Westcott Rapid Box Switch


Westcott have released the Rapid Box Switch, a new range of pop open umbrella frame softboxes, now featuring clever quick release speedring inserts.

The quick release inserts allowing users to swap very quickly between different brands of lights, and also to speedlight brackets if needed.

And this may also be a timely release, with the XPLOR 400 / AD400 PRO flash recently announced, having effectively 2 mounting systems built in. A compact mount for traveling, and larger mounts to match your other lights in the studio etc.

(Though Westcott would need to get busy on producing a Godox mini mount insert for that).

Westcott Rapid Box Switch

Rapid Box Switch inserts release with one simple clip, and can be swapped over in seconds.


Westcott Rapid Box Switch


Allowing you to swap quickly between various strobes, and even to speedlite brackets.


Westcott Rapid Box Switch


There are currently 9 softboxes variations available in the Rapid Box Switch range, including an updated version of the 24″ Joel Grimes Beauty Dish.

And 11 inserts for popular strobe brands, as well as 2 speedlight bracket inserts.


Westcott Rapid Box Switch

Westcott Rapid Box Switch


The fast set up Rapid Box Switch all feature durable metal umbrella framework, with removable center deflector disk.

As well as heat resistant fabric, and color neutral removable inner and outer diffuser panels.

All except for the 24″ beauty dish have a high output silver interior.

Optional 40 degree grids are also available.


Westcott Rapid Box Switch


Westcott Rapid Box Switch


The popular Joel Grimes 24″ Beauty Dish is once again part of the system,

And now sports more subtle graphics compared to the rest of the range (double thumbs up for that).


Westcott Rapid Box Switch


Along with the 24″ Beauty Dish, all of the Rapid Box Switch come provided with a removable center deflector disk.


Westcott Rapid Box Switch


As well as studio light inserts, there are also 2 adjustable speedlite bracket inserts available.

One for traditional rectangular head speedlites, and the other more suited to the round head of the Profoto A1.


Westcott Rapid Box Switch






The Westcott Rapid Box Switch softboxes are available now from $119.90 –

Adorama, Amazon, UK, B&H Photo


Westcott – Website


  1. Elijah Lisyany 2 years ago

    This is the best “invention” ever, bravo Westcott! About time a modifier company makes a rapid speedring detachment to mix & match with speed lights and strobes.
    I do this A LOT, from studio work to on-location low light wedding work.
    When In studio, I use my Profoto B1 lights. However, when it comes to late evening/night wedding work, I always have my speedlight at lowest setting because my B1 is too strong (even at lowest 2.0 setting) which forced me to stop down to at least f/2.8 in the past. I can now shoot wide open at f/1.4 and use my speedlight at lowest settings with beautiful octabank diffusion.

    With this invention, I can now use same modifiers anywhere I go!

  2. Earle 2 years ago

    Convenient? Yes. Useful? Arguably. Durable? That’s the key. How many times will the switch mound be used before it fails?

    Most third party modifiers have interchangeable inserts. Is it less convenient to undo four screws to replace them? Yes. But that strikes me as a more secure method of attaching the insert.

    I’ve swapped between Bowen’s and Elinchrom and Balcar inserts but never in the field.

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