WYNG – Flexible 3D Printed Flash Diffuser – Now Available

WYNG Flash Diffuser


USA based photographer, and designer of the new WYNG flash diffuser, Mat Sutor, has found an interesting way of bringing his vision of an ideal on-camera flash diffuser to market.

Not only was the original WYNG diffuser prototype formed on a 3D printer, the production units now available at B&H Photo and through Amazon etc, are all produced via 3D printer as well.

This allows the WYNG dffusers to be produced locally in the USA, and without the expensive tooling costs which often prohibit projects like this getting started.

Each WYNG diffuser is individually precision 3D printed utilizing the toughest flexible TPE filament currently available.


WYNG Diffuser


This light weight and flexible material allows the WYNG to stretch slightly when mounting securely on the flash head, as well as folding for easy storage and transport in your pocket or camera bag etc.


WYNG Flash Diffuser


The WYNG diffuser is designed to mount on the short side of speedlite head for quick transitions to portrait orientation of the camera etc.


WYNG Flash Diffuser



There are certainly no shortage of on-camera flash diffusers currently available, though the simplicity of the WYNG diffuser without the need for extra Velcro or elastic mounting bands, as well as the light weight flexible design is bound to get some attention.


The WYNG diffusers are currently available in two sizes –

WYNG Small to fit – CANON 430EX, 430EX II, NIKON SB-600, SB-700, SB-800, and similar.

WYNG Large to fit – CANON 600EX-RT, 589EX II, 580 EX, NIKON SB-900, SB-910, and similar.





The WYNG flash diffusers are available now from around $23.95 in Small or Large versions –


WYNG Small – B&H Photo, Amazon

WYNG large – B&H Photo, Amazon


WYNG – Website




  1. Todd 6 years ago

    Oh man YES! Now this looks a lot cheaper then the Magmod bounce I was going to get. So simple but smart. Nice WYNG 😉

  2. kris 6 years ago

    It’s not a diffuser, it’s a bounce card.

    And its no better than a 50 pence piece of fish and a hair band – in fact, it’s probably worse as I can’t easily flip it around to be a flag.

  3. kris 6 years ago


    I meant foam, obviously. Poxy autocorrect!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      I think your making me hungry 🙂

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      I was just going by their naming by the way which appears to be the – WYNG Flexible On-Camera Flash Light Modifier Diffuser. Which was a little long, so I condensed it.

      I think they are trying to say though that you can also turn it to face backwards and the light coming through the material will actually act as a diffuser of sorts.

      (EDIT – Yes what Todd said below as well).

  4. Todd 6 years ago

    Spin it forward and it becomes a diffuser and bounce… Video @ :58

  5. kris 6 years ago

    Genuinely, what does this ‘device’ give me that a 50p piece of foam and a hairband doesn’t?

    Apart from a bloody big hole in my pocket.

    In fact, in several ways, it is far less effective and less versatile then the virtually free option. I just don’t get it. Are photographers still looking for magic bullet solutions?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Kris I think you know very well many people are not familiar with how these products work and are therefore looking for a pre-packaged solution.

      Though if you can’t see why a professional (who knows their stuff) would be interested in a product like this then I would be wasting my time even trying to explain it.

      Nobody is saying you must have one.

    • Linh 6 years ago

      Honestly, if it’s actually as durable as it shows in the video, it won’t rip on me when I stuff it in my pocket or bag. It looks a whole lot more professional than my foam. I’m hoping it’s easy to wipe down as well.

      But with that said, not sure it’s still worth the $25 or so.

  6. JCentavo 6 years ago

    Pretty interesting idea but for what it is but I couldn’t see paying over $10.00 for it. I like the idea of 3D printing for products like this. He could easily come up with a modification to allow better macro shooting with on camera flash.

  7. stephen 6 years ago

    looks lovely. just too much for what it is. I just got a clone rogue flash bender from ebay for $10 shipped. I modified it since its a bit too big for my taste, lowered the height a bit and width and its fantastic. stays stiff and flexible when I need it. this looks kind floppy although seems durable.

    better priced than the magmod for sure.
    the prices for many of these flash modifiers are expensive. I just find clone products from ebay where I can. the spiderpro for instance sells for $135+shipping. I bought the clone for $28 shipped. excellent. I use it with a D3s and 70-200VR1 and flash with no issue. if it was priced less like $70, id buy the original but I just think some of the prices for these products are too high.

  8. Todd S. 6 years ago

    Good concept…but too late in the game and too costly. Neil Van Niekerk, one of the best mentors for OCF tips has been been using a “black” one for years. It’s simply a piece of black craft foam which is very flexible and holds it shape, and a rubber band or even a fancy black hair band. Total cost = $1-$2, done.

    I’m sure the folks who like that plastic “dome” brand that guy puts his name on….would jump on this.

  9. Todd 6 years ago

    The elastic band foam idea is perfect if you have time. For fast pace shoots like a wedding receptions I would have lost to many moments strapping on a band for a few shots, then swapping my camera by my side grabbing the other camera for a different shot and then going back I know between moving around the area it would get knocked off. I couldn’t search the floor asking people where my elastic band went.

    Sometimes I have to change flashes, gels, and modifiers about 5-10 times in 1hr between speeches, cutting cake, first dance which I do (2-3 diff looks) a bounce, and double rim light dark ambient change up, and then going to the party dance and whatever else details.

    Something like this takes 2 seconds to stick on your flash, and when you need you can just rip it off and stuff it into your pack knowing you can just rip it out again and plop back on your flash again. That saves you seconds which could mean getting the cake cutting or missing it if they don’t wait for you.

    Outdoor receptions you have 3 choices that i can think of. Direct on camera flash (yucky IMO), a bounce card like this (which is less yucky), or setting up off camera rim lights which takes time. A bounce card like this, or diffused sometimes is the best option if there is no time.

    The cost of reliability and convenience is priceless on a time crunch.

  10. digibee 6 years ago

    Looks great even if somewhat pricey. Of course a spaghetti box version, like spaghetti box snoot, would take up less space in the bag and spare you the expense, if you have a spaghetti box, some white gaffer/duct tape, scissors, and a few minutes. Still, a good looking product.

  11. Motti 6 years ago

    So I am reading the article and thinking to myself, how much would I pay for a piece of a white rubber band? $2.00? $4.00? maybe even $6-$7 but then I laughed and said to myself: “It’s for photography, it’s probably five time that…

    Well, I was not disappointed.

    Get yourself to Michael’s art store and buy a pack of white thin foam (I think it’s 10 8×10 sheers in a pack for $4.99). Buy a pack of Velcro bands with glue on one side, cut a piece to your liking and glue a Velcro band on it. Material cost me less than $10.00 and I can make ten of them.

    So no, I am not contributing to this madness of ripping off photographers.


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