VILTROX FC-210C – Another $49 TTL Trigger

Viltrox have released the FC-210C ETTL transceivers, and they are available now from around just $49 a pair.

Unlike the recently mentioned $49 Rikon Meyin RF-624, the Viltrox triggers will actually allow control through the Canon flash control menu. This provides full functions like remote manual power control and TTL ratios, very similar to the YongNuo YN-622C and original Pixel Kings.

On first impression I thought the Viltrox FC-210C were another trigger likely built on generic TTL software which has been produced by reverse engineering the YongNuo YN-622C.

But on closer inspection of earlier images and marketing material, the tell-tail signs of a collaboration with Pixel HK are there once again. I can see the early Pixel locking ring, very similar hotshoe, and the graphics on the marketing material are again at least done by the same company as Pixel uses (if not done in-house).

So once again the we have another TTL trigger very likely derived from the Pixel King / King Pro, but this time also expanded with compatibility with Viltrox, Canon and YongNuo etc flashes.


Viltrox FC-210C


Banners on the Chinese Viltrox website also show there is a Nikon ITTL version FC-210N coming as well.

Though as we have seen from other Nikon TTL triggers without their own interface built in, function is very limited to mainly just one group in TTL, with no ratios or likely any remote manual power control. So once again the Canon version FC-210 will provide the most bang for buck.


Viltrox FC-210C


You could also compare the FC-210C with the Pixel Kings, but the lower priced $85 YongNuo YN-622C are really what most people considering an inexpensive trigger like Viltrox will likely be deciding between.

Advantage FC-210C –

  • Price
  • Group and Channel Buttons won’t get accidentally changed
  • More convenient Test Fire Button
  • Shutter Release Function
  • Also compatible with Viltrox, YongNuo and some other flash units
  • Better access to flash locking ring
  • Comes with Shutter Release Cords included


Advantage YN-622C –

  • 3 Channels instead of just 2
  • Auto Focus Assist Light
  • Constant expansion and development with YN-622-TX etc coming
  • Larger user base and knowledge pool


So it may sound like the FC-210C actually offer a cheaper and better option than the YN-622C. But if you’re an enthusiast looking to grow and expand an off camera system into the future, the YN-622C are definitely still a more suitable option, as YongNuo are fairly switched on now and constantly refining and expanding the systems.

If you’re just after some inexpensive TTL triggers to start experimenting with off camera flash though, the FC-210C will likely offer a fairly solid option for the very low price.

Neither trigger have a USB port for firmware updates, though Viltrox state the 5D III and 600EX-RT are compatible. No mention of the 1Dx though.

Compatibility with the Viltrox flashes has been added, which means other inexpensive Chinese brand flashes using similar generic TTL sofware may have more of chance of working than on the YN-622C.

Canon MK II style flashes will still be required for remote manual power control and TTL ratios though through the Canon cameras flash control menu. (All YongNuo TTL flashes are MK II / flash menu compatible).


Features –

  • 2.4GHz, 100m Range
  • Remote Manual Power Control in 3 groups from the camera menu
  • ETTL Ratios and FEC set from the camera menu (ALL/ A:B/ A:B C)
  • Pass Through Hotshoe allows Flash On Camera in ETTL or Manual
  • HSS (FP high speed sync) up to 1/8000th (with compatible flashes)
  • FEL (flash exposure lock)
  • FEC Flash Exposure Compensation in TTL
  • FEB Flash Exposure Bracketing
  • Second Curtain Sync
  • Remote Flash Zoom Setting from camera
  • Test Fire Button on TX – Should allow light meter use in remote manual
  • Sync port for studio lights
  • LCD Live view triggering
  • Transceivers means there are back up transmitter units
  • Supports single contact flash triggering
  • A number of inexpensive compatible flash options
  • Regular AA batteries
  • Comes with both Canon shutter release cords.


Viltrox FC-210C


The Groups and Channel button on the back of the case will be a big improvement over the YN-622C, which is very easy to knock the Channel button off channel while pressing the Test Fire button.

The FC-210C only has 2 Channel options available, but that is generally enough for most people.

“Flash” Sync port for studio lights is the regular PC sync type. A 2.5mm (or better still 3.5mm) mini-phone socket like the “Camera” or shutter release socket would have been better for both.


