtleRig Extender would work with the Quantum reflector?

      Its the same diameter as the AD200 Bulb, so it has to fit through the hole in the reflector. I’ve been trying to think of what things could possibly stop it fitting.

      Length looks to be pretty similar to the Quantum extender. Even if its slightly different, it should still work reasonably well, it just won’t be quite as accurately focused.

      • John Wilson 2 years ago

        The Norman/Quantum reflectors fit in the collar of the bare bulb holder and the extender fits inside that. The Turtlerig extender has a collar on it. If I recall correctly the Norman/Quantum extender moves the base of the bulb to the bas of the reflector (I may well be mistaken in this it’s a while since I investigated this modifier). Either the Turtlerig extender won’t fit inside the reflector collar because of its own collar or it will put the bulb too fat forward.

        • Author
          FLASH HAVOC 2 years ago

          No, the collar on the TurtleRig Extender is the same diameter as the bulb (as seen here), so the extender should drop right through the hole in the reflector if needed.

          But both the Norman and Quantum extenders actually protrude past the base of the reflector when all set up anyway.

          Not to say something I can’t see is not going to trip this up yet 🙂

          • John Wilson 2 years ago

            You are quite right, my apologies!

            I was looking at the mount for the reflector thinking it was the standard one.

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 2 years ago

      Also regarding the extender having any real world benefit, I know spacing the bulb out on the original AD600 can have a significant benefit in output in some softboxes etc. That’s why Godox finally extended the flash tube out further in the AD600 PRO.

      We looked into it in a fair amount of detail when the AD600B were originally released, mainly because they were mostly a full stop in output behind the original Rovelight (Jinbei HD600II) and we were trying to understand why its all happening.

      Bowens originally made their strobes with the flash tube extending a reasonable distance, so a lot of the S-type speedring inserts could be quite deep then as well.

      The Profoto mount does have a nice advantage being adjustable. In some ways its a bit of a pity Godox didn’t go with the AD360 PRO style concept I was suggesting. Basically combining an S-type mount with a depth adjustment.

      • John Wilson 2 years ago

        I quite agree that the original AD600 would probably benefit from the extender.

        The AD600Pro/AD400Pro bulb placements look to be identical to the Bowens XMS/XMT ones. I’ve had no problem with them (aside from the Aputure 2X Fresnel where the bulbs are too far forward for the modifier to be mounted).

        For the AD200 the AD-B2 seems to provide pretty good bulb position, The S-type bracket gives to extensive freedom to put the bulb where you want it. The well know trick of using the base of the AD-17 to bounce the light forward works quite well in the S-Type bracket but these days I use the round head in most modifiers which seems to be slightly more efficient. I don’t see much use for their wide angle reflector. Looks like I’d need to drill a hole in it to use it in a brolly.

  4. Mark Kitaoka 2 years ago

    Just ordered one to try out. Clever idea! Going to see in my ‘real world test’ if there is any light loss due to extra current resistance doing a bare bulb test along with modifier tests.

  5. Joel 2 years ago

    Would the AD200 version work on an AD360? I’ve got one of the Qunatum reflectors and it’s usefulness is limited without a working extended.

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 2 years ago

      Hi Joel,

      Sorry no the AD360 bulb is different to the AD200. Though TurtleRig may possibly be looking into doing a 360 Extender now that they are aware of the potential of with these Telephoto Reflectors.

  6. Gus Meyers 2 years ago

    Profoto suffer from the recessed Flash Bulb desease. I hope some day, someone is going to make a product like this for profoto.

    Well done!

  7. Mark Kitaoka 2 years ago

    Just got done doing some testing with the unit made for the AD600

  8. Greg Dunn 2 years ago

    All the Amazon links show “currently unavailable” for me.

  9. Andy F 2 years ago

    I personally think this makes the bulb precarious. I imagine to safely transport this you would have to remove the spacer each time.

    The more handling of a bulb the bigger risk of damaging connections.

    I really can’t imagine the results are so startling that is warrants such a ‘faff’ each time you set up your lights on location.

  10. Dirk Gently 2 years ago

    Still out of stock on AMAZON, 3 weeks now……………..

  11. Robert 2 years ago

    ITEM OUT OF STOCK!!! When will there be stock??? Need to plan better!!

  12. Mike Campbell 2 years ago

    What bulb extender works with a Good AD360N? Neither the Norman or Quantum fits.

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 2 years ago

      Hi Mike,

      There are currently no extenders to fit the AD360 bulb that I am aware of. Though TurtleRig where going to look into making one now that they are aware of the possible demand of these.

      • Mike Campbell 2 years ago

        That would be great…the sooner, the better.

  13. D W 2 years ago

    Still out of stock, are there any plans on starting another production run?

  14. George 2 years ago

    One thing to watch for as I noticed the bulb through transporting in my car trunk all the time, the bulb on my ad600 started to wiggle loose possibly from vibration, perhaps with this adapter, that might be exascerbated.

  15. Motti 2 years ago

    There is also a 12″ 120-degree reflector for the AD200 with a Bowens mount. That means, it is not mounted on the light bulb but on the S mount, therefore does not put pressure on the light bulb.

    Here is the link:

  16. George Andrews 2 years ago

    A product like this needs a dummy spacer pin on the bottom opposite the 4 prongs to keep it from breaking the pins if the bulb gets pushed, that’s only logical a push on the top will have nothing to keep it from pushing in since all the pins are on one side.

  17. Steve 2 years ago

    when will they be in stock,

  18. AL 2 years ago

    SO I tried to contact them via email. There’s no phone number to call or any response from the emails. Did they just stop making these products or go out of business?

  19. Mark Kitaoka 1 year ago

    It’s disappointing to have an innovative product introduced only to find that fulfillment cannot be done. Sad.

  20. Marcus Harvey 1 year ago

    Hi all,
    Has anybody used these, and do they make any noticable difference to the the light. I love the idea but would like to know their efficacy in a real world situation?

  21. Ellis Vener 1 year ago

    To all appearances, Turtlerig was a flash in the pan that fizzled.

    But I wonder if the idea could be implemented through 3D printing?

  22. Mark Kitaoka 1 year ago

    Like Ellis has sighted it ‘appears’ that the Turtlerig group has disappeared. I had done my own testing and I did not find the extension worth it for my needs.

  23. Will T 1 year ago

    A simple to make extension for around $6-$8.

    Just solder a male and female pin together X the # of pins used for the flash tube

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