WESTCOTT – Rapid Box 24″ Beauty Dish Released



Westcott have release a new Rapid Box 24″ Beauty Dish designed by photographer Joel Grimes.

The fast pop open beauty is based on an umbrella like frame. With 16 metal rods creating extra strength, and a near round front face aimed at providing circular catch-lights like a traditional solid dish.




The advantage of the collapsible design is the ability to reduce to a diameter of just 6″ when folded, for easy transport and storage.




The Rapid Box 24″ Beauty Dish are primarily designed for studio strobes and continuous lights, and provide a built in metal speedring for specific mounts.

Bowens, Elinchrom, Profoto, Balcar, and Photogenic versions are available.

The soft white lined material is heat rated for strobes and continuous lights up to 650 watts.




A one stop, unbleached, color neutral, nylon fabric diffusion cover is also supplied, providing more of a softbox effect.


And the center reflector plate is also removable, again for more of a traditional softbox effect.




Joel Grimes, with tips on using the new beauty dish –






The Westcott Rapid Box 24″ Beauty Dish are available now from $299, in Bowens, Elinchrom, Profoto, Balcar, and Photogenic versions –

Adorama, B&H Photo, Amazon, UK.


Westcott – Website




  1. Mark Lee 4 years ago

    I am surprised that Jinbei has not yet released the beauty reflector for their 16rod deep dish. They had information a while at a cheaper price.

  2. Thomas Geist 4 years ago

    Needs. Grid.
    If this thing wants to be competitive with real beauty dishes it NEEDS a grid. Especially at that price.

    Even though at Kelby’s The Grid show they said it’s virtually indistinguishable from a beauty dish, this can only be true in grid-less state.

    Beauty dishes are shot with a grid more often than without, and with tight ones at that.

    So please show us the grid – and make it a tight one at that.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Thomas,

      There are no grids available yet. Though Westcott have intentionally sewn in a wide Velcro for possible grid attachment later.

      The tighter the grid though, the more work and cost involved. It would be nice to have a few options.

  3. Earle 4 years ago

    Most collapsible dish grids tend to be egg crates. For tighter grid patterns, there are aftermarket providers like Honeygrids. Though those are stiff and for something like this you’d need a separate travel case — in this case one that’s 24-in in diameter.

  4. Motti Bembaron 3 years ago

    $350 US, lol, these guys are out to lunch.

    I wish blogs stopped promoting companies that rip us off so badly. It is not a niche market anymore and just about everything -including Wescot, Phottix etc.- is made in China so profits are way higher than they were years ago,

    The only reason they can still sell products at such high price are those photographers who are scarred sh**tless to say they use a no name soft box/ umbrella/lighting etc. They truly think it makes them look non-professional.

    Here is a store near my home that sells portable beauty dish for various mounts for $90-$100 CDN ($60-$70 USD

    That’s how much they should cost!!!


    • Mark Lee 3 years ago

      I think I would buy the deep dish para at that point. There are 16 rod 60cm foldables on eBay for 60+ dollars from China. Granted it doesn’t have a deflector but has Grid and two diffusion panels.

      • Motti Bembaron 3 years ago

        Can you post a link to the product? Thank you

    • Bart 3 years ago

      I own this Jinbei box with an adapted speedring for my Profotos, they do not sell an adapter. The folding system is a quite nice Elinchrom ripoff. It’s sturdy enough except the inner reflector. It’s not very solid…. but it’s a lot better that the foldable OCF Profoto one.
      I would consider to buy this Rapidbox when my Jinbei get’s broken, having already a XXL model and it’s very nice and well buildt.

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