Viltrox FC-210C


Batteries are standard AA, and slide in from the side. Which must leave it pretty tight inside the case to fit the circuit board.

The case is recycled from Viltrox JY-2410 fully manual transceivers released a couple of years ago now. But loosing the 1/4″ 20 threaded mounting hole on the side (which was likely pretty useless anyway).


Viltrox FC-210C


Provided the Viltrox FC-210C are derived from the Pixel King and King Pro they should be a lot of bang for buck for a minimum priced TTL trigger. A few people have confirmed they do appear to be working as expected.

If you only need a simple TTL trigger, no ratios or remote manual, the Rikon Meyin RF-624 (also a Pixel derived transceiver) offer twice the range for the same base price.

If you’re a bit more serious, and sure to grow and expand the system, the YongNuo YN-622C would be a more suitable place to start, and for not too much more expense.


Price and Availability –


Viltrox FC-210C ETTL transceivers are available now from around $49 a pair.

Amazonmore Amazon, UK

Ebaymore Ebay

Viltrox – Website


  1. Wil C. Fry 6 years ago

    Impressive, if it can do all that reliably at that price.

    If they’d add a 1/4″-20 thread for easy mounting, I’d be tempted to use them as simple transceivers for manual flashes. (TTL flash tried and failed to impress me in any way.)

  2. Vic 6 years ago

    I have the YN622C and it looks to me an advantage of these is their small size. Also I don’t understand your statement that the YN622C is more expandable and able to grow. Care to elaborate?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Vic,

      Well the YN-622C has the YN-622-TX coming still, which will have a USB port for firmware updates.

      Since that transmitter was announced its already gained features like SuperSync timing adjustment in individual groups. And I’m sure more features will constantly evolve as YongNuo are able to respond very fast now to feedback etc (if you can get them to listen :-)).

      I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see a flash with YN-622 transceiver built in at some stage either.

      So they are similar in function now, but the YongNuo system will grow and evolve. You may never see another new trigger compatible with the current FC-210C.

      That’s not to say its not great for what it is though.

  3. Clocky 6 years ago

    Well for basic needs (and assuming everything work), then it’s a great price/unit.

    The only question is that do we know if it work properly with YN flashes (because let’s face it, if we’re going cheap on the trigger we are going to go cheap on the flashes too).

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Clocky,

      Yes they are stating compatibility with YongNuo flashes. Thanks.

  4. stathis 6 years ago

    Is my first time to by a trigger and i think that is perfect for my needs just single flash user. I have canon 50d and Nissin Di866 Mark ii. Are this triggers full or partial compatible with my flash?
    Thank you.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi stathis,

      Sorry, we won’t know for sure until someone has tried the Di866 II and confirmed it working.

      Function wise (provided they do work) you should have full control through the camera flash control menu like a Canon EX II flash.

      Its just overall compatibility that could possible have quirks. With the YN-622C for example, they often require a full factory reset of the flash, triggers, and camera settings cleared to get the flash to first start working with full function. So the Nissin can be a little tricky.

  5. stathis 6 years ago

    I received them today and after a short test in ettl mode everything works fine with the Nissin Di866 Mark ii. When you trig flash and shutter at once then you have to reset (turn off) flash and triggers to continue to trig only the off camera flash or maybe they delay to change from transmitter to receiver. The values on the flash lcd do not change when you compensate flash (flash off camera or on triggers hot shoe pass through) but the flash shoots with the camera values. They are a little over-sized but still look nice. Next i will try manual flash and other modes. The high speed sync works fine as well. Everything you need is in the box. I believe they are very good value for money.

  6. Bao 6 years ago

    May I know if this one works with Yongnuo YN560 III with Canon 6D with the 2nd curtain sync feature? (I know TTL will not work since YN560III is not supporting TTL).

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Bao,

      Sorry I still don’t have these to test yet. Though in general I think 2nd curtain sync should still work with a manual flash connected to the receiver of a YN-622C etc (I would need to check that to be absolutely sure though as well).

      I haven’t heard much in the way of user feedback for the FC-210C, so they YN-622C will really be the safest well know option at this stage if you can pay a little extra. Thanks.

      • Bao 6 years ago

        Thanks Flash Havoc, do you know if YN-622C can talks directly to YN560-III built-in radio or it needs the receiver?

