Westcott Luna Grip


Westcott have released the very clever new Luna Grip, speedlite to diffusion disc holder, designed by photographer Kevin Kuboto.

No longer is holding a speedlite and diffuser disk a 2 person job. And traditional shoot through umbrellas are suddenly looking very unrefined compared to the clean unobstructed flat surface the Luna Grip and diffusion disc provide.


Westcott Luna Grip


The new Luna Grip provides a speedlite hotshoe mounting bracket with easy to grip handle, and a threaded mounting point in the base for light stand mounting as well.

And three fiberglass rods are adjustable to hold diffusion discs or reflectors from 20″ to 42″ diameter.




The Luna Grip provides an adjustable speedlite bracket with clamping coldshoe included. And large handle for easy hand holding.




And there is a 1/4″ 20 threaded mounting hole in the base of the handle for attaching to light stands or umbrellas swivels etc.





The Luna Grip rod ends use simple hooks…




And simply clip onto the metal outer ring of the diffusion disc or reflector.




Luna Grips fiberglass rods are also made in 2 pieces so that they can collapse to a short length for transport and storage. Fitting into a small carry bag not much larger than the folded diffuser.




Designer Kevin Kuboto discusses the new Luna Grip in the short video below.




The Westcott Luna Grip are available on their own, to use with your own diffuser disc or reflector. Or as a kit with a 40″ 1-stop diffuser disc included.

For the many location portrait and wedding photographers, who generally carry a diffuser disc anyway, the Luna Grip may be one of the smartest new tools to become available.




The Westcott Luna Grip are available now from $89, or $119 for the kit including a 40″ 1-stop diffuser disc.


Luna Grip – Adorama, B&H Photo.

Luna Grip Kit – Adorama, B&H Photo.


Westcott – Website.




  1. Nevel 4 years ago

    Didnt wescott file for bankruptcy? Or was it metz? Some veteran company just closed shop. Shame.

    I just bought a 60×90 brolly softbox from ebay for $30 shipped. I guess with the hard economy people are looking for less expensive alternatives. Im guessing why the 3rd padty flashes sell so well

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Nevel,

      Photoflex in the USA and Metz in Germany both had financial issues, though both have also been purchased by new owners and continue business.

      Keep in mind many products like this would not exist if someone did not put a lot of time and development money in to make them a reality to start with.

  2. KCphotograhpy 4 years ago

    This almost makes sense, except an umbrella/holder/stand can be had for under 30 dollars. I like the concept, but the price is extremely steep.

  3. Naftoli 4 years ago

    not sure i understand. what makes this any better than a simple shoot through umbrella?
    I also would imagine you would run into complications when using this mod to light a larger group. when the light isnt so close to the subject some of the direct flash will illuminate the ends of the group resulting in a weird opposite vignette..

    • Progamus 2 years ago

      The Luna Grip isn’t really meant for large groups. Maybe 3 people max.

  4. Matt 4 years ago

    The advantage this item has over a $30 umbrella stand is that the Luna Grip is easy for a newbie assistant to reposition throughout a photo shoot.

    But I agree, $90 is a bit much in an industry with incredibly shrinking profit margins.

  5. Mick 1 year ago

    There are a few advantages and disadvantages. First it has a flat surface and mostly eliminates hotspots you get from shoot through brolly, giving a nice uniform light over a 42inch diameter area which means legs etc aren’t quite as underexposed as they would be in a brolly, and you get a true 42inches of useable light (i reckon only 2/3 of a brolly is actually useful at putting decent light on your subject). The catchlights look nice too, no fading edge or vanes. Yes a brolly might be better for big groups but I would not bet 100% on that.

    Second, the side on profile is less adept at catching wind compared to a brolly which acts like a spinnaker. This is more like a directional mainsail (yes, a bit of humour there). A brolly will catch wind and keep it, this tends to be a little less likely to catch the breeze but will sail away just like a brolly once it catches on.

    It’s a bit of a pain to put up, but not as bad as a lot of other light mods, and much easier second time around. It packs down real neat, all the bits pack into the reflector bag. I put a tripod mounting plate on my handle and use a tripod as a stand if needed at times.

    It doesn’t poke eyes out, either, for better or worse.

    Yes $90 plus post will get you 3 or 4 el-cheapo brollys, and I think I have chucked at least that many bent/broken cheap brollies already. This comes with the bracket/handle and cold shoe, ie good to go, right out of the bag – a brolly you need to buy these separately, so a $20-30 brolly needs $15 in accessories. Not looking so expensive now 🙂 $90 for 5 in 1 reflector kit, and all you need to use it apart, from the flash.

    This fell over in the last shoot, and landed nice and flat on the ground, the fibreglass rods absorbed the hit and kept the tripod and flash off the tarmac. A brolly would have bent and then rolled over, sending the flash onto the ground – done that before (yes, I know, sandbags, the magic sand that weighs nothing to carry but is heavy enough to hold your gear).

    Doubles up as a bounce surface, so you can use it in one hand with the flash facing away, bouncing off it, and shoot with the other hand (not great but it beats direct flash).

    It’s not perfect, but nothing is. I’m sure Shenzhen will pump out a knock off soon so all the whiners can feel at ease with the price and all the guys that invent the stuff will see the sales of their investments dwindle.

    Personally I think this is easier to carry and gives better results than a similar diameter shoot through, and I admit it took me 4 weeks of pondering the price before I bought it, but like a lot of things i wish I had bought it sooner. Most things that you actually use, you forget the purchase price pretty quick – its those that sit in the cupboard that the price still haunts you.


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