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 6 years ago

          Sorry no, you would need a YN-622C receiver attached to the YN-560 III. The YN-560 III only have RF-602 / 603 compatible receiver built in.

  7. Thang 5 years ago

    My concern is, my camera is old version 1D MII; whether this trigger is full function in my camera ? because in my understand it should be full function in the camera which have cameras flash control menu.? and how well do the passthough fuction work? in case I need 1 flash on camera and other on trigger whether FC210c work well?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Thang,

      The FC-210C are not a very common trigger, so there is not much feedback on compatibility with different camera models.

      You would be much better to look at the YongNuo YN-622C as you were originally. As they are the most commonly used inexpensive radio trigger, and you can compare results with other 1D MKII users. Thanks.

  8. Simon 5 years ago

    I suspect Viltrox FC-210C might be similar to the Rikon Meyin RF-624, not YN-622C by the manual and Customer Reviews.

    It can not adjust the ratios for each flash(group).
    We have to set the receivers and transmitter to the same channel and same group.
    The FC-210C’s group A/B/C is different from the Canon’s flash group A/B/C.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Ok thanks Simon,

      I’ll try and get some of these and take a closer look. Thanks.

  9. Joel 5 years ago

    My Neewer 680 speedlite will simply NOT let me manually adjust ZOOM from the camera menu.
    Is that to be expected? TTL and everything else works great, just no zoom…

    …also, If I have another neewer speedlite, with another transceiver, will I be able to adjust the two speedlites settings independently from my camera?

    (e.g., one set to 1/2 power, the other to 1/1 power)

  10. Joel 5 years ago

    sorry! read the above posts and think I answered my own question.

    So, I probably need to change to another (Yongnuo) flash to use their YN-622c transceivers, correct?

    With my 50D and Neewer 680 flash, and FC-210C transceivers, I can’t zoom…..everything else fine though…

    I just want a set of flashes and receivers that do all they state on the packaging, not just some…

  11. Joel 5 years ago

    Yeah, Im still having issues with mine.

    I have two Neewer TT680 flashes and 4 of the FC-210C transceivers.

    Now both flashes act like dumb radio triggers.

    no TTL
    no manual control

    what gives?

    Canon 50D

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Joel,

      The FC-210 are looking to be a fairly poor design, users have reported there does not appear to be any distinction between separate groups.

      The Godox / Neewer TT680 appear to be working ok with my YN-622C. These are very basic flashes though, and older technology, so its very possible you will run into some quirks at least with they YN-622C etc.

      If you don’t need TTL the YN560-TX / YN560 IV are a great inexpensive option.

      If you do need TTL the YN-622C may be the way to go, and possibly update to YongNuo flashes as needed.

      • Joel 5 years ago

        Thanks! I hope I haven’t clogged up this thread too much 🙂

        I guess I’ll be returning my Neewer gear and go the Yongnuo route.

        so far, the Neewer flashes only work with TTL on camera, and thats no good!

        Thanks again! I’ll definitely be frequenting this site more often.

  12. Greg 5 years ago

    I have owned two FC-210C for almost a year now and the performance has been quite erratic. Often times I have had to switch units between camera and flash or turn on/off everything to get it to work at all. Since a few weeks back they simply stopped working normally at all. Most likely there is some internal clock issue with them because they only work in HSS mode at speeds from 1/250 and faster. And they work in 2nd curtain mode at speeds slower than 1/25 sec. My reasoning is that it is not able to adjust correctly to the sync signals it is getting since the clock is out of whack. With HSS the flash is operating at a “continuous mode” and is less dependent on the super precise timing.

    From a compatibility perspective they have worked fine with my Sigma 610DG ST. Which they actually managed to sync all the way up to 1/8000 even though it’s not a HSS capable flash. (My new YN622C do that as well however, see thread on YN622C-TX).
    Also my Metz 52 AF-1 seems to be compatible as well, with nothing strange happening.

    BUT, my new YN500EX does not seem to like the Viltrox at all. It does work ok in most modes for a short while, but locks up completely for no apparent reason. I have to remove it from the hotshoe to get it to respond to anything. I can’t even turn it off…

  13. Gerry mcquillan 4 years ago

    I have a 600d canon, which flash unit would you recommend .